Wonderful Benefits of Dance you Need to Know

Avail benefits of dance for mind and body.

Dancing is often associated with celebration or happiness as we often relate to the art of dance with good things. Lately, dance has taken a form of fitness and Zumba is one of the best examples. People have started adding dance to their fitness regime as benefits of dance work wonders for both mental and physical health.

Wonderful benefits of dance for all


Learn dance for strength, stamina, and flexibility.
  • Helps to lose weight: Studies have proven that certain dance forms like Zumba, aerobic dance training have the same effect on your bodies like jogging or cycling. Due to the continuous movement of the body, the body excretes sweat which helps in reducing fat thus leading to weight loss.
  • Reduces stress: While dancing your mind focuses on every dance step, due to this your mind is diverted from all your worries and tension. The song and rhythm soothe your mind and this helps in reducing stress.
  • Improves agility: The ability to move or turn quickly is known as agility. The fast steps and quick transformations in dance help to improve your agility. If you dance regularly over time, it will increase your mental and physical ability. This is the reason why many national sports athletes include the dance in their daily fitness regime.
  • Improves strength: If you are not a dancer, initially your body may need constant pushing for dance movements and you may get tired soon. However, with continuous practice, your body adapts the changes and your strength and stamina improve over time. Dance forms like ballet help in building the core strength of your body.

  • Increases flexibility: Dance requires continuous movements and stretching of your body parts. Every step that you perform needs movement of one or the other body parts, which you otherwise do not do. Dance forms like salsa and hip-hop make you bend, twist, turn, jump, etc., which helps in improving flexibility.
  • Strengthens arms and legs: Although you use your whole body while dancing, the majority of steps include arm or leg movements. Moving or stretching your arms daily for 15-20 minutes make your arms strong and reduce the flabby skin. Similarly, leg movement of 15-20 minutes every day strengthens your ankles and calf.
  • Boosts your self-esteem: Being a non-dancer always makes you envy your friends who dance well, this also reduces your confidence. When you learn dancing and can finally dance well it gives you a sense of accomplishment, which boosts your self-esteem.

 Health benefits of dance for senior citizens  


Dance your way to good health!
  • Improves memory: As you age, your memory becomes weak. However, dance requires you to remember all the steps and the timing of the steps and some formations too. This helps senior citizens to focus and remember things. Dance fitness forms like aerobic training sessions highly boost your memory.
  • Reduces isolation: Often, old people feel isolated due to lack of companion, conversation, family bonding, etc. By joining dance classes, old people get a chance to meet new people, share things, get dance partner or groups and keep themselves involved.
  • Reduces arthritis pain: Old age comes with many diseases and one such disease is arthritis. Dancing helps ease the joint movements, which are stiff and sore. Through regular dancing, the arthritis patients can easily free, their stiff joint muscles and become more active which will reduce their pain. Ballet is said to be very beneficial in reducing arthritis.
  • Improves overall health: Just like any other exercise dance also plays an important role in improving your overall health. Multiple studies have proven that dance helps in strengthening body muscles, improving metabolism, reducing stress and depression, increasing sex drive, fighting obesity, improving blood circulation, improving the functioning of the lungs, reducing acidity, improving sleep quality, strengthening bones, etc. Hence, dance helps senior citizens to improve their deteriorated health.

Irrespective of your age, dance is beneficial for your body largely as it not only keeps you physically active but also helps in improving your mental health and quality of life.


Discover Reasons for Weight Gain in Women over 40

Weight gain is a nightmare for a woman irrespective of her age. However, at times reasons for weight gain in women over 40 are not clear due to which they are not able to restrict the gain. If you are one of those women in 40s who want to stay fit and avoid weight gain then you need to know the reasons and take action accordingly.

weight gain in women over 40

Read on to discover reasons for weight gain in women over 40 and act now:

Imbalanced Hormone

The production of the important hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone either reduces owing to the fact that your body is on the verge of menopause or has attained menopause. This hormonal imbalance leads to weight gain as the body accumulates fat to make up for the reduced levels of the hormone.

Aging process

It is considered to be one of the major reasons for weight gain in women after 40s. Aging makes the metabolism process slower that means you will burn lesser calories. This results in agglomeration of fat around your belly.

Increased Appetite


Increased appetite and overeating habit also contributes to weight gain in women.

Since your body is experiencing hormonal imbalances you end up feeling hungry all the time. The more you eat, the more you gain weight, right?

