Dealing With Women Sexual Problems at Home

Dealing with women sexual problems at home

With all sexual problems that affect women, some of them do not need the woman to go to hospital for treatment since it is easy to deal with women sexual problems at home. The most important thing to do is to get information about a problem and to know how to deal with it.

Marriages may collapse if the couple did not take time to deal with the most important   area of it which is sex.  Sex is a cement of the marriage and it keeps the couple with one another and even if they may be having issues. Being able to have the right sex, it may require you to trust one another and to be able to overcome the challenges.

Women Sexual problems

Some of the problems of the vagina such as penetration difficulties, burning and tightness or sexual pain can be treated easily. It is easy to change the situation or the pain felt during the sexual intercourse by learning about the tips on how you can deal with the problem.

There are many sources of the self help approach that women can follow to overcome their problems. The steps of the treatment are based on the self help approach and it allows the woman to work at her own or she can work together with a health care provider and specialist.  The instructions are supplemented by descriptive illustration with the helpful strategies and this makes a positive process with a successful experience.  At the completion of the treatment, the problems get healed at once.

Understanding the problem before treatment

The woman has to understand first the problem before she deals with it. Women have to review and to analyze the history.  This is about to identify and to evaluate the events, emotions and triggers that can contribute to the problem.  The emotional review can help to make details of the negative events, memories and feelings which may contribute to involuntary pelvic responses.  The topics may include the blocked and hidden memories to go forward if there was a traumatic event in the past of the woman.

Women often may not have complete information on the sexual anatomy or their functions or what causes the penetration and the pelvic problems. When a woman is confused about how different vaginal areas work, it can lead to misdiagnosis or frustration.

Educating the women about the sexual problem

A woman has to be educated about the sexual parts with the emphasis on how they can contribute to sexual pain.  Women who suffer pain or difficulties during penetration, they can allow an easy entry by practicing the pubococcygeus or PC to control the initial entry. This can be done by allowing the small objects such as finger, tampon or cotton swab in the vagina to control the pace and the entry. Women will learn to control the muscles around the pelvic which allows the sexual penetration.  Doing the vaginal insertion exercises, it helps women to allow the penetration in easy way without any discomfort and pain.

The free pain intercourse is based on how the couple prepares itself and the couple can review all the techniques required to eliminate the tension during the intercourse while preparing for the penetration difficulties and to eliminate the pain.

To start enjoying the life without any pain or to overcome the women sexual problems, it is important to learn how to overcome such problems from people who have passed through the same problems and who have learnt to live a pain free intercourse.

Different Sexual Dysfunction and How They Affect Women

Different sexual dysfunction and how they affect women

Different types of sexual dysfunction affect the women in different ways. The doctor has to know the cause of the problem before he can decide about the type of the treatment for the woman.  

Sexual dysfunction is any problem that takes place at any cycle of sexual response and it prevents the couple to enjoy sex. The sexual dysfunction may be because of physical causes or psychological causes. The sexual dysfunction affects women in many ways.

Inhibited sexual desire

A woman can suffer inhibited sexual desire and this involves no sexual desire or any interest in sex. There are many factors which may contribute to this like fatigue, stress, pregnancy and depression.  Boredom in sex which uses the same or regular routines may lead to lack of the enthusiasm in sex.

Not being able to be aroused

Women who are unable to be aroused to the sexual activity, it affects the vaginal lubrication. The problem can be a result of inadequate stimulation or anxiety. Less blood flow in the vagina may also contribute to the disorder that affects clitoris and vagina.   Anorgasmia or lack of the orgasm is the absence or the delay of the sexual climax. It may be a result of sexual inhibition, lack of knowledge, inexperience and psychological factors like abuse, sexual trauma, anxiety and guilt. Other causes of anorgasmia are chronic diseases, some medication or insufficient stimulation.

Painful intercourse

Painful intercourse or pain with the intercourse or dyspareunia may be a result of many problems like inflammation of vagina, ovarian cysts or pelvic mass and poor lubrication.  Other problems can be sexual transmitted diseases and surgery.  The condition known as vaginismus is a involuntary and painful spasm of a muscle that surrounds vaginal entrance.  This can be a result of fear of painful penetration that can stem from the sexual phobia or painful and traumatic experience. To be aware the cause of sexual dysfunction, the doctor will want to do some evaluation.  The doctor has to do a pelvic examination so that he can evaluate how the reproductive organs look alike and to do the Pap test to see if there are changes of the cervix cells. The doctor may recommend you to do tests that will rule out any other medical problem that you may be suffering from and which can contribute to the dysfunction.  The doctor will do evaluation about your attitudes towards sex which may be contributing to your problem.

