The Negative Effect of Aging on the Skin


The change is the law of nature and is inevitable. The health of human being starts deteriorating with age. When you grow old every part of your body is affected. With age, blood vessel walls tend to stiffen up; the process of cell division, replacement and various other systems of the body that continues throughout life slows down. Environmental pollution, harsh sunlight, global warming, thinning of the ozone layer and air conditioners speed up the aging process. One of the most noticeable differences as you age is the negative effect of aging on the skin. With the age, due to contraction of muscles, decrease in body’s retention ability of water, dryness, and wrinkles begins to develop. Developments of irritable of rest lines, wrinkles lose the full and youthful look of the face. Skin is also damaged due to exposures to excessive ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Lifestyle and food habits changes to combat the negative effect of aging on the skin:

Proper skincare together with the change in lifestyle, food habits, avoiding outside factors and regular exercises will definitely slow down the negative effect of aging on the skin and will help to maintain youthful-looking skin. Understanding proper diets, hygiene, and hydration are essential in maintaining healthy skin. You can forestall the negative effect of aging on your skin by following the guidance given in “Natural Remedies to Reduce Wrinkles and Effect of Aging”.


Homemade recipes for skincare regimen, exercises, and Precautions:

During the last few years’ markets is flooded with anti-aging solutions in the form of topical creams, lotions and serums, facial masks, rubbing oils, high-intensity moisturizer and various other supplements. Do these products have a long-lasting effect and safe for your skin? Do these products are cost-effective, based on anti-oxidants and natural ingredients and do not contains harmful chemicals? If your answer is in affirmative then you do not need any other product. If your answer is no for any of these statements then you should go to Natural Remedies to Reduce Wrinkles and Effect of Aging.

Natural Remedies to Reduce Wrinkles and Negative Effect of Aging on Skin

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Dark Skin is Protected From UV Radiations

Often most people want to embrace a good look especially when they are with their friends or even their spouses. Skin color does not matter so much as anybody can look beautiful whether you have dark skin or light skin.

People should understand that dark is also beautiful and not inferior as some may be thinking. Your dark skin is the best as it is protected from the dangerous UV radiations from the sun. Fare skin is not only perceived to be a sign of beauty but also an element of success and self-confidence. Having beautiful skin keeps you happy throughout the day.

Dark skin

Correctly choose the shade that fits your skin: 

Dark skin beauty is normally arrived at in case you take into account some of the skincare practices. Beauty for darker skin requires you to understand your skin’s base color and correctly choose the shade that fits your skin. Dark skin often has a mentality of becoming oily and has distinct undertones. Dark-ebony skin complexions normally have cool and blue-like undertones. You should be keen on picking the shade that offers you the best coverage.

Darker skin requires the use of BB cream

Beauty for darker skin requires the use of various creams. BB cream is now the world spread source of beauty to dark skins. It is an efficient way to conceal blemishes. Dark skin has a reflective property where it can reflect away light as it hits the skin. It is common for dark skin to absorb most of the light from the sun. Too much heat from the sun may result in skin appearing old. BB cream reduces this problem by making your skin become radiant giving you a youthful look.

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Home remedies for dark skin issues

For a dark beauty skin, you should consider basic care against pimples that may result in scars. Do not pick your skin if you have spots or pimples, the germs and bacteria on your fingers may infect the area and it may get worse and leave unsightly marks and scars. Take three tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder paste. Apply this paste on the pimples before sleeping and wash it the next morning with warm water. If done daily for two weeks, it removes pimples from the root.

You should avoid acne by using salicylic acid to cleanse your pores up to two times a day. It is obvious that it is hard to keep your clothing from any patches. Dark skins have a bad reaction to temperate climatic areas. Often, the skin becomes disturbed and become dry. It is good to moisturize your skin by use of lotions (preferably homemade moisturizer recipe) especially immediately after coming from a shower when the skin is still soft.

Try using olive oil soap as your facial and body wash. Your skin will be healthy and rejuvenated plus it will clear up acne and fade dark marks.

Stubborn ashiness can be corrected by the use of humidifier when sleeping. You should always be careful with the danger of exfoliation as dark skins are sensitive. Gentle exfoliation does not attack the skin. Some dark skins may contain a large layer of dead cells and may make cleaning difficult. Such skins require abrasive exfoliations but you should be careful in the process.

Bronze-based luminizer is crucial in case you need it to add it to your dark skin. This normally offers natural beauty for dark skin. It makes you look like you have some form of frost in your skin. You may have become plagued by in-grown of curved follicles and coarse hair. This may cause hyper-pigmentation due to excavation and picking temptations.

