Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Banana Juice

Health Benefits of Drinking Banana Juice

Most of the individuals believe that banana is just an energy booster fruit. It offers a lot more than just the calories you consume. The banana supplies a wide range of nutrients, which everybody needs for a healthy physique. These are a few noticeable health benefits of drinking banana juice, which make it a healthy fruit for everyone.

A great source of essential vitamins:

Bananas are renowned for supplying an ample quantity of essential vitamins, which include vitamin C, B3, B5, and vitamin B6. These vitamins are quite beneficial for the immune system. The regular intake of banana juice improves immunity and also aids the nervous system.

Better digestion:

You will never suffer with digestion related health issues, if you consume banana juice on a daily basis. The bananas are rich in fiber and fiber is considered quite beneficial for digesting food. It improves the movement of the consumed meals in the alimentary canal. All the meal you consume gets ingested well and therefore you never suffer with digestion related health issues. The banana juice is quite beneficial for preventing bowel movement related disorders.

digestion system

Improves brain power:

Parents should daily provide their kids with one glass of banana juice in the breakfast because it improves their memorizing capacity. The research shows that bananas are rich in potassium and potassium aids in making pupil alert, which is necessary to improve the gripping power of the brain.


Energy booster:

The banana is called a natural supplier of two essential sugars, known as glucose and fructose. When it comes to getting an instant energy boost, there is no other better option than the banana juice. It can take your energy to the next level and you will gain enough power to complete many difficult jobs without feeling tired. The banana juice works as a great athletic and energy booster juice for everyone, who needs more power.

It is a stress regulator:

The tryptophan is quite essential to stimulate the production of serotonin that eventually helps in improving user’s mood. The banana juice offers a rich supply of tryptophan and that’s why it can keep you calm and stress-free all the day.

Stress effects on men

A perfect health drink for stronger bones:

The health experts believe that regular intake of banana juice can improve the bone strength. This health drink offers an ample supply of fructooligosaccharide that improves the production of probiotic bacteria. The probiotic bacteria is good for human health and located in the colon, which improves the absorption of essential nutrients. It also improves the production of essential digestive enzymes and vitamins that offer further health benefits.

The banana juice is an antioxidant powerhouse:

The bananas are also famous for providing an abundance of antioxidants. The regular intake of banana juice can reduce free radicals and it can ultimately prevent the health issues caused. The banana juice offers a rich supply of potassium, which is quite essential for a better cardiovascular health.

All these health benefits of banana juice prove that it is one of the most significant health drinks; you should take every day to be fit and healthy for the lifelong time.

Do You Know Sitting Cross-legged is Hazardous to Your Health?

Why sitting cross-legged is hazardous for the body?

There are few postures one adopts while sitting, ignorantly not realizing it’s bad for the body. This includes one most common posture, sitting cross-legged. A common feminine sitting gesture that seems graceful and elegant but not medically right for the body, as the experts have found. Here is an explanation about why sitting cross-legged is hazardous for the body:


Numbness in the leg muscles

Sitting in a cross-legged position for a long time causes pressure on peroneal nerve located on the back of the knee. As this nerve is the source of sensation to the legs and feet, there is a strong possibility of getting numbness, along with the pins or needles sensation. If this happens, massaging that area is the way out of that painful situation.

Nerve Palsy

Sitting cross-legged constantly for hours together causes the feet to be affected as one can’t lift the toe even. This numbness and foot drop happens, as this condition is known as peroneal Nerve Palsy caused by pressing of nerve. The front part of the toe gets weak or gets paralyzed because of the nerve injury, in all possibilities sitting for long hours cross leg over leg.

Increase in Blood Pressure

Sitting cross-legged causes the jump in the blood pressure. Probably why doctors ask you to sit straight when measuring your blood pressure. Longer hours spent on sitting cross-legged can causes heart problems, diabetes, and even cancer as the researchers in Langone Medical Center in New York City have found out.

