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Obesity Reasons Prevention and Cure

Obesity Reasons, Prevention, Change in Lifestyle and Diet Control Obesity may be defined as excess weight or deposition of excess fats on the body. It can afflict any human being irrespective of whether men, women, adults,...

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Best Power Yoga Exercises for Weight Loss

Best Power Yoga Exercises for Weight Loss Power Yoga, a recent term which has been popularized by celebs all across the globe is nothing but yoga asanas which uses maximum of the muscles in the poses that one takes effectively...

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Health Benefits of Weight Loss

Health Benefits of Weight Loss Weight loss is considered greatly beneficial as well as crucial for people of every age. Being obese or overweight can make you vulnerable to a multitude of problems. In such a scenario, if you are...

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Burn the Fat Lose Weight

Burn the fat and feed the muscles Overweight is also called pre-obese. A person is said to be overweight when his or her body fat is more than an optimally healthy person should have and when `BMI is above 25kg/m². Obesity is a...

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Reduce Weight with Asanas

Reduce Weight with Asanas 1.Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation This asana is the best way to burn calories and reduce weight. It is useful for people of all ages from kids to old people. 2.Urdhvahastottanasana: Stand erect, heels...

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Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

It is good for your developing baby to gain weight during pregnancy. Now that you are nursing your baby, you will definitely want to lose weight while breastfeeding and regain your pre-pregnancy shape. Here are some tips to...

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