Cure obesity-Loose weight Naturally

Cure obesity-Lose weight Naturally

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Obesity can afflict any human being irrespective of whether men, women, adults, teenagers or children. The increasing obesity rate is a growing problem in the modern world. The problem of overweight and obesity has increased in the last 2 decades particularly in metropolitan cities due to faulty lifestyle.

Lose weight

Main causes of over weight/obesity

Unorganized, haphazard or sedentary life style

Unbalanced diet (Intake of junk food, high fat diets like chocolates, sweets, wafers and high carbohydrate food like potatoes, rice and pasta) and Overeating.

Lack of exercises/ Physical inactivity.

Improper functioning of digestive system (improper digestion, improper assimilation of food and elimination of waste from the body).

Medical conditions like thyroid and neurological problem may also cause obesity.

Psychological reasons such as Depression, anxiety, trauma and stress may cause eating disorder & may lead to over weight/obesity.

Recovering from a surgery or prolonged immobility.

Bad effects of obesity & over weight

Obesity and overweight pose a major risk for chronic diseases such as anxiety, hypertension, sleeping disorder, joints problem particularly knee joints, type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke, and certain forms of cancer.

Cure for over weight/ obesity

You can lose weight at home in natural way without taking any diet supplement, only by making some changes in lifestyle, eating habits and doing certain exercises and yoga-asanas:

1. Change in lifestyle & eating habits

2. Exercises/ yoga

Change in lifestyle & eating habits:

Get up early in the morning and drink luke warm water with 1tsp lime juice mixed with 2tsp honey. Control anger and anxiety by avoiding the situation, keeping calm or taking deep breath. Do not watch TV while taking food. Take balanced diet i.e. food from all food groups such as Vegetables, fruits, whole-grains, legumes and low fat milk products & chew eatables properly.  Avoid taking junk and spicy food, deep-fry food, processes food, ice cream, high fat diets chocolates, sweets, wafers and high carbohydrate food like potatoes, rice and pasta as these items lose nutrition balance and causes deposition of excess fat on body. Sleep after two hours of dinner.

Exercises/ yoga:

Exercises and yoga stimulate the body and create necessary hormones for the proper and smooth functioning of digestive system, heart, brain, kidney and all other organs of our body & play very important role in the treatment of Obesity. Brisk walking in the morning for twenty minutes or jogging, along with doing stretching exercises, asana and yoga’s (PRANAYAM) is the best way to prevent & control obesity. Following Yoga techniques can be practiced effectively to reduce the weight.

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