Jump in Blood Pressure

Varicose Veins

The medical community is not uniform in their views and findings of varicose veins being caused by cross-legged posture. But they agree on one point that varicose vein condition worsens with this cross-legged posture, if caused for that. The blood taking capillaries can burst when you put one leg atop another for a considerable length of time.

varicose veins

Spoils the Posture

Remaining tied up cross-legged for a long time spoils the posture for good. The shoulders drop as you lean forward, giving it an awkward shape to the body. The muscles and bones are affected with the pain and hip and waist area encounter discomfiture. Neck and lower back pain are prevalent in such cases. More than that, the confidence in a person gets shattered as the posture tells the tale.

The Right Way to Sit

Therefore, sit straight royally with unfolded legs, feet flat on ground, and straight back. Moreover, try to sit less and move more. If you have a desk job then walk for 5 minutes after every 55 minutes. Incorporate physical exercises in your daily routine. Right posture and movement will carry you far; begin now before it gets late.


Why You Shouldn’t Sit Cross-Legged

Health Related Benefits of Beetroot

Why should you include Beetroot in your diet?

Is beetroot a part of your diet plan or not? You must include it in your regular diet, if the answer is no. It is one of the best organic foods you can have to control blood sugar levels and boosting sexual stamina. Continue reading to reveal more about why should you include beetroot in your diet.

It reduces blood pressure:

Beetroot provides a rich supply of nitrates, which turn into nitric oxides when consumed. The nitric oxide and nitrates, both work to widen the arteries and consequently lower the blood pressure. There is no need to take medication, if you can eat around 500g beetroot. That much quantity of beetroot is enough to control the blood pressure at-least for six hours, as found in the studies. Therefore, the blood pressure patients must include beetroot in their diet.


Quite beneficial for health during maternity period:

When it comes to maintaining good health during the maternity period, beetroot is an ideal ingredient to eat. It supplies ample amounts of folic acid, which is quite crucial for pregnant ladies and their unborn child. Folic acid helps in developing the spinal cord of the unborn child and it is also essential for preventing the child against spina bifida. Beetroot also works as an energy booster substance for pregnant women, who need more energy during this period.

healthy pregnancy

It helps in keeping bad cholesterol levels under control:

Beetroot contains a rich quantity of betacyanin, soluble fibers, and flavanoids. Beetroot gains purplish-red color only because of the presence of Betacyanin and it is a healthy antioxidant. This compound present in beetroot helps the user in reducing the oxidation of bad cholesterol to a very low extent. It also prevents the deposit on the walls of arteries. Beetroot is a healthy ingredient for all the heart patients, who do not want to experience the heart attack and stroke in the future.


Great for diabetics:

Beetroot is a great ingredient to soothe the sweet cravings. It is a healthy ingredient that is a medium glycaemic index vegetable. It means beetroot does not release sugar into the consumer’s blood quickly. It helps in maintaining ideal sugar levels and at the same time, it works as an organic sweetener. It is also a great choice for dieters, who want to consume low-fat ingredients for a better health.


Prevents Osteoporosis:

The human body needs silica to utilize the consumed calcium effectively. Beetroot supplies an ample amount of mineral silica and thus it improves the consumption of calcium. The calcium is used to strengthen the bones, teeth, and prevent osteoporosis. Only one glass beetroot juice is enough to improve bone strength and avoid the danger of osteoporosis.


Detoxification support:

Beetroot contains betalin pigments, which is essential for the detoxification process. All the toxins are removed out from the user’s body and consequently the user feels better.

All in all, beetroot is that organic food which can provide a number of health benefits. It prevents the user against several dangerous health issues and that’s why it should be an integral part of the daily diet.

Some Imprtant Tips for Asthma Patients to Take Care during Diwali Festival

Important tips for Asthma patients during Diwali

The name Diwali spells celebrations, lights, sweets, gifts, prayers, and fireworks. It is a festival that is celebrated by masses and classes with younger enthusiasts lighting fireworks & crackers. Ironically, this festival turns horrific for the asthmatic patients as air pollution rises dangerously. They become more uneasy and skeptical instead of feeling elated. Here are few important tips for Asthma patients during Diwali to help them survive aggravation of respiratory disorder.

