Factors of Lack of Sexual Satisfaction in Women

Factors that contribute to lack of sexual satisfaction in women

Women may be unsatisfied in their sexual life and this can affect many aspects of their life. There are many reasons why women are not satisfied and such problems have to be identified so that a woman can be treated.

It is important to be sexually satisfied for a couple to be happy. When people are satisfied sexually, they have a high level of stability, commitment and love with low divorce rate.  However, many couples may get sexual problems including the problem of lack of satisfaction on the woman’s part.

Significant factors such as emotional, physical and age can contribute on how women achieve satisfaction.  Men get erectile problems as they grow older while women enjoy sex more as they grow older as far as there is no problem of lubrication.

People who are committed to one another tend to function better sexually compared to people who are unattached. The people who have a high level of education tend to enjoy better sex compared to people who have a low level of education. The lack of sexual satisfaction may also depend on the demography.

Even if sexual satisfaction can be a goal and an important component in the relationship or in good life, few people understand it and the concept is incomplete or limited. The problem for this is that sexual satisfaction can be comprehended or experienced easily but it can be difficult to define or to calculate.

Another problem why it is hard to get more information about female sexual satisfaction is that in many areas, the subject is a taboo. Even in the societies that consider, they advanced, women were not allowed to enjoy the sex and they were not entitled to have sexual pleasure. Since women had low political, economic and social status, their problems did not merit serious study.

Reasons of lack of satisfaction in women

Lack of sexual satisfaction is the results of the physical and health impairments and other factors.  For example people who suffered sexual trauma in the past, who feel guilty and who have threatening cognitions during the intercourse may fail to be satisfied.  Other factors that may lead to lack of satisfaction are age or menopause  such a vaginal changes and hormone change may dampen the arousal and can affect the women which means that  they will not be satisfied any longer. With reduced estrogen, clitoris also tends to be less sensitive and this can affect the satisfaction of a woman.

How to reach sexual satisfaction?

To reach sexual satisfaction, it is important to have sexual functions that work well.  For the people who experience strong sexual desire and who have the instrument that work well such as good orgasm, vaginal lubrication, erection and arousal, they are satisfied better compared to people who suffer lack of the orgasm, vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunctions and pain. Social support, high economic status and good family relationship also contribute more on sexual satisfaction.

The latest work in helping women to be more satisfied is developing a Viagra pill for women. The drug is called Lybrido and it is expected to increase sexual function and sexual satisfaction in women.