Mistakes to Avoid While Taking Shower

Mistakes to avoid while taking the shower

Taking shower is a very vital step in everyone’s life. Most of us take shower every day to keep ourselves clean, healthy, and above all fresh and active. It may seem weird to you that taking shower requires a certain procedure and steps. However, including taking shower every day in your routine will not improve your health but also calm your senses.


Mistakes One Should Avoid While Taking Shower

Normally, we take shower at last once a day, but usually, some people take bath thrice or four times a day. For those who have a habit of taking shower many times a day, they need to avoid certain mistakes,

Keep Separate Towels For Everyone

It is best advised to use a separate towel, each time you take shower. The things like soap or shower gel should be kept separate. If you have a fan in your bathroom, turn it on before getting in as it will reduce the level of humidity in the bathroom. Moreover, do not rush into the shower immediately as the temperature and pressure would be very high at that time. Take your time and let the temperature get stable for you and then get into the shower.

Washing While Showering


You need to wash from top to bottom, not vice versa. Use shower gel and apply it to your body with the help of a loofah, so that the oil or dust gets removed efficiently. Do not rub the loofah too hard on your body as it can damage your skin cells too.

Washing your Hair with a Shampoo

Generally, people think that using a large amount of shampoo will keep your hair clean and healthy, but it’s wrong. You need to find the right shampoo for your scalp. Before buying it, make sure that the shampoo contains features like mild nature, good and soothing fragrance. Your shampoo should be able to make you feel good while you smell your hair. For washing your hair, put a small amount of shampoo on your palm and apply it on your scalp. Massage your scalp for a few minutes and rinse it off completely from your hair with the help of water.

Moisturizing Yourself After the Shower

People tend to believe that it’s bad to moisturize your skin after taking shower immediately. But, it’s wrong. It is very good to keep your moisturizing creams and lotions in the bathroom and apply it on your body after taking shower, as it helps in increasing the circulation of the blood in your body as you massage your body with a cream.

Using Cold or Hot Water for Taking Shower

It is best advised to use lukewarm water to take shower. You should not use either too cold or too hot water for taking shower as it can damage your skin cells or burn them too. Lukewarm water makes you feel good and refreshing. It has the tendency to rejuvenate your damaged skin cells and make your skin feel hydrated.

Therefore, just get into the bathroom, take shower and feel peaceful.

Home Remedies and Asanas That Helps to Cure Lower Back Pain

Effective Home Remedies to Manage and Cure Lower Back Pain

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Back pain can be very dangerous and cause distress in a person’s life. The common reasons for the occurrence of such pain can be lifting heavy loads, tripping while walking, exercise regime going wrong, Wrong posture, accident or weakness in general. Whatever be the reason for the pain, lower back pain can be a hindrance to your day to day activities and you need to diagnose it as fast as possible. Handling mild back pain can be easier and if you’re someone who is suffering from mild lower back pain, then here are some home-based remedies that will help you deal with it and not require you to visit a doctor:


1. Keep moving

If you resort to bed rest while your back pains, it can make things worse. It is very important to keep the back mobile, as not using it would make it stiff and cause more pain. But, you must understand your limits and not try to push yourself when your back is sore. Simple walking and everyday chores like making beds, walking the dog and so on can be undertaken by you to keep your back mobile and gradually strengthen it for more strenuous tasks.


2. Maintain posture

A wrong posture is one of the major reasons of back pain and the best way to avoid it is to maintain a good posture, Sit straight while working on your desk, do not lean on walls and doors while standing, keep your back as straight as you can to avoid back pains.

3. Asanas for curing back pain

You can get relief in back pain by doing yoga asana. It is one of the best remedies to cure and prevent reoccurring of back pain if the pain not due to any medical condition or injury. To know how to perform asana in a proper way see the details with images at “Asana for curing back pain”.]

5. Stop smoking

Smoking is said to be a prime reason for osteoporosis and related bone problems and even though it might not be a home remedy, kicking off this habit can actually do you more good than just avoid back pain.

no smoking

6. Lose weight

This is another point that is linked to your overall well being. Try to keep your weight within a healthy range with diet control and exercises. Shedding the few extra pounds can help you avoid a plethora of troubles and one of them is back pain. A heavier body puts more pressure on the spine and the back and this is the reason for back pain in obese people. So, make sure you’re slim and fit to avoid such conditions.