Resistance to Insulin

Insulin is responsible for regulating blood sugar levels. However, in the 40s, the body cells ignore insulin due to which

Hectic Schedule

It is the time when you are bestowed with loads of responsibilities. Doing basic domestic chores have started to appear difficult. Your tight schedule is taking a toll on you, which again is disturbing your body dynamics.


It goes without saying, too much workload and pressure leads to stress and tension. When in stress your body produces cortisol which is the stress hormone. While your body effectively deals with stress it also makes the body gain weight. Say no to stress now!!

Stress effects on men

Heedless Eating

Gone were the days when you had your favorite fries and extra cheesy pizzas for dinner without giving it a second thought. Heedless eating can lead to weight gain in women after 40. After a certain age, mindful eating becomes mandatory to stay fit and not gain unnecessary weight.

Lack of physical activity


Low activity level in a woman results in weight gain.

Intensive or rigorous workouts help the body shed off the not-so-important fat. Women who are above the age of 40 and have not indulged into intense physical activity for a long time can make the body lose endurance and gain weight.


It is the age where going to the doctor becomes a daily routine but relying highly on medicines might also aid in weight gain in women after the age of 40. Almost all the medicines have side effects, one of the most common ones is weight gain.


Deprived sleep

Lack of sufficient and sound sleep is another reason for weight gain. Surprised? But, this is true. Many women above 40 experience sleeping difficulty due to hot flashes and night sweats leaving them inactive the next morning. Consequently, the increase in gain occurs due to low activity levels.

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Try these weight loss methods on your own risk

Are you resorting unhealthy weight loss methods?

Many articles and posts talking about losing weight overnight, which tend to be a myth and nothing else. Well, there are no shortcuts to health, okay. You need to plan every step beforehand while going on a weight loss action. So research well, grab every bit of knowledge before you get started with it. Nonetheless, here is the list of weight loss methods you can try at YOUR OWN risk.

1. Starve to lose weight

Starving yourself is not cool. It is the biggest sin you can commit. Moreover, the fact is starving does not make you feel healthy it makes you weak! So do not do it. Starving is skipping the meals, which deprive the body of essential nutrients, which in turn weakens the muscles and makes it prone to ailments. This is not what you wanted, right?

2. Going on rigid diets

Keep distance from rigid diet
Rigid diets do more harm than good

Following the same diet plan on long-term deprives the body of certain nutrients. Fixed diet on a daily basis does not provide stable weight loss results and nutritional value that you deserve.

It is noteworthy that diet plays an integral part in the weight loss process. Hundreds of diet plans are designed to fit the needs and requirements of people. These are planned while keeping in mind the body type, the set goal, height, weight and medical history of the subject, thus they are not “Befitting for all”. A lot goes into deciding what to eat and what not for healthy weight loss. Consult your nutritionist before taking the ultimate step.

3. Consumption of pills and drugs

Pills and drugs is a definitely unhealthy way of losing weight.

Okay, so this is one cause, which needs to be addressed. Consumption of pills and drugs without consulting a medical professional is a dangerous weight loss method. It can lead to serious repercussions that you obviously do not want. High reliability on these medications results in allergies and side effects that worsen the condition of your body let alone making it healthier.

4. Over-exercising

Avoid over exercising for weight loss
Too much overexercising has adverse effects on health.

Exercising along with accurate diet is what will make you achieve what you long for; having said that exercising for too long can take a toll on you. Exercising causes rupturing of muscles. Therefore, muscles need apt time to recover; exercising for a long duration or not resting properly can damage the muscles permanently.

5. Smoking

no smoking
Smoking kills, it does not cause weight loss!

Very many people think that smoking can make them thinner. If you are one of them, just drop this idea out of your head ASAP. Smoking does nothing of that sort. On the contrary, it increases the risk of stroke and brain damage and many other problems. For a healthy body what you need to do is – QUIT SMOKING, today itself.

6. Depending on protein shakes

As much as protein shakes are important for the muscles to strengthen, high dependency on them can be detrimental to your health. Eating your regular meal at least once is essential for the growth of the body. Cutting off the normal routine meal means the deficiency of essential nutrients that cannot be substituted by protein shakes ever.

7. Being too strict with yourself

Be kind to yourself while striving for weight loss.

Following a disciplined diet is amazing but being harsh on your own body is not. Your body is yours and you are responsible for everything that happens to it- Good or Bad. Thus, be wise with your choices and pamper yourself occasionally.


Losing weight takes time, but you should not lose hope. Stick to the plan, stay positive and trust yourself to the core, the magic will happen for sure.

Hence, try the above weight loss methods only at your own risk.

