Different Types of Sexual Dysfunctions in Men

Different types of sexual dysfunctions in men

There are many problems that affect sexual dysfunction of a man. Most common sexual dysfunction ones are erectile or sex functions.  However, most of these problems can be treated.

Sexual dysfunction may be found in different forms and it is more than just lack of the interest in the sex and erectile functions.   Sexual dysfunctions may involve pain while having the intercourse and inability in maintaining the erection or the difficult in experiencing the orgasm.  Even if there are many causes which may lead to diminished libido but good news is that there are also many ways to rekindle the loss in sex interest. What it is important is to be able to identify what it is the problem.

The sexual problems that men may suffer from include erectile dysfunction, ejaculation problem and low libido. Erectile problem or ED may be caused by high blood pressure, diabetes or other medical conditions.  Having anxiety, stress, fatigue and depression may also lead to erectile problem. Ejaculation problems are when someone suffers premature ejaculation which may take place when it is early in the intercourse but there are people who do not have any ability to ejaculate altogether.

 The cause of sexual dysfunctions in men can be sexual trauma, anxiety or taking antidepressants. Strict religious beliefs also can interfere. Suffering from retrograde ejaculation can interfere on the ejaculation of men and this is common in the people who suffer diabetic neuropathy or nerve damage. The problem is based on the bladder or bladder neck that makes a person to ejaculate backward into the bladder.  For others, the problem can start after surgery of prostate or bladder neck.  The problem with ejaculation may not require the treatment, if it does not interfere with the fertility.

The Low libido is a psychological issue such as depression and stress and it may lead to less sexual or decreased desire. Low hormone level, physical illness and side effects of medication may lead to low libido within men.

All people have to enjoy having a healthy sex life since it is the important part of any relationship.  In case you suffer sexual problems, you have to talk your concerns to the doctor so that he can help you to correct the problems you have.

When the doctor understands your problem, he will be able to give you accurate diagnosis with the proper treatment for any medical conditions that can be underlying your problems. It is good to talk to the partner openly about the sexual problems you have. You have to avoid drug use, smoking and alcohol. You have to manage depression, anxiety or stress. You can get creative so that you can re-energize the sexual routines that you have.  If you have a good communication with your partner, you have to talk to your doctor about it especially if you think that you may be suffering a serious problem.

The sexual dysfunctions in men may be the result of psychological or physical problems. When you suffer physical causes, it will interfere in your life.  The psychological causes can interfere with the sexual performance especially if it is because of the relationship problems. Both sexual problems can affect men or women regardless of the age. Seniors problem may be related to health problems that are associated with old age.