7. Use ice

Ice can be of great help in reducing back pain if it has been caused due to an injury. Ice can reduce inflammation and provide relief to the pain instantaneously, and is recommended by the doctors to be used 24 to 48 hours after the injury for best results.

So, these are some tips which can help you reduce lower back pain. However, if the pain is unbearable or not getting under control, then it is advised to call your doctor immediately.

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Home Remedies to Cure Anemia

Suffering from a lower level of hemoglobin?

Here are some home based remedies to cure anemia

Anemia is a health condition that develops due to a deficiency of red blood cells or hemoglobin in the blood. These red cells are responsible for binding of oxygen hence deficiency of these red cells in the blood leads to depriving of the required quantity of oxygen in your body and affect the proper functioning of your organs. You may feel fatigue, dizziness and other symptoms of anemia. Anemia cannot be defined under just one category. When the body malfunctions in a way or the other then a person can suffer from sickle cell anemia, hemolytic anemia or sideroblastic anemia. However, if a person is recognized with nobody malfunctioning and still suffers from anemia then the only answer can be that that person lacks vitamin B 12, iron or folic acid in his body. The cure for such an issue is not very hard and to help you fight it.


Home remedies to cure anemia:

1. Beetroot and apple juice remedy:


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This saying still stands true for apple is a great source of iron. On the other hand, beetroot is high on folic acid as well as fiber and potassium. Regular use of these fruits will help you reduce anemia.

2. Blackstrap molasses:  

This home remedy is very rich in iron and vitamin B which helps in improving the hemoglobin count. Molasses also contain foliate, which a very good source of folic acid and therefore helps fight anemia in every possible way. Take blackstrap molasses and apple cider vinegar in equal quantity (say 2tsps each) and mixed it in a cup of water and drink it daily.

3. Spinach:  


A bowl of spinach every day can cut through the worse of anemia for it contains iron, calcium, fiber, beta-carotene, vitamins A, B9, C and also E. However, it contains oxalic acid which acts to undermine iron absorption. So, spinach should always be boiled properly before consumption as boiling of spinach leaves will reduce the level of oxalic acid.

4. Pomegranate:  

This super fruit has carbohydrates, protein, fat, sugar and fiber. It is rich in iron and calcium, contains a lot of vitamins and also contains potassium and copper. Regular consumption of 200-250 grams of fresh pomegranate will increase the hemoglobin level, open the blockage of coronary arteries, lower LDL and raise HDL known as good cholesterol and supports healthy blood flow. You will feel relief in symptoms of anemia like exhaustion, dizziness, and weakness.

5. Dates:  


It is another very useful fruit for anemic patients. The fruit is rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamin B complex, Iron and Vitamin C and regular consumption of dates is recommended for the people suffering from anemia. You should take the dates in the morning with milk to enhance their effect. Some people who cannot have milk due to lactose intolerance should soak the dates in warm water for 2-3 hours and drink this water after cooling.

6. Banana:  


Take a ripe banana and one tablespoon of honey and eat it in the morning as well as evening. It is a very effective home remedy for anemia.

Thus, by following these simple home remedies, following healthy lifestyle and right eating habits you can effectively curb anemia and lead a healthy life. However, if the problem persists, even after using a remedy for a long time, then it is highly recommended to consult a doctor for proper diagnosis of the ailment.

Home Remedies to Relieve the Symptoms of Jaundice

Best Home Remedies to Relieve the Symptoms of Jaundice

Jaundice is the most common medical condition of the lever. In this condition, a lever cannot perform its function of removing the toxin from the bloodstream through the kidney. Lifestyle changes may also lead to face a lot of liver disorders and jaundice is one of the most common ones. This disorder is identified with yellowing of the skin and arises due to excess of a pigment named bilirubin and the typical cause has been found to be the obstruction of the bile duct due to a disease in the liver or due to excessive breaking down of red blood cells. The main symptoms of jaundice are:

  • A headache
  • Excessive weakness
  • Severe constipation
  • Loss of appetite
  • Whitish stool
  • Nausea
  • Discoloration of the tongue, urine, and eyes to yellow.

