Healthy food combinations to include in your diet

Healthy food combinations

Nature grown food has always been a source of rich nutrients from the ancient times. In modern time, people experiment with multi cuisine sometimes with the combination of natural ingredients concocted with synthetic sprucing of food variants. Food experts only advise to eat nature grown healthy food nutrients which are necessary for upkeep of all parts of body and get metabolism going. It is not the best thing to have only one ‘super food’ on your platter. Combos are the need of eating hours. It is good to have the best combination of food to rejoice the taste and have nutritional advantage of the nature’s blessings. Here are few healthy food combinations which works well for your body.

  • Orange juice fortified with cereal: 

    Although cereal gives energy to the body, but if added with a glass of orange juice it becomes potent with greater iron absorption by the body.



  • Almonds and Kale:

    Almonds and kale are in the list of super food Kale is among the top on list. Full of nutrients that includes vitamin E which is wonderful for aging skin, antioxidant which is good for heart and stronger immune system. The almonds add mono saturated fat to facilitate fast absorption of the Vitamin E in kale to the body.

    Almonds and Kale


  • Black beans and red pepper combo:

    When these foods are the iron present in black beans easily finds its way to blood stream due to presence of rich Vitamin C in red bell pepper.

Black beans and red pepper


  • Salsa and avocado:  

    Although salsa and avocado both are healthy foods, but in combined form an excellent combination to beat cancerous cells by providing Lycopene to the body and increased immunity by absorption of beta carotene.

Salsa and avocado

  • Milk with peanut butter:

    Milk with peanut butter is a combination which may strike as an odd one, but if you take milk with a peanut butter snacks the supply of vitamin D absorption increases many times which helps bones immensely.

Milk with peanut butter


  • Tomatoes and olive oil:  

    when paired together and used with other dishes provide additional health benefits. Extra virgin olive oil is found to enhance the antioxidant properties of lycopene present in tomatoes.

Tomatoes and olive oil

  • Green tea and lemon:

    Green tea and lemon combination helps enhance antioxidants by many times which proves healthy for the heart.



  • Cantaloupe or musk melon with yogurt: 

    This one is a complete nutritional package together. Rich in zinc vitamin A, vitamin C, it has powerful antioxidants which increases immune system and when combined ensures complete utilization of nutrients in the body.

Cantaloupe with yogurt


  • Whole grain with onions and garlic

    This combination helps body for fast absorption of nutrients like zinc and iron from whole grain. Onion and garlic help shake up the body metabolism. These should be used together wherever possible. This is one of the amazing healthy food combinations.

whole grain with onions and garlic


  • Turmeric and black pepper:

     The turmeric’s benefits are anti inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic as it contains cur-cumin which is antioxidant and gives turmeric’s multiple benefits. Black pepper has piperine which boosts the metabolism to a great extent. Turmeric becomes many times more effective when combined with the black pepper.

    Turmeric and black pepper


  • Dark chocolate with apples:

    Chocolate contains catechin which prevents hardening of arteries, while apple skin has quercetin and flavonoid with anti inflammatory properties. Together it forms a combination which ends the clots forming in the arteries, thus this combo is good for heart.

    Dark chocolate with apples

 So, having healthy foods is not enough, combining them correctly can cater added benefits to your body.