Ways to Have Sound Sleep at Night

Sound sleep

A good night’s sleep is an indication of the good health of the mind and body. When your entire night is passed in counting sheep you lose your vital energy required to pull you through the next day. This takes a toll on your work efficiency and alertness thus making your work environment unhealthy and brings you under the scanner.

Here are some ways to have sound sleep at night:

Sound sleep

Get brighter light in the day time:

Exposure to natural sunlight or bright light during the day keeps your body clock in order. This not only improves your day time energy, but it also improves your sleep quality at night. The studies on insomniacs have found that day time bright light exposure helps them to sleep better. Shun dark interiors and get brighter light illumination during the days for the better sleep at night.

Avoid caffeine late evening:

Caffeine has the quality to keep focus and energy going during the day time. However, it works in reverse when taken in late evenings, as it interferes with sleep. If you have to take a cup of coffee take decaffeinated coffee.


Try these Supplements to get sleep

There are a few supplements that induce sleep.


3 grams of amino acid glycine helps in improving sleep quality.

Valerian root:

Take 500 mg Valerian root before going for sleep. This helps in having good quality sleep.


Magnesium provides relaxation to the brain and body. It can help to treat sleep problems and induce deep sleep. Nuts, meat, fruits, green vegetables, fish, and cereals are good sources of magnesium.


A relaxant l-theanine is an amino acid that helps in having quality sleep.


Lavender oil when its aroma is inhaled deeply has a calming effect and encourages sleep.

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Enjoy a relaxing bath:

A relaxing bath or shower can do wonders to relax the mind and body. Take a shower at least one hour before hitting the bed and experience sound sleep.

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Maintain a consistent routine:

Develop the habit of going to sleep and waking up at the same timings. This will aid in sound sleep patterns in some time.

Physical activities:

Physical exercises like brisk walking, yogic, and aerobic exercises induce a sound sleep during the night. Make it a ritual every day to keep a sleeping disorder at bay.

Things to avoid:

  • Late-night eating
  • Consuming alcohol


  • Exercising in the late evening
  • Drinking fluids within 2 hours of going to sleep
  • Too much of lights and noise
  • Irregular naps during the day
  • Television and gadgets before going to bed

A final word on sound sleep at night

The human body has an internal clock, which if not taken into account can cause erratic and insufficient sleeping patterns. Organize your daily activities considering the body circadian rhythm which functions as per sunrise and sunset. It will create sound sleep throughout the night.

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