Home remedies to cure Jaundice

The bile ducts normally discharge pigments and salt in the intestine and their obstruction is the main cause of jaundice. Certain diseases which affect the liver are also known to cause jaundice. There are many home remedies to relieve the symptoms of jaundice and some of the main remedies are:

Neem (Indian lilac):


Neem has several constituents, which have anti-viral properties and is also capable of destroying the toxic substances that have been generated in the liver. To benefit from neem, you need to prepare a juice of neem leaves which are washed. Mix about 15 ml honey in 30 ml of neem juice and take this empty stomach, every morning for a week to see amazing results.



The barks of the Arjuna tree are well known for their healing powers. They are very effective in treating ailments related to urinary tract and heart. The best part is that the alkaloids, that this tree contains, have the capacity to regulate the cholesterol production in the liver and this makes it such an effective remedy for jaundice.  Take a half tablespoon of the powder of its bark and mix this with ghee and take twice a day for relief from jaundice.

Amla and Lemon:


Amla is also known as Indian gooseberry and is a rich source of vitamin C. It is an excellent anti-oxidant and vitamin C is the amla helps to reduce the lever damage liver caused by free radicals. Regular consumption of its juice can speed up your recovery from jaundice. Lemon juice works as an alternative if in case you are not able to find some amla.



It is a common misconception that since the turmeric is yellow in color it is not supposed to be taken while you are suffering from jaundice.  Turmeric possesses some very strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial effect and is very effective in treating jaundice. The ability of turmeric to shrink enlarged hepatic ducts makes it one of the most effective home remedies to relieve the symptoms of jaundice.  Take one-fourth teaspoon of powder of turmeric with a glass of water. You need to consume this powder three times daily to get relieved from jaundice in a short span of time.


Include radish in your daily diet. You may either eat it raw or drink a half glass of juice to get benefits.

Bitter gourd:

Bitter Guard (Karela)

Drinking bitter gourd can reduce yellowness in the eyes.


Drinking sugarcane juice twice a day also helps in getting relief and sufficient nutrition to the body. You may also add lemon juice for more benefits.

Coconut water:


Drink coconut water frequently to recover from symptoms of jaundice.
Along with these remedies, adopt healthy eating habits such as avoid fried and spicy foods, avoid alcohol and smoking. Stay positive to lead a healthy life.

Home Remedies for Dengue

Home Remedies for Dengue

Dengue fever is a serious disease and any definite cure has not been found for this, in the event of the disease moving to a very advanced stage. The main thing that you need to focus on is prevention. You need to ensure that there is no stagnant water or any other particular environment around your home, which can act as a breeding ground for dengue mosquito. However, the good news is that nature has an answer for dengue and therefore you can resort to home remedies for dengue such as:



Neem is very effective in the treatment of dengue as it is not only very strong but also the very effective purifying agent.

Then you need to focus on your body`s fluid level and so drink a lot of water. This way not only the level of water in your body would stay maintained but would also lower the fever.

Till the time you have a fever, you should eat less solid-fluid and focus more on fluids such as water and juices.

Tonic made by using coriander leaves can be very effective for the fever caused by dengue.

There is a syrup sort of product with the name of kakamachi and has been found very effective in treating and fighting the dengue symptoms. A cup of this syrup if consumed two times a day, it can eliminate the toxins from your digestive system caused due to dengue. This way you get a soothing effect and the digestive system also gets purified.

Vitamin C is very important for people suffering from dengue as they need more iron, absorption of which is facilitated by Vitamin C., therefore, you should take a good amount of fruits which are rich in Vitamin C such as amla.

You can also take a few leaves of basil and boil it in a hot drink such as tea and consume because it can lower the chances of the breakout of this disease and also can strengthen the body against any attack of fever. Take about 15 leaves and boil it to drink for building up your immunity.

Papaya juice is considered to be one sure shot way of curing dengue. The juice has properties which can treat and rectify the platelet deficiency that is caused by dengue and which makes this disease fatal. The steps involved are like:

(i) Take two leaves of raw papaya and you can pound them and then eventually strain them with a cloth to get the juice.

(ii) You would get almost two spoons of juice which is ample dosage for one day.

(iii) Just ensure to take the juice raw without any further addition or treatment.

All these are very effective home remedies for dengue; however, you just need to keep one simple fact in your mind that prevention is better than cure.

(It is for information purpose only and is not intended as medical advice. Dengue patients should take the advice of qualified medical practitioner for treatment)