Helpful Tips to get away with asthma aggravation this Diwali

1. Avoid going to congested areas where smoke hangs in the air and makes breathing difficult. If at all you need to go then take a good mask with you. Always keep your inhaler and medicines in the pocket.

2. Begin your morning with a glass of warm water with few drops of lemon also helps. Gargle with warm water and keep some duration between this ritual and your breakfast. Similarly, end your day by drinking a glass of warm water and gargles.

3. The sweets and fried snacks attract most, try to be very sparse while eating, as temptation would be very bad on your respiratory system.

4. Finish your night meals by 8 pm at night, take a glass of warm milk with half a teaspoon of turmeric powder mixed in itbefore going to bed.

5. When at some unease with the breathing, try a hot water bottle on your chest and back. This will quickly add to some relief. You can also try taking normal steam from the steamer without adding any medicine to it.

6. Yogic exercises have been observed to benefit asthmatics in winters, especially during Diwali. If you prefer to do it outdoors along with the morning walks, choose the time after the sunrise and in the afternoons. Avoid walks after sunset when smog sets in, if possible refrain from visiting anywhere unless very important.

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7. The liquor and smoking should be cut off during the festival as this aggravates the breathing issue.

8. The beverages such as green tea, black coffee, and herbal tea help when you face some labored breathing.

Add-on some herbs in the food, available mostly in homes, during Diwali.


Ginger is used and suggested for various ailments, asthma is also one of them. The ginger reduces inflammation of air vents to lungs and relaxes muscles. Eat ginger with salad or by adding in the food. You can drink a mix of ginger juice, pomegranate juice, and honey during Diwali days.



Figs help to throw out phlegm and regularize breathing. Try three dried figs soaked in water overnight and consume them along with that water.

Dry figs


It helps clear mucus from the lungs, eat them raw or boil them with little milk to drink.



It helps to detoxify the lungs, try a concoction of boiling fenugreek seeds with ginger juice and honey for quick relief. Take twice a day during Diwali.

Fenugreek Seeds

Warm mustard oil with camphor massage on the chest and neck helps to give instant relief.

By applying and following these important tips for Asthma patients, your Diwali can be truly healthy and Happy. Happy Diwali!

Almonds Have Many Health Benefits

Almonds Have Many Health Benefits – Here Are 8 of Them!

Many people say that eating almonds helps us in increasing brain power. Yet no one has explained this theory, but Almonds Have Many Health Benefits – Here Are 8 of Them!


1. It promotes digestion process:

Good digestion means better health and better fitness. The outer layer of almonds holds enzyme inhibitor, which is discharged by soaking almonds in water. It is how almonds become healthier and digestion friendly. Your diet becomes low fat diet because the enzymes present in almonds help you in dealing with fat.


2. Anti-aging properties:

Aging is one of the most troubling skin issues, which girls and women never want to face. If you are also one of those who want to look younger, eat almonds. You will get vitamin C via almonds, which is an antioxidant and helps us in reducing aging symptoms. It means, you can look much younger by consuming almonds daily.

3. Aids in good growth of unborn baby:

Soaked almonds are great nutrition for pregnant women. Soaked almonds offer folic acid, which is quite necessary for appropriate growth of fetus’s brain and other parts. Doctors always suggest ladies to consume almonds as they get the positive benefits. In addition, soaked almonds promote digestion process. It helps new moms in easily digesting food they eat.

4. Essential for brain:

Health experts have studied and have found that almonds can easily improve the functionality of central nervous system. All you have to do is just eat 5-6 almonds daily and it will promote the performance of your brain.

5. A reliable cure for dry and chapped skin:

Many people experience skin disorders like itching, inflammation and dry skin. To get rid off of such problems apply paste of soaked almonds. Your itching problem will get treated quite quickly and there will be no chance of facing such problem again.

