Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Lack of Sex Drive in Women

Causes, symptoms and treatment of lack of sex drive in women

A woman can start to suffer low sex drive when she is passing through major life changes in her life. To treat such problem, the doctor has to identify the cause first.


The sexual desires of women over sometime can start to fluctuate.  The lows or highs may coincide with the start or the end of the relationship and the major life changes in life like illness, menopause and pregnancy.  Some anti seizure and antidepressant medications may also lead to low sex drive in the women.

When a woman suffers a permanent Lack of sex drive, she may be suffering hypoactive sexual disorder. In case you are concerned about low sex drive or if you think that you have a decreased sex drive, you may talk to the doctor if you have tried different sex techniques and lifestyle changes and they do not seem to work.

You may consider that you have low sex drive if you do not like to have  sex as many times  as your partner but  you have  to know that there is not magic number that can show that you are normal or not.

Causes of lack of sex drive

For a woman, sex desire is based on different things and there are many components that affect the intimacy and these may include the physical well being, the experiences, the emotional well being and the relationship.

Physical causes:

Sexual problem:

when a women experiences pain while having sex or if she is not able to reach to the orgasm, it can affect her desire of sex.

Medical diseases:  There are many diseases  which may affect  the desire of sex and this include  coronary artery disease, neurological disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and arthritis.

Drugs and alcohol:

Having a glass of the wine may put a woman on the mood but having to take more than this; it can spoil sex drive or taking too much street drugs.


Surgery that relate to the genital tract and breasts may affect the body image of the woman, desire of sex or sexual function


Exhaustion caused by taking care of aging parent and children may lead to the low sex drive.

Hormone changes:


When the estrogen level drops in menopause, it leads to low sex interest.

Breastfeeding and pregnancy:

The hormones may change when the woman is pregnant or after having a baby and this can affect the sex drive.

Other causes can be psychological like low self esteem, poor body images, stress and mental health problems. Relationship issues may also affect the sexual desires like infidelity, poor communication, unresolved conflicts and no connection between partners.

Treatment of lack of sex drive

The doctor has to identify the cause of the lack of sex drive before he can give the treatment.

The doctor has to identify the drugs that a woman is taking to see if any is causing the low sex drive.  The woman may also be recommended to see a skilled and sex therapist who qualifies to address the sex life.  Therapy includes education of sex techniques and response.

The hormone therapy is also used to treat women with low sex drive. Estrogen can be delivered through gel, patch or pill.   In addition of the medicine, the woman can also deal with the problems at home such as reducing stress, exercising, communicating with the partner and having enough time for the intimacy.