Health Benefits of Arjuna Bark

Health Benefits of Arjuna (Terminali) Bark


The bark of Arjuna tree, with Latin name of Terminalia Arjuna, is a botanical herb that has been used for centuries in the traditional medicines. There are a large number of health benefits of Arjuna and here you are going to know in detail about them. This particular tree is referred to as a complete medical solution for a number of ailments and problems ranging from cardiovascular diseases, skin problems to breathing and kidney problems. Check out the following benefits for yourself:

Arjuna (Terminalia) herb is beneficial in following health issues:

Heart problem

The powdered tree bark has been used for years by ancient physicians of India for treating cardiovascular conditions and angina.

The herb has several components which have potent benefits of antioxidants. The bark of Arjuna is constituted of flavonoids, glycosides, minerals, and tannins. Of these, flavonoids are well known for exerting antioxidants, lowering lipids and anti-inflammatory effects. Glycosides are popular for their cardiotonic attributes. All these constituents of Arjuna save the heart tissues from any kind of damage and thus make Arjuna not only greatly effective but also unique.

 Recent studies are evidence of the fact that Arjuna can be your key weapon in keeping the heart diseases at bay. Its bark has hypotensive and inotropic actions, which leads to an increase in the flow in the coronary artery and also protects the cardiac tissues from ischemic damage. The herb, as it has been found out, also has properties which lead to lowering of lipid.


The compounds which are contained in Arjuna are very effective in maintaining a healthy level of cholesterol in the body. It has also been found to be greatly effective in maintaining the blood pressure level to normal.

Breast cancer:

Laboratory studies have shown that one of the constituents of Arjuna, casuarinin, lowers the risk of breast cancer by preventing the growth of cancer cells.

breast cancer

Toxins can cause great damage to DNA but thanks to Arjuna which prevents DNA from any potential damage.


Another benefit of Arjuna is that it helps in providing relief from the effects of asthma and can also cure a person completely of it. The powdered bark should be mixed with milk or water and should be taken by the patient as the tea for good results.

Skin Treatment:

The Arjuna powder is very effective for skin treatment like you can prepare a paste by mixing the powder with a little quantity of honey and apply the same to your acne affected skin. The bark has properties that can prevent acne from breaking out on your skin.

Kidney Stones:

The health benefits of Arjuna are also involving treating kidney stones. It can flush small stones in your kidney out and therefore not only help you get rid of them but free you from the pain. You can boil the bark and drink it after filtering for treating yourself from kidney problems and maintain the health and functionality of the kidney. The kidney stones break down eventually and through the passage of urine come out of your body.

When you come to see the health benefits which Arjuna has to offer it is a very long list. However, the best part is that it is an herb with no side effects but effective remedial properties.