6. Natural hair conditioner:

Chemical mixed hair conditioners of big brands often cause adverse effects also. It is the reason many people feel afraid of using such products. You can create your own hair conditioner by using almond seeds. Grind almond seeds with olive oil and apply the paste on scalp and hairs. It will work to make your hair smoother and stronger.

7. Controls cholesterol:

People try everything to keep increasing levels of LDL cholesterol under control. Of course, it is not quite easy to do, especially if you love to enjoy urban lifestyle. The almonds can easily control LDL cholesterol levels because they contain monounsaturated fatty acids. MUFA is renowned for reducing LDL cholesterol levels and increasing HDL cholesterol levels.


8. Aids in repairing damaged skin cells:

If your skin is looking unattractive because  of dead skin cells, you should eat almonds. These seeds work for repairing damaged skin cells from inside the skin. You get more attractive and glowing skin.

Therefore, include almonds in your daily diet as Almonds Have Many Health Benefits which help you stay fit and healthy.

Tips For Diabetic Persons During Festival Time

Important tips for the diabetics in festival times

One can’t imagine festivals without the usual fanfare that includes sweets. In zest and enthusiasm of celebrating and following age-old traditions, one forgets to put a stop. Consequently, one becomes susceptible to the health issues like diabetes. Its ill effects become more evident in the persons who are already suffering from high blood sugar. Here are few important tips for the diabetics in festival times.

Choose Right Food

The food for diabetes-prone people should contain high fiber that can be obtained from vegetables and fruits in your meals. Adding different delectable juicy fruits like watermelon, strawberries, berries, pine nuts, and other nuts in yogurt can fulfill the urge for eating sweets. Even whole flour carrot cake is one good idea besides sweet potatoes, etc.  Look for lean meat like in chicken and fishes in meals.


Stay away from red meats, harmful carbs, processed sugar made dishes and avoid overindulgence with the food. Say goodbye to alcohol and bakery products to stay fine when enjoying festivities.

Implement Restraint

When the stomach is filled with all sorts of food the problem begins. Always leave some room for desserts. Eat healthy to stay away from diabetic development that could spoil your festival.

Stay away from sugar-based desserts, quick absorbing carbs, and overeating if staying fit is high on your priorities.

Sugar-based desserts

Follow Doctor’s advice

The doctors recommend eating small but increasing the numbers of meals says from 3 to 5-6. This keeps the blood sugar under control.

Stay away from sugar when preparing milk based desserts. The natural sugar source such as dates or jaggery can be added to sweeten your dessert. Say big NO to sweetmeats from market; try making them at home by pure milk and ghee.

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Eat right snacks

When you need to eat the snacks, try walnuts, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, fresh fruits that sustain sugar level, and other health recommendations.

fresh fruits

Stay away from tempting deep fried snacks, peanuts, and chats as these can cause your sugar to get out of control.

Active lifestyle

Keep yourself busy walking here and there, sitting and eating would not help you. Stay hydrated and drink water regularly to keep diabetic conditions at bay.


Stay away from big meals and inactivity when already having a field day gobbling and munching on tit bits. Keep the body movement on to enjoy the fest.

Exercise is the mantra to enjoy the festive food. A little exercise before sitting on the table for meals makes a huge difference to the sugar level. Exercises lower the sugar level and prepare your appetite. This also helps curb the cravings. If joining the party take one peg of alcohol only. Try also some sugar-free diabetes-friendly recipes such as chocolate plum cake, desserts, and dishes with the sugar alternatives.

Above mentions tips for the diabetics in festival times may help to keep check on their sugar level and enjoy the festival times without worrying for about their  dibetic problem.

Beware of Warning Signals Due to Vitamin K Defficiency

Warning signals that you have Vitamin K deficiency

Vitamin K is a vital vitamin for better health of bones and heart. It is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays an important role in blood clotting and bone mineralization. It also improves the natural performance of brain, protects cancer, and promotes a healthy metabolism. You should never ignore warning signals that you have Vitamin K deficiency.

