A beautiful face is incomplete without a lovely smile and shining teeth. Your mouth should reflect good oral hygiene and healthy teeth when you laugh and talk. To maintain healthy oral hygiene, and to attain sparkling white teeth, one must take good care on a daily basis. Here are some handy tips to get healthy, beautiful, and white teeth:

Brushing your teeth for 2-5 minutes in a proper way helps you to attain good oral hygiene and avoid various dental problems. You must brush your teeth and tongue also twice a day. It is compulsory to brush before you go to sleep as it would help to remove any foods remained in between the teeth. Remember there should be a gap of 30 minutes between eating and brushing.

Select your toothpaste wisely. Too abrasive toothpaste can strip off the essential enamel from your teeth. If you have sensitive teeth then select the suitable toothpaste. Do not go for just anything.

Flossing your teeth is equally important as it helps in thorough cleaning from all corners and in between the teeth. Again, it should be twice a day for a maximized effect. It helps in avoiding cavities, plaques, and build-up of bacteria in the mouth.

Mouthwash comes handy to clean your mouth whenever and wherever you are but they cannot be wholly entrusted with the task of good oral hygiene. The first three points remain extremely important nevertheless.

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Avoid smoking as it leaves stains on your teeth and affects your gums badly. It gives an ugly look to your teeth.

Avoid red wines, sodas, sugary sweets, and colas if you really want to get healthy and beautiful teeth.

Too much coffee is not good for oral hygiene as it stains the teeth.

Your teeth need good nutrients like calcium, phosphorous, and fluorine to strengthen your teeth. Similarly, your teeth require essential vitamins for wellness. Therefore, consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and include dairy products in your daily diet.

Go for regular dental check-ups to avoid any dental problems. Early detection and cure will help in minimum damage to your teeth and fast recovery.

Teeth Whitening 4 You

Take the advice of your doctor before going for teeth whitening methods. These methods or over the counter products may further deteriorate your oral health and may result in sensitive teeth, allergies, and chemical burns.

Home remedies to whiten the teeth can bring the desired result over a period of time. Try rubbing strawberries over your teeth. Alternatively, rub the inside part of orange peel on your teeth to get white teeth.

Another natural remedy for sparkling teeth is to mix some salt in a drop of mustard oil and brush with it.

If you have yellowish teeth and wish to hide them then use medium tones of brown and copper lipstick shades. It would not highlight your stained teeth so much in comparison to dark shades of lipsticks.

Restrict the intake of chocolates, jams, biscuits, sugary items like drinks, etc. to avoid tooth problems.

Rub bay leaf on your teeth (tej Patta) once or twice a week for clean and white teeth.

If you really care for the beauty of your teeth then try to improve the blood circulation. Use your fingertips to massage your gums to increase blood circulation as well as the teeth beauty.

Whiten Your Teeth

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