Vitamins That Increase Libido and Sex Drive

Vitamins that increase libido and sex drive

Everyone wish to have a good life and sex is among them. However, when you suffer low sex drive or if you do not have sex drive at all, you may feel depressed and fail to enjoy life. You can learn about vitamins that can help you to improve your sex life.

It is frustrating to have no or low sex drive. If you and your partner wish to have fun but there is nothing there, you can use Vitamins that boost libido and sex drive.  You have to make sure that you are taking the right vitamins to boost your libido.

To have a good sexual intimacy, you need to have a healthy body for it. You need to take the steps required so that you can start to enjoy your physical and sexual intimacy once again by taking the minerals and the vitamins you need every day.

Vitamin A

It is important for production of sex hormone for both female and male.  To have adequate reproductive cycle with women, there is a need to have adequate Vitamin A which is necessary.  For men, vitamin A is important for virility and the production of sperm. To get enough vitamin A, you need to start taking watermelon, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, spinach, pepper, mango, romaine lettuce, leafy lettuce, grapefruit, collard greens, hot chili pepper, carrot, and cantaloupe, cabbage with dried and fresh apricot.

Vitamin B3

It is important for the metabolism of energy most importantly for the anaerobic metabolism and it is associated with intense and short burst of the energy, needed while making love.  It is also important for the production of the enzyme reaction that is needed to maintain nerve and skin health.  Vitamin B3 improves with sexual flushes responsible of the blood flow in the genitals while it intensifies the orgasm.  To get vitamin B3, you should start taking sun dried tomatoes, Turkey without skin, chicken in light meat, veal, peanuts, paprika, liver, swordfish, tuna, anchovies, whole wheat bread, and brown rice.

Vitamin B6

It is good for the libido because it can control elevated prolactin. It also helps with the testosterone and estrogen with the production of the dopamine, serotonin and red blood cells. Vitamin B6 has shown to increase the level of sperm. To boost Vitamin B, you can start to take tomatoes, cottage cheese, cantaloupe, roast beef and baked potatoes without a skin, pork chops, avocados, halibut, Brussels sprout and Bananas.

Vitamin B12

It is good for the synthesis of the hormones that improve the fertility and sexuality. It is found in kiwifruit, strawberries, lemons and oranges.

Vitamin E

It is known as sex vitamin because it improves the blood flow with oxygen in genitalia. It can be found in Chickpeas, spinach, sweet potatoes and walnuts among others to increase libido and sex drive.