Those warning signals are explained below:

Easily bleed:

Heavy gum bleeding, menstrual bleeding, bruising, and nose bleeding are the symptoms of Vitamin K deficiency. Some other similar symptoms include blood in urine and bleeding inside the digestive tract. These are warning signals that show the patient must take doctor’s support to cure the problem as soon as possible.

Stomach pain:

Vitamin K is considered a vital nutrient for smooth digestion. It monitors and improves the performance of the digestive system. The deficiency of Vitamin K can result in poor digestion and stomach pain.

Stomach pain

Blood thinning:

The lack of Vitamin K can result in blood thinning. This vitamin is quite important to form blood clots and there would be no blood clots due to lack of Vitamin K. The blood would get thinner and it will start flowing even through some minor cuts.

Poor development of fetus:

Vitamin K deficiency can also affect the good growth of the fetus. There can be internal bleeding in the skull of the baby, under developed facial features, malformed fingers, etc. All these are the signs of Vitamin K deficiency and therefore Vitamin K supplements are provided to the pregnant women.


The hemorrhages and poor blood coagulation are also the symptoms of vitamin K deficiency. The prothrobin content of the blood reduces due to the lack of Vitamin K. It causes blood clotting and other similar issues. The patients can also suffer to Alzheimer’s disease due to vitamin K deficiency. Therefore, early signs should not be ignored.

Hardening of arteries:

The lack of Vitamin K can also result in hardening of arteries. The extra supply of calcium in soft tissues can cause calcium-related health issues. It can harden the arteries and increase the troubles for the patients. People often consider it as an issue caused by calcium, but it is Vitamin K that affects arteries. Vitamin K deficiency can also result in cystic fibrosis, biliary obstruction, resection of small intestine, and Malabo sorption.



Several studies were conducted to prove Vitamin K’s relation to osteoporosis, low bone mass, and fractures. The researchers have found that Vitamin K deficiency results in weak bones and osteoporosis. Vitamin K is considered as an important nutrient for smooth osteocalcin function. It promotes production of osteocalcin, which is a protein responsible for strong and healthy bones.


Diabetes and pro-diabetes:

Many health experts believe that Vitamin K plays a vital role in preventing diabetes by regulating glucose. It is possible to prevent diabetes by improving the intake of vitamin K containing foodstuff. It can reduce diabetes risk up to 51% and therefore people should take vitamin K supplements and foods that contain it naturally.

Do You Know About Unhealthy Kitchen Items of Everyday Use

Everyday Kitchen Items That are Unhealthy

Your health depends on what you eat. You should always avoid the consumption of foods, which are unhealthy or prepared from unhealthy ingredients. The fresh food seems healthy, but what about the kitchen and the quality of the ingredients. You should know about everyday kitchen items that are unhealthy.

The knowledge about these items will help you in cooking healthy meals every time in the kitchen. So, let’s find what those items are:

1. Cookware:

There would be several utensils in your kitchen. You may presume that all the cookware are neat and clean, but are they actually clean? Many bugs and insects like roaches move around the kitchen cabinets and through the cookware. They carry germs, which slosh the cookware. You should always clean the cookware before cooking the meal to avoid health issues.


2. Fridge:

Some people do not worry about their fridge because they think it is the cleanest appliance in their kitchen. Actually, it is one of the everyday kitchen items that are unhealthy and contains all the raw vegetables and fruits coming straight from market. Therefore, you should clean fridge within a few days or on regular basis so that fridge may not become a safe house for all the germs that come with the raw vegetables.


3. Juicer grinder:

Those, who daily use the juicer grinder, know that the juicer jar can be unhealthy. In addition, various germs can contaminate the main appliance itself. A few drops of the juice and other blends can splatter over the grinder. Those splatters can produce germs, if not cleaned immediately.

Juicer grinder

4. Honey:

Most of the users do not know that natural honey contains toxic elements, known as pyrrolizidine alkaloids. If you are using honey, which has not gone through pasteurization process, it can be very harmful for your health. You can feel dizziness, vomiting, weakness, and headaches after consuming unpasteurized honey. So use only pasteurized honey.


