Home Remedies for Brides to Heal Aching feet

Heal aching feet to be at your best on your wedding day!

Every bride wants to look like a goddess on her wedding day and that takes efforts. For that, her beautiful, wedding dress is paired with the right accessories and not to forget, the perfect pair of heels minus aching feet. Seldom, brides resort to wearing flats and this practice of staying all night of the wedding in high heels leads to arch cramps.

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ball of the foot pain
Pain in the great toe joint
Calf Pain
Muscle fatigue
Back pain etc

Heal aching feet, be the happy and active bride!

But hey! It’s your wedding; fabulous heels are a must so here are the solutions to relieve you of feet pain:

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1. Protect your toes and get your feet used to the heels

If you are picking a closed toe box heel then use something fluffy to support your toes. You can also wrap cotton evenly around the fingers and toes and under the ball to provide your feet with something to rest on. Inserting little cotton balls in between the toes would help as well. For peep toes and wedges, you can wrap soft clothing on the ball of your feet, under the strap. You can do the same for your heels as well as it prevents the rough abrasion of your feet inside the heeled shoes when you walk and protect the skin from blisters, bruises, and internal pain.

2.Exercise and stretch

Stretching alone will help you get rid of major pain from your heels. The feet are not supposed to work that way but wearing heels put a lot of pressure on the toe ball, arch and the heel.

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  • Stretching calves while placing hands up against the wall helps a lot in relieving pain.
  • Rolling your feet soles over a gentle round surface like a water bottle (warm/Ice cold) or tennis balls while you relax in a chair comforts the entire feet

  • Sit expediently and stretch your feet and use your toes to collect pebbles or marbles and collect them in a mug/jar to improve the activity within your feet

3. Cold Massage

Cold pack massage for 7-8 minutes several times a day helps in preventing plantar fasciitis inflammation.

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4. Soak feet to heal aching feet

Add some essential oil (Eucalyptus or peppermint oil or any aromatic oil available) and the Dead Sea salt into warm water and soak your feet for 20 minutes. This will provide relief to the feet and soothe the soreness caused by tight heels.

5. Essential oil massage

Heal aching feet with oil massage.

You can enhance your feet’ blood circulation with a massage to your feet (preferably with aromatic essential oils that relieve pain such as lavender, spruce, peppermint, Sandalwood or Eucalyptus Oil). Get a professional to massage your feet, shin and calves gently but effectively prior to the wedding

6. Moisturize

And, never wear heels on dry feet. Ensure that you have well moisturized them (use Vitamin E, Vitamin A rich cream).

7. Skip the traditional way, go unconventional!

Be unconventional on your wedding!

A wedding is all about happiness and enjoyment, so there should not be any space for aching feet or any other pain. Wear whatever you like or something that comforts you. Create your own path on your wedding, skip heels and switch to sneakers!

Being the bride, you will obviously be busy on your wedding but don’t overlook your feet’s health and invest in comfortable footwear and above measures to heal aching feet.

Interesting Ways to Enhance Your Beauty with Sea Salt

Beauty is a skin-deep phenomenon, seconded by the eyes of a beholder, and enhanced by the Sea salt. Sea salt is a naturally resourced beauty product that can make your skin look stunning and hair breathtaking. Here are some of the interesting ways you can enhance your beauty with the use of Sea salt.

sea salt
Avail benefits of sea salt for skin

Benefits of Sea Salt for skincare

This naturally resourced sea salt is gained after sedimentation after seawater evaporates. It is a wonderful source of minerals such as sodium, calcium, sulfur, zinc, magnesium, and potassium.

Sea salt benefits include: 
  1. It helps clear the choked skin pores, blocked by the accumulated sweat and grime.
  2. It also helps in balancing oil production and retaining its inherent moisture.
  3. Sea salt has anti-bacterial properties that effectively restrict the growth of bacteria on the skin that leads to acne and pimple breakouts.
  4. Sea salt is also known to exfoliate the skin naturally to remove dead cells.
  5. It enhances the youthful charm with its natural minerals, restores skin’s cool freshness, and cleans the skin to offer a lovely charm.

Different Ways to Enhance Beauty with Sea Salt

Sea Salt As a facial skin toner
sea salt for skin
Get maximum benefits of sea salt for your skin.

When you will apply Sea-Salt mix spray on the face you will feel the cool and calming effect on the face. It acts as an oil-absorbing toner and hydrates to refresh your facial skin completely.

Sea salt cleanses skin pores and helps regain the lost charm. Prepare a solution by adding one teaspoon of sea salt in a half cup of boiling water. Apply on the face regularly with a cotton bud to observe an unbelievable gleam on your face.

Sea salt as Hair Conditioner

Common salt may be unsafe for hair, but not the mineral-loaded sea salt.  If you are looking for the safer hair conditioning option, try healthier Sea salt.  You just need to add half a spoon of sea salt in your favorite hair oil. Apply on the scalp thoroughly and let it remain there for 15 minutes before washing off with lukewarm water. You can say goodbye to dandruff and gain amazingly beautiful flowing tresses.

Sea Salt as natural skin Scrub

Sea salt naturally exfoliates the skin and offers a gleaming charm with its healthy mineral pool. Exfoliate impressively at home with a quarter cup of sea salt and half a cup of the olive oil mix. Do away with all the ugly dead skin by massaging the whole body including your face to discover new improved glowing skin. You will be amazed to see the benefits of sea salt on your skin.

Sea Salt as Your Nail Shiner

Natural sea salt offers your nails a healthy and notable sheen. Make a concoction with half a cup of warm water, one teaspoon of sea salt, an equal amount of baking soda, and lemon juice. For about 5 to 8 minutes immerse your nails in this mixture. Thereafter gently scrub your nails with a soft brush to clean hidden grime. Get your nails livelier and healthier in just a few days of its use.

Sea salt as Your Homemade Teeth Whitener
Get shining teeth with sea salt

Sea salt enhances that exciting charm by making your teeth look even whiter. Use a soft toothbrush to brush your teeth with the sea salt and baking soda in a ratio of one to two. Brush with this homemade dental powder every day to make your smile overpowering and become the center of attraction.

Sea Salt as Feet Relief Benefactor

Get soothing relief from tired and dirty feet by dipping them into lukewarm water mixed with baking soda and sea salt in equal quantity. Soak feet for 10 minutes or more to find relief and prettier feet.

Amazing Sea Salt Products for Beauty care

Get the benefits of sea salt through these products and see the difference in your skin and beauty:

NutroActive Dead Sea Salt:

This product has all the minerals like sulfur, magnesium, calcium, bromide, iodine, sodium, zinc, and potassium. It offers a lovelier charming face and body skin because of its potent cleanser, detoxifier, and defoliator properties.

Nyassa Dead Sea Salt:

It detoxifies and removes dead skin cells to rejuvenate your body’s skin. It has various minerals that hydrate and nourishes the body when you use the same while bathing.

Nyassa Dead Sea Bath Salt

Nyassa Dead Sea Salt with Essential Minerals, 220g

Vigour Dead Sea Bath Salt

This product is ideal for skin cleansing and rejuvenation as well as beauty therapy for hands and feet. It is 100% natural.