Hormonal changes

Hormone is an important part of sexual function in a woman.  With the decrease in the hormones because of aging or menopause, women can start to experience changes in their sexual function as they grow old.  Having less sensation or poor vaginal sensation are the problems that are associated with the estrogen levels.

 After hysterectomy, many women may start to experience the changes in the sexual functions. Such changes may be a loss of desire, genital sensation or vaginal lubrication. Such problems take place because of the changes in the hormones because of the ovaries and uterus loss. Sometime blood vessels and nerves needed for sexual function may be damaged because of hysterectomy procedure.  The low level of estrogen in menopause can lead to sexual problems.  Low estrogen may lead to loss of sexual interest, not being able to be aroused, low vaginal lubrication or no genital sensation.

Vitamins That Increase Libido and Sex Drive

Vitamins that increase libido and sex drive

Everyone wish to have a good life and sex is among them. However, when you suffer low sex drive or if you do not have sex drive at all, you may feel depressed and fail to enjoy life. You can learn about vitamins that can help you to improve your sex life.

It is frustrating to have no or low sex drive. If you and your partner wish to have fun but there is nothing there, you can use Vitamins that boost libido and sex drive.  You have to make sure that you are taking the right vitamins to boost your libido.

To have a good sexual intimacy, you need to have a healthy body for it. You need to take the steps required so that you can start to enjoy your physical and sexual intimacy once again by taking the minerals and the vitamins you need every day.

Vitamin A

It is important for production of sex hormone for both female and male.  To have adequate reproductive cycle with women, there is a need to have adequate Vitamin A which is necessary.  For men, vitamin A is important for virility and the production of sperm. To get enough vitamin A, you need to start taking watermelon, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, spinach, pepper, mango, romaine lettuce, leafy lettuce, grapefruit, collard greens, hot chili pepper, carrot, and cantaloupe, cabbage with dried and fresh apricot.

Vitamin B3

It is important for the metabolism of energy most importantly for the anaerobic metabolism and it is associated with intense and short burst of the energy, needed while making love.  It is also important for the production of the enzyme reaction that is needed to maintain nerve and skin health.  Vitamin B3 improves with sexual flushes responsible of the blood flow in the genitals while it intensifies the orgasm.  To get vitamin B3, you should start taking sun dried tomatoes, Turkey without skin, chicken in light meat, veal, peanuts, paprika, liver, swordfish, tuna, anchovies, whole wheat bread, and brown rice.

Vitamin B6

It is good for the libido because it can control elevated prolactin. It also helps with the testosterone and estrogen with the production of the dopamine, serotonin and red blood cells. Vitamin B6 has shown to increase the level of sperm. To boost Vitamin B, you can start to take tomatoes, cottage cheese, cantaloupe, roast beef and baked potatoes without a skin, pork chops, avocados, halibut, Brussels sprout and Bananas.

Vitamin B12

It is good for the synthesis of the hormones that improve the fertility and sexuality. It is found in kiwifruit, strawberries, lemons and oranges.

Vitamin E

It is known as sex vitamin because it improves the blood flow with oxygen in genitalia. It can be found in Chickpeas, spinach, sweet potatoes and walnuts among others to increase libido and sex drive.

How Your Bad Habits Affect Your Health

How Your Bad Habits Affect Your Health

Between good health and bad health, stands a question, how your habits affect your health? Do habits play role in achieving great health or losing good health? The junk food you eat, erratic eating time, overeating are some of the things that affect adversely. Similarly, some habits like biting your nails, cracking fingers, and wrong sitting posture can cause multiple health issues. If you are not aware and wish to know more than read on how your bad habits affect your health:

Anytime junk Munching

A habit to munch the snacks always, whether hungry or not take the toll on the digestion system. The body becomes prone to heart diseases and diabetic conditions. One loses natural body urge of hunger and the body is inundated with the unhealthy elements. This habit will allow the body weight to be under check with extra sodium, unhealthy saturated fat, refined carbs, and sugar replaced by healthier contents of the real food of whole grains and veggies.