Exfoliation or use anti-inflammatory products as they force out trapped hairs. You should become aggressive for that beautiful dark skin by employing the recommended practices above and bear in mind that there is beauty in dark skin.

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Bad Effects of Smoking on Your Skin

Cigarette smoke contains more than 400 toxins and other harmful substance including nicotine and carbon monoxide. Due to these harmful substances smoking seriously affects internal organs. It is associated with many health-related issues, most well known of which are lung cancer and cardiovascular disease. Some of the lesser-known bad effects of smoking on skin and health is equally damaging. For instance, smoking reduces fertility in both males and females; in pregnant women, it can damage the fetus, retard its growth, cause miscarriage and premature delivery.


Some of the bad effects of smoking on skin are given below:

Aging and wrinkles:

Smoking contributes to premature aging, wrinkles and affects the person’s appearance. Several studies have reported that cigarette smoking ages the skin of an individual more than exposure to sunlight. The nicotine contents of cigarette are considered diuretic that lessens moisture content significantly in the dermis and leads to dry skin.

Nicotine contents in the smoking do not allow the body to utilize vitamins, especially Vitamins A and C, leading to the dry, wrinkled appearance of the skin. Smoking narrows blood vessels which supply nutrients and oxygen to the skin that results in damage to the skin’s collagen and elastin fibers and thinning of the skin. Due to a reduced supply of oxygen to the skin, it looks dull and lusterless and leads to the development of premature lines and wrinkles.

Thinned out skin slowly begins to sag. A smoker’s skin is up to 25% thinner than a non-smoker skin and that leads to premature wrinkles formation. A smoker as an average looks five years older than a non-smoking person of his/her age.

Slow wound healing:

Nicotine also reduces Vitamin A content in the skin and affects the regeneration and healing power of the skin. Vitamin A is beneficial nutrients that can help to heal damaged connective tissues. Wounds and cuts of smokers take longer time to heal than a non-smoker due to deficiency of Vitamin A and contraction of blood vessels. Constricted blood vessels transport less blood through the body, and therefore reduce the supply of nutrients needed to regenerate the connective tissues. This is evident in patients who have undergone surgery. A smoker who undergoes facelift surgery more likely to experience unsatisfactory wound healing. Reduced supply of oxygen to the skin due to toxic components of smoking also affects the regeneration of damaged cells.

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Changes to physical appearance:

Constant use of cigarette cause darkening of the lips and dry and patchy appearance of the lips. Nails of smoker become of darker shade and fingers take a yellowish look due to nicotine. Chronic smokers also tend to have dark circles and puffiness of the eyes. In addition to wrinkles, smoking increases the risk of boniness and facial discoloration. Dryness in the skin reduces flexibility and becomes unattractive than well-moisturized skin. It may give the red, flaky or scaly appearance.

Smoking and skin diseases:

Smoking increases the risk of skin cancer. A Dutch study found that cigarette and pipe smokers were twice as likely as non-smokers to develop skin cancer when other risk factors (e.g. age and sun exposure) were taken into account. Studies have shown that smokers have a higher risk of formation of silvery, plaque-like scales on the arms and legs (particularly at the elbows and knees) a scaly skin condition also called psoriasis.

Smoking is associated with a greater risk of severity of certain viral infection, including genital warts. If you are suffering from the genital wart and continue smoking, you have a greater chance of developing wart-virus associated cancers.

Vascular disease:

Smoking narrows blood vessels due to exposure to nicotine present in the cigarette may develop blood clots. Blood clotting in the arteries supplying the fingers and toes may go into spasm, causing temporary cessation of blood flow.  Sometime it may cause autoimmune disorder resulting in widespread scarring and vascular disease.

Nail Art- Essential Information and Tips

Nail art is the latest technique to add glamour to your hands as well as feet. The limitless designs, colors, and styles of nail art can decorate your nails like never before. So, if you are heading to a party, wedding function or just a get-together, try this Art and look extra special on the occasion.