5. Potatoes:

It is also less known fact that potatoes can cause a considerable damage to the user’s health, if eaten at the wrong time. Potato’s sprouts stem, and leaves contain glycoalkaloids, which is a poisonous substance. You should never cook potatoes, which are left in too bright or moist conditions for a long time. It would be better if you get fresh potatoes to cook your meal.


6. Dishwasher:

It is probably the unhealthiest and dirtiest item in kitchen. Many people are using the dishwasher nowadays because they do not want to waste their time in doing dishes. People often place the dirty cookware and other utensils without removing the leftover food. That food contaminates the dishwasher and reduces its cleanliness efficiency. So, always clean the dishwasher before doing dishes to make sure you will get clean and germ-free cookware to cook the meal.


7. Nonstick cookware:

Every user thinks non-stick cookware is great to cook healthy meals, but it is a myth. The non-stick cookware can cause some serious damage to your health. The researchers have found that the regular use of such cookware can cause cancer associated with PFOA. In addition, PFOA is also not good for the health of pregnant women. So, you should avoid the use of non-stick cookware as much as possible.

Nonstick cookware

8. Artificial sweeteners:

Nowadays there is a trend to use artificial sweeteners. You may also have it in your kitchen and may be using it on a daily basis, but do you know artificial sweeteners had failed to get FDA’s approval for more than 20 years. The users have reported health issues like migraine, insomnia, nausea, change in vision, memory loss, etc. after using artificial sweeteners. You can also experience the same health issues, if you do not stop consuming artificial sweeteners.

Description: Your health depends on what you eat. You should know about everyday kitchen items that are unhealthy and come from the market.

Do You Know That These Can Trigger Asthma?

What can trigger your asthma?

The real causes of asthma are still unknown. It is known for quite a long time, but yet the medical researchers have no knowledge about the main cause of this long-term inflammatory disease of the airways. The symptoms of this disease can vary from one patient to another. Therefore, it is very important to know what can trigger your asthma.

The doctors believe that when the asthma patient’s airways come in contact with the triggering element, the airways suddenly get narrowed, inflamed, and get filled with mucus. The twitch of muscles, swelling of mucosal membrane, inflammation, and the sudden occurrence of mucus signals that you have an asthma attack. Knowledge regarding the triggering elements can save any asthma patient from asthma attack.

Things that can trigger your asthma:

  • Infections:

The infections of the upper airways, including flu and colds, can also trigger the asthma attack. Patients should remain prepared to deal with the attack, if they have such infections.

flu and colds

  • Airborne irritants:

These are usually known as allergic elements like dust particles, cigarette smoke, pollution, and fumes, which are described as airborne irritants. These irritants can anytime trigger asthma. The patients should use a mask or stay away from polluted areas to prevent an asthma attack.


  • Allergens:

The allergic elements like dust mites, pollen, feathers, and animal fur can also trigger an asthma attack. The asthma patients should know about these allergens and stay away from these allergens to avoid asthma attack.


  • Emotions:

This may sound a bit weird, but too much stress or laughter can also trigger the asthma attack. The patients must try to stay calm and stress-free to avoid the asthma attack.

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  • Medicines:

If an asthma patient uses medicines like non-steroidal painkillers, he or she may suffer with an asthma attack. It is advised to consult with the doctor and then take the anti-inflammatory medicines to avoid the asthma attack.

non-steroidal painkillers

  • Food additives:

The food additives are mixed in foods to improve their quality and also for preserving those foods for a long time. The researches show that some of these additives, including sulphites and tartrazine can also trigger asthma.

  • Alcohol

The asthma patients may be unknowingly affecting their condition to their disadvantage by consuming alcohol. They may be allergic to alcohol or any ingredients mixed in it and thus suffer health problems.


  • The indoor conditions:

The conditions like damp, mould, and chemicals in the flooring or carpet materials can also trigger your asthma. So, choose the material for carpet and flooring wisely.

  • Fragrances

Fragrances of scented candles and air fresheners may irritate the airways of the patient and may aggravate allergy leading to an asthma attack.