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GUT HEALTH- What is it and how can you keep it healthy?

Know about the importance of gut.

Your gut is the most essential group of organs indispensable for the well-being of your body and health. Your body breaks down the food that you eat into small fragments so as to make the digestion easier. The nutrients of the food are then absorbed by the body while the unnecessary portion is excreted out. The absorption of such nutrients is done by the beneficial microbes present in the body.


The gut is a group of organs consisting of the intestines, mouth, esophagus, stomach, gallbladder, liver, pancreas to name a few. Trillions of gut microbes present in your body; some of them are good for your health while others may harm your body in various ways. When your body doesn’t feel right, most probably your gut too isn’t feeling right. Keeping the good microbes into the body and eradication of the bad ones is what makes your gut healthy.

Why is Your Gut so Important?

Your gut plays an integral part in the digestion process. It is also responsible for the absolute functioning of the immune system in the body. The gut microbiome aids in battling with the viruses and bacteria from the outside world that enter into your body only to mess it all up.


Gut matters
Keep the good bacteria happy in your abdomen.

A large number of these bacteria reside in your intestine, so don’t miss on any opportunity of keeping your intestine happy.

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Signs of an Unhealthy Gut 

An unhealthy gut is most prone to attract infections and problems. It is of utmost importance to find whether or not your gut is healthy. Here are some symptoms of an unhealthy gut.

  1. Bloated stomach after having a meal.
  2. Getting cold more than often.
  3. Experiencing ailments regarding the autoimmune system.
  4. Unusual gain or loss of weight.
  5. Unhealthy skin.
  6. Uneasiness and constant discomfort.
  7. Disturbed sleeping pattern.
  8. Heartburns and diarrhea.
  9. Problems in digesting specific food items.
  10. Experience Gas or constipation.

How do you Keep Your Gut Healthy?

1. The food you consume affects your gut more than you realize.

Eating anything and everything all the time might get you in big troubles. Your eating habits and preferences decide to make a huge difference.

fresh fruits
Your gut needs natural foods like fruits and veggies.

Fruits and Vegetables

Try eating as many veggies and fruits as you can. Needless to say, fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients. Fruits like apple and blueberries are known for increasing the good bacteria in humans. These are a great source of fiber which helps in swiftly moving of food in the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract).

Some of the most effective home remedies to treat gout effectively are:


Packaged foods

Avoid packaged foods and beverages that have a high proportion of added sugars into it. These packed and processed products are loaded with artificial preservatives and gluten which is extremely unhealthy to your health.

Legumes and fermented food

Include legumes and fermented food like yogurts in your diet more often. It is noteworthy that several yogurts are flavored and contain high levels of sweeteners and added sugars.

Cloves to keep gut healthy.


These are compounds found profusely in the plant food sources. Some of the great sources of polyphenols are cloves, dark chocolate, dried fruits to name a few. These are helpful in lowering cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and inflammation. They also prevent platelets from clumping up.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are your friends. Consumption of these is highly beneficial for gut health. Whole grains such as the whole oat, buckwheat, and millets have a high count of fiber, iron, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, etc. Therefore, replacing refined grains with whole grains can be a healthy choice to make as they lower the risk of high-intensity ailments such as cancer. These grains are absorbed in the large intestine where these grains are acted upon by microbes and help in growing the beneficial ones.

Heard of probiotic foods?

These are requisite in promoting the growth of good bacteria in your gut. Foods like asparagus, onion, and garlic are probiotic and make sure your gut is happy and healthy.

2. Changes you need to make in your lifestyle choices.


Relax your way to Gut Health!

There are certain habits of yours which cause tensions inside your gut such as taking too much stress or not eating properly. Try eliminating stress from your life, relax more and worry less should be your mantra

Eat the food in a proper manner. Don’t finish your meal in seconds, take your time and chew it well. Keep yourself hydrated and away from tasty monsters (Yes, I am talking about your favorite junkies!!!). Your body needs rest.

Sleeping efficiently rejoices the body and energizes it to function better. Disturbed sleeping patterns may also cause problems in your gut. Having a peaceful sleep for 6-8 hours a day can do wonders to your gut health.

Pay attention to your food allergies. Often digesting certain food items seems to be tough, while several times your body doesn’t accept the kind of food you ate. This might happen because of your allergy towards that particular food. Therefore, staying away from such kind of stuff is better for your gut health.

Regulates body weight with water
Drink plenty of water

Drink gallons of water every day. Do not keep yourself thirsty for a long time. Carry a water bottle with you always. A dehydrated body is an easy target for the bacteria and viruses to attack.

