The Causes and Treatment of Lack of Lubrication During Sex

The causes and the treatment of lack of lubrication during sex

There are many reasons why a woman may fail to have lubrication during sex and this can make intercourse painful. The doctor has to identify the cause of lack of lubrication so that he can decide on the right treatment.

Lack of lubrication in women ranges from different things such as medications side effects, hormonal changes, physiological factors, psychological issues and emotions.  The good news is that there are many treatment of vagina dryness.

Before the doctor start treating the dryness in the vagina, he or she has to figure out why the woman suffers such discomfort and it is more important when the dry vagina also cause pain during sex since there are many causes of lack of vaginal lubrication.

Causes of lack of lubrication

Hormone changes

The common reason behind the vaginal dryness is the decrease in the estrogen level in menopause, childbirth or perimenopause.  Cancer treatment like radiation or chemotherapy of the pelvis, may lead to the low estrogen which leads to low vaginal lubrication.


Cold and allergy medications that have antihistamines or other asthma medication may have drying effect within the body and it can lead to reduced lubrication in the vagina.

Insufficient arousal

There are some cases where the vaginal dryness can lead to sexual problems with low libido.  If a partner does not have a good performance or if he has early ejaculation, it may contribute to the vaginal dryness.


Women can be allergic to chemicals found in the perfumes, dyes, hygiene products or soaps.  Women can react to the allergies found in the detergents or soaps and it can be a results of the soaps used in the towels and underwear. There are other allergens which include the objects and lubricants that are put into the vagina.


Emotional and psychological factors like anxiety and stress may be reduced sexual desire and it can lead to dryness in the vagina. If a woman is anxious, there is less blood flow in the vagina and this means that she will suffer dryness.

Treatment of lack of lubrication

The treatment of the Lack of lubrication is based on its cause.  Women can experience problems in the vaginal lubrication because of the hormonal problem, they can benefit from the estrogen therapy. Sometime the doctor may request the use of the localized treatments like the use of the estrogen insert.  When a woman also suffers hot flushes with the vaginal dryness, the doctor may suggest the use of the skin patch or oral medications.

Besides the use of the estrogen based therapies, there are other approaches which may bring the relief when a woman also suffers painful sex.  Estrogen is found in a ring tablet or cream.


There are many types of the lubricants to use with vaginal dryness.  They can be water based, oil based and silicone based. The lubricants are used so that the sex can be less uncomfortable but it does not address vaginal dryness for long term.


There are moisturizers found over the counter and they are effective since they minimize vaginal dryness for a long period.  The moisturizing agent helps in introducing more water in the vagina tissues. Vaginal dryness is a frustrating and common condition and it can alleviate your discomfort. If the woman suffers the pain during the intercourse, the doctor can suggest other possible treatments.