  • Weather conditions:

The weather conditions like windy days, sudden changes in temperature, thunderstorms, cold air, and humid weather conditions can also trigger the asthma attack.

There are many other things that may trigger your asthma, which include the food allergies, intense workouts, wood dust, latex, flour and grain dust.

There is no complete list of what can trigger your ASTHMA. The patients concerned need to be observant what might be suitable or not for his/ her health.

Discover Fitness Mantras of Energetic Bollywood Moms

How Energetic Bollywood Moms Maintain Their Fitness?

Do you know why Bollywood moms are always youthful and evergreen? As fitness is the foremost in the Bollywood industry, all Bollywood moms always maintain themselves in strict workout routine and diet plans. Although pregnancy gives oodles of weight, but that is not a problem for these Bollywood mothers. They always follow a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  Here are fitness mantras of some of energetic Bollywood moms who have successfully maintained their great shape and pretty looks:

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena is known as a style icon of Bollywood. She was in the fame for her zero-figure in the film Tashan. She also again broke headline by exposing her baby –bump. Soon after her pregnancy, she has regained a beautiful frame as well.  The secret lies in her workout, which involves right combination of aerial silk yoga, Pilates, surya namaskars, pranayam, meditation and cardio exercises. Besides, she believes in walking for losing extra kilos.  Kareena follows a healthy and balanced diet too. She does not believe in crash diets to lose weight. She eats everything in a balanced way. To maintain optimum iron, vitamins and calcium levels after delivery, she takes milk, other dairy products, sesame seeds and jaggery in right portions. This has helped in maintaining beautiful hair and skin.  She eats small meals  in every 2-3 hours and drinks at least 6-8 glasses of boiled water every day.

Malaika Arora 

Malaika Arora

Malaika , a mom with an hourglass figure and  loads of energy who  literally puts many of us to shame. She always looks fit and gorgeous. Her day starts with a warm glass of water along with lemon and honey. She always keeps herself well hydrated. She follows five meal plans and avoids fried and oily food. Her breakfast provides her ample of vitamins and minerals, which consists of poha, upma or  idli, fresh fruits, multigrain toasts with eggs. She prefers protein shake with banana after her workout and opt for veggies, salads, chicken, soups and chapattis for lunch and dinner. Malaika emphasizes on homemade food. She does not believing in starving and consumes healthy snacks at time of hunger pangs.

Her work consists of cardio exercise along with hip-hop and yoga. She enjoys jogging, swimming and dancing to keep herself fit. She loves Pilates as it has given her great flexibility and shape.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty is one the famous actress who has become sexier and fitter day by day. She believes that a woman becomes more beautiful after 30 if they can make themselves fit by having a healthy diet and yoga. She also recommends exercising for an hour every day. Her diet plan is little different and start with amla juice/ aloe vera/ pomegranate juice or any other veggie juice in the morning. She prefers two eggs and milk tea for breakfast to stay energetic and full. She focused on proteins and carbohydrates to maintain her metabolism. Her lunch comprise of brown pasta, brown rice or brown bread, prepared in olive oil only while in dinner, she goes for stir-fried vegetables, soups and salads. This has helped her in strengthening immune system, her muscles and bones that had become weak after pregnancy.

She is the ambassador of yoga and Pranayam. Her fitness system includes cardio workout, strength training, animal flow work out along with yoga and meditation. She is truly a motivation for all new moms to get back in shape and delete extra kilos from the body.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan 

Aishwarya Rai

 The Miss World, Aishwarya Rai is another great example of energetic Bollywood moms. She believes in enjoying motherhood while taking her own time to lose her post pregnancy weight. She is an extremist of yoga, but also opts to cardio for her post-baby weight loss. Ash believed in healthy and clean diet to maintain svelte figure and great looks. She switched to brown rice, fresh fruits and vegetables, grilled fish along with loads of water to regain her shape

She prefers small portions of meals in place of 2 or 3 big meals. She stays clear from junk foods and fried foods giving preference to boiled veggies, fresh fruits and juices.

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