3. Supplements that are good for your gut

Probiotic supplements are yet another great way to enhance your gut health provided you are consuming the right supplement in the right quantity. Always opt for the supplements that are a balanced mix of herbs, fruits, and elements which can eradicate the bad ones out from your body.  Here comes a medical practitioner into the picture. Supplements should be taken only after the recommendations from a physician or a nutritionist. After all, precautions are better than cures, right.


Staying healthy is not at all difficult. Your gut safeguards you from severe chronic diseases that may be fatal or life-threatening. It is more than crucial to keep your gut healthy.

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Want to get rid of Binge eating?

Binging is bad for health
Get rid of Binge eating as soon as you can

Binge eating is a type of disorder that people don’t realize until it starts controlling their lives. Those people are Binge eaters if they are unable to stop eating and end up eating more than their stomachs need. A Binge eater chooses to eat and save some food to eat after dinner during the night. Are you a binge eater yourself but want to get rid of Binge eating?  Learn here more about it.

Impact of binge eating on body

This problem can lead to several critical health problems including gaining body weight.

Weight gain:

Body weight gain is the natural response of binge eating. Most of the people who binge eat are overweight. Apparently, a binge eater collects more calories than able to burn them all.


Eating unhealthy food causes health problems.
Junk eating is an invitation to health hazards.

More health problem:

There are other health problems reported that happen due to binge eating. That includes Heart disease, High blood pressure, Type-2 Diabetes, cancer, Arthritis, and Sleep apnea. Here are tips if you want to get rid of binge eating.

Tips to get rid of binge eating:

Notice what instigates your binge eating:

Identify what emotional aspect increases craving, is it for low feeling, a bad day at office, stress or just about any other routine issue.

Hormonal disbalance:

There are few hormones like insulin, peptide YY, ghrelin, leptin that provide direction ‘to eat or not to eat’. Schedule the eating hours, as irregular lifestyle and eating habits, could lead to hormonal imbalance.

Eat healthy breakfast for good health

Plan your meals for the day:

Good health relates to good eating schedule, start with healthy and filling breakfast, then have a light meal at lunch, and a healthy but filling dinner at night.

Drink Water:

Drink at least 3 liters of water per day between three meals. You can add cucumber and mint leaves to enhance the water’s taste.


Never starve:

A filling breakfast will keep you off from binge eating for many hours. Do not starve, if craving enhances, you can try a nutritious snack in between.

Add food instead of restriction:

By putting a restriction on your binge eating, you help the craving to increase instead. Avoid junk food and choose some healthier alternatives between the meals.


Breakfast is your first and the most important meal of the day. Your breakfast should be nutritious and wholesome. This will discourage excessive eating, until the time for the next regular meal.


Add Protein:

Add protein to every meal in shape of a chicken breast, fish, ground turkey, mushroom, lentils, beans, soy chunks, tofu, or eggs. You will have a gratified filling feeling, as protein is harder to digest.

Add Fiber:

Include more dietary fiber in your meals, it will also provide you with a feeling of saturation. As fiber prolongs digestion, keeping binge eating away.

Meditation and Yoga:

Binge eaters often eat late in the night owing to emotional eating. If stressed and worrisome, try meditating and yoga, it will give you better control over yourself.

Concentrate on your Meal:

When having your dinner, avoid watching TV, also avoid using your laptop and cell phone. Just enjoy dinner by concentrating on the amount of food you are eating.

Keep limited food at home:

Avoid keeping junk food that you love to binge eat during the night. This will control your temptation to eat food anytime.

Learn to forgive yourself:

Do not carry a load of bad memories and emotions in your mind. You tend to binge eat when laden with emotions. Forgive yourself because past is irretrievable, and future has immense possibilities.


Exercising at home or Gym is fun and keeps your bothersome emotions at bay. Just relax, enjoy life, and take part in the fun activities, soon your habit will subside.

Consult nutritionist:

Binge eating is controllable with the right meal plan. Consult a nutritionist, to have a healthy meal plan, beginning from morning tea to the dinner time.

Brushing your teeth:

Yes! Brushing after dinner gives you a signal that eating is over for the day. The taste of toothpaste sets a reminder to keep off from unrequired eating at night.

A Big no to dieting:

Your meal plan should be about what to eat only, not what you should not eat at all. Strict diet plan makes your disorder worse because when you stop following the diet plan, binge eating resumes.

It’s the time to make peace with the food if you want to get rid of binge eating habit. Follow the above provided useful tips to overcome this issue.

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