Nail art

Tips on the nail art given here below:

  1. Using stencils, nail brushes and needles is common for nail art.
  2. Applying beads, stones, sequins, decals, nail stamps and gems on the nails further beautify the nails.
  3. 3D nail art is the latest method to ornament the fingertips. It is a three-dimensional artwork on the fingernails. Art creations such as flowers, petals, hearts, and butterflies are added to the fingernails which grab lots of attention. These nail accessories are glued either on the clear nail surface or on the colored nails depending upon the design.
  4. Another interesting nail art is 3D acrylic wherein the art creations are done on acrylic nails or fake nails and then the same is placed on the fingernails of the wearer. The 3D art can be created at home by the wearer or can be executed by a professional at the salon.
  5. Nail stickers or nail tattoos are also in vogue. Again, there are endless designs and options available in this category which are temporary or semi-permanent in nature.
  6. Nail piercing is the next big thing that involves careful piercing of the nail and adorning it with nail jewelry.
  7. Toenails can also be embellished with varied designs, textures, and patterns. Pedicure nail art is the term used for designing freshly polished toenails. Depending on the artwork, the design can be easy to do or can be complicated and time-consuming at times. Plaid colors, lace patterns, faux textures, metal settings, and rhinestones are some of the popular art creations meant for toenails.
  8. Apply a clear coat of nail polish to protect the design from chipping or damage.
  9. Those who have too short or weak nails can use acrylic nails.
  10. Getting manicure and pedicure done before going for nail art is important as it brings out the best results.
  11. The nails should be properly filed or cut before the nail artwork. Unhealthy nails cannot be hidden with art.
  12. Typical nail art can survive for four to six days if proper precaution is taken.
  13. It is wise to use gloves while working at home when you are wearing this art.
  14. Avoid opening lids of tins with your nails.
  15. Protect your nails from harsh chemicals and detergents.

For nail related issues herbal products and home remedies eBooks are here.

nail fungus

To maintain strong and beautiful nails visit nail care.

Nail Care

Attractive nails add to your beauty

Imagine a woman with an attractive face and a pleasing personality. But the moment she takes out her hand to pick that glass, her discolored nails turns you off. Dirty nails or discolored nails are a sign of carelessness and negligence. They not only look ugly but also show a lack of good hygiene of a person.

The same applies to toenails. Their maintenance or lack of it reveals your attitude about yourself. Therefore keep your nails (toenails as well) clean to get compliments. Get information about nail care here to make your nails attractive today!

Nail Care

Clean nails

Keeping the nails clean is an easy task. It is advisable to use a good and sensitive hand wash. While cleaning your hands, do rub your nails softly to get rid of dirt and germs. While working, the skin around the nails gets contaminated sometimes. To remove stains, dip your fingers in warm water mixed with lemon drops. Lemon will help to clean the stains and restore the beauty of the nails. For toenails, apply good soap and rub a little and they will be sparkling clean. This can be done twice a day for better results.

The above is required along with the occasional salon visits for manicure and pedicure.

Soft nails

After cleaning the nails, one should always wipe them with a towel. Otherwise, the moisture stored in between the nails and toenails can cause infection. Now is the time to moisturize your nails well. Apply a good cream on the toenails and massage a little. The skin around will remain soft, therefore. For hand nails, one can use olive or almond or Castor oil for moisturizing and the result would be soft and smooth nails.

Healthy nails

Healthy nails speak volumes about your body. If nails are soft and smooth and pink in color that means your body is in good health. While cracking of nails, discolored or spotted nails indicate the presence of diseases or imbalance in your body. Consume protein and vitamin-rich diets like dairy foods, dry fruits, fruits and dark green leafy vegetables to eradicate the deficiencies of the body. It will, in turn, make your nails healthy and shining.

Dos and don’ts for nail care

  • Protect your nails from extreme cold or hot temperatures.
  • While doing household work, wear gloves so that your hand nails do not break.
  • Wear well-fitted cotton socks to protect your toenails.
  • Clip your nails regularly for a clean look.
  • Whenever you file your nails, file them in one direction and do not file in back and forth motion.
  • Never use a metal filer.
  • Your nails should have a normal curve. Too much-pointed ones are not healthy.
  • Do not cut those cuticles. Just push them back gently.
  • Apply a good quality nail paint on nails which does not contain acetone.
  • It is crucial for nails to breathe in between. Therefore do not apply polish for some time.
  • If you want to use artificial nails then take the help of a good technician. However continuous use of artificial nails is not wise as it may lead to fungal infections.
  • Please do not use your nails for prying.
  • Stop biting those nails now.
  • Keep your nails away from chemicals as much as possible.
  • Avoid too much of manicure and pedicure at the salon.
  • Drink lots of liquids and water to make your nails hydrated and healthy.

Above mentioned nail care tips will help you to make your nail attractive.

Skin and beauty care involves the care of the whole body in totality. Body parts as small as your nails also need your attention. So do take good care of your nails as well and add elegance to your personality.

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