Being couch potato

Staying put at one place and doing nothing physically but watching television or doing other inactive activities is one bad habit. This way, one gets low energy level, develops the diabetic condition, cuts off socially, and causes loss of good physical health. The ‘no exercise’ state is supported by processed sugary food intake that hampers the body and mind. The general mood also remains way less than jovial.

couch potato

Nail Biting

Beyond the psychological quotient, nail-biting habit could be tangibly bad habit for the health. The bacteria reside below the tip of the nail; with the food, this enters the body to cause many kinds of health issues. The nail-biter may develop paronychia a pus-filled finger swelling, and redness around the fingers.

Nail Biting

Not brushing at night

Not brushing the teeth at night can cause issues such as cavities, inflamed gum, bad smell, and plaque that can cause teeth extinction. Not brushing your teeth may result in frequent visits to dentist for one or the other problem.

Sleeping with Smartphone

Giving your sleep time to Smartphone is not a smart habit as it takes away the relaxation time, which your body deserves. The habit makes your body tired and less energetic, which ultimately affects your health badly.

Sun-bath to spoil the skin

As they say, ‘excess of everything is bad’; same applies to the habit and fondness to acquire golden bronze body color by solar exposure. The elastic body fibers are destroyed by excessive sunbathing which leads to aging, wrinkles, blotches, freckles, and skin discoloration. In some cases, it can cause skin cancer too. One must take care with the application of right chemicals, and limited sun exposure.


Bad Behavior

Is your bad behavior worse for the other person or yourself? Your unhappy style of living can cause high blood pressure and blood sugar reinforced by sugary food, instigates loss of control over your body. That interprets to the heart diseases if the short-fuse temperament style becomes your key behavior.

Bad Behavior

Other habits that affect your health adversely are skipping your breakfast, cracking the knuckles, sitting with your legs crossed, continuous hours on desktop, smoking and drinking alcohol. These habits may not have immediate effect but gradually such bad habits affect your health adversely. So, take care!



Habits That Can Reduce Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a complex condition as children gain weight not just for one but several reasons. The early obesity cause could be genetic, lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating disorder or the amalgamation of all these. Besides, there could be a hormonal issue for uncontrolled body weight in childhood, but all said, there are habits that can reduce childhood obesity:

Breakfast to begin their day

You need to balance the calories and nutrients in obese kids. As the day begins, the breakfast is number one meal that can help control the body weight. Keep the right balance of carbs, proteins, and nutrients in the breakfast. Having a regular breakfast would not invite an early hunger, which often leads to overeating. The breakfast eating children are good performers in school and have positive mindset, which helps in healthy living style.

children breakfast

Say NO to their eating out

One of the important habits that can reduce childhood obesity is that the kids should eat what you serve them that are a better option than eating junk food outside. The overeating is instigated by the temptations of variety in fast food joint that can be avoided by restrictions. Overweight kids are more susceptible to gain more weight, as they normally love to eat burgers, chicken nuggets, French fries and unrestricted supply of soft drinks. Consuming high calories is avoidable if home-cooked food is offered to them.

burgers, chicken nuggets, French fries

Encourage them to have balanced food

  • Give them vegetables, fruits and whole-grain products more
  • Serve them low-fat dairy products.
  • Pick lean meats, poultry products, fish, lentils, and beans for protein
  • Serve reasonably sized or smaller portions
  • Encourage kids to drink lots of water
  • Limit consumption of sweet beverages, sodium, and saturated fat
  • A 100 calorie or less food for them should be either of these, a medium-size apple, a medium-size banana, one cup blueberries, carrots, broccoli or bell peppers, and 1 cup grapes.

Physical Activities

Guide them to stay agile and active, encourage them to be active in physical games, adventure trips, and other physical activities. Make them understand that these activities will help in weight management, keep their metabolism in great shape, it will reduce the stress and anxiety, and keep their bones stronger.

children Physical Activities

Set their time for discipline

Discipline is the major habits that can reduce childhood obesity by ways of setting goals in eating and maintaining physical routine for the obese kids. Develop rules for them to follow religiously.

  • Reduce sedentary time to minimum
  • Limit their screen time to maximum 2 hours on TV, computers, mobiles, and other gadgets
  • Fix hours for homework and reading
  • Never allow TV for 2 years or less kids
  • Set their meal timing, sleeping & morning waking hours

Maintain an Appropriate Body Weight

The recommendations should be focused on small but lasting changes in eating and other disciplines. It works better than the short-term efforts or experimental arrangements for the weight-loss that can’t be sustained for long. In treating most overweight children, try to prevent weight gain first, and then look for the ways to reduce it by organizing Appropriate Body Weight the lifestyle.

children Body Weight