How to Get Rid of Love Handles

Lose side fact effectively with easy tips.

Love handles or fat on your sides can be infuriating. However, it’s only possible to lose side fat when you manage to lose your overall weight. However, you can still target one area of your body by doing some exercises, aiming at abs and muscle reduction. You can achieve your aim by following certain natural ways.

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Diet Changes to Lose side fat

Cut Sugar from Your Diet

Having health-savvy food should be your first action to lose side fat. Remove sugar from your diet as sweetened drinks and sugary foods promote the accumulation of fat on the sides. Check yourself what you eat, as sugar is present in aerated drinks, health drinks, candies, cookies, confectionary items, and other packed food products.

Lose Side Fat with Healthy Food

As they say ‘you reap what you sow’, similarly in this context, you cannot stay fit unless you eat healthy food. In your meals, you must focus on avocados, nuts, seeds, whole grains, fatty acids, fishes, and green vegetables, in short, consume food with lesser calories.

Fiber-packed Diet

One effective way to reduce love handles is by increasing soluble fiber in your food. Fiber fills the stomach and curtails hunger pangs. Besides, fiber keeps your bowel system healthy and smooth. Try eating beans, nuts, oats, vegetables, and fruits more in your food for naturally curtailing fat in the body.

Fiber-Rich Foods

Move Your Body

More than controlling calories in food, it is vital that you lose calories by walking, jogging, swimming, aerobics, and spending time in the gym. For those who lead a sedentary lifestyle sitting all day in offices, it is important that they stay active by getting up and walking around the office every 30 minutes. Even that much would make a great difference.

Thrice a Week Exercises To Lose Side Fats

Try woodchopper’s exercise

Stand with your feet apart, hold dumbbells in hands, keeping your back straight stretch forward into a lunge as a woodchopper would do. Repeat 20 times each from both sides.

Russian Twists

Lie down on the floor placing your feet under an immovable object. Bend your legs at the knees. Raise your upper body and bring it near your bent knees, making a V-shape between them. Keep hands clasped behind your head. Twist your body for a second while contracting it on the left side then go back to your starting position. Then twist your body on the right contracting body for a second, then return to starting position. Do it 50 times.

Side Plank Hip Lifts

Lie on your left side, lift your upper body above the ground with the support of your left elbow and forearm. Keep shoulders right over your elbow, legs, and feet stacked on top of each other. Raise your hips in a straight line with the body from head to heels. Slowly lower your left hip touching on the floor. Do it 10 to 15 times. Reverse the plank position on the right side and repeat the moves.

Side Plank Hip LiftsImage from Pinterest

Bicycle Crunches

Lie on the floor with your lower back pressed to the ground then raise your legs and exercise in a bicycle motion 30 times at least.

Lifestyle changes to lose fats on sides


Stress impacts your normal life by disturbing your mental and physical health. Stress increases the‘hormone cortisol’ level that causes headaches, anxiety, digestive issues, and promotes weight gain. Manage it to lose side fats.

Sleep Well

Ensure a good 7-hours sleep at least. A good sleep controls cortisol level, stress, and body fat.


Reduce alcohol

Consuming too much alcohol contributes to increased body fats as well as induces hunger pangs. Both ways, this causes obesity. Therefore, it is better to consume alcohol sparingly.

Hydrate yourself

Drink plenty of plain water for good health and not sweetened beverages. The latter leads to an increase in weight.

drinking water

Adopt these ways to lose side fat as love handles are not so lovable.




Benefits of Pineapples and Its Recipes

Pineapple, with all its flavor, taste, and health benefits, is an amazing fruit to have. Pineapple actually is a mass of several berries, or a ‘fruit bowl’, so to say. Native to Brazil and Paraguay, pineapple is grown in most parts of the world today. It is termed as ‘Ananas comusus’ for its similarity to a pine cone. Here are some of the benefits of pineapples along with the recipes.

Avail benefits of pineapples for good health!

Health Benefits of Pineapples

Controls Constipation

This amazing fruit for its contents like Bromelain, fiber, and water, provides tremendous benefits to the stomach and helps in regularizing bowel movement. Pineapple in juice form is a natural form of laxative. Hence, it’s a great cure for chronic constipation.

Fat Burning

Pineapple is excellent for promoting body metabolism, as it contains enzyme bromelain in its juice that offers amazing fat loss properties by metabolizing proteins. This protein helps burn belly fat. Pineapple is recommended for people with obesity.


Pineapple has one of the most vital compounds including bromelain for promoting good health. This enzyme along with other compounds provides anti-inflammatory properties to relieve pain. It also offers blood thinning like aspirin does and offers speedier recovery from injuries and cramps. In fact, it’s excellent for patients with arthritis or gout.

Cures Stomach Issues

Pineapple has diuretic properties, thanks to plenty of potassium, bromelain, Vitamin C and dietary fiber contents it carries. It helps reduce bloating, detoxifies the body as well as improve digestion.

Stomach Bloating

Perfect for Eyes

Pineapple is a rich source of manganese and potassium minerals, vitamin C, and several anti-oxidants. It fights to maintain body cells and stops their deterioration. It offers great benefits to the eyes of the senior people by controlling macular degeneration. Being a good source of beta carotene, it provides good eye health to all.

Normalizes Hypertension

Hypertension is a common problem, affecting millions of people in the world. Uncontrolled high blood pressure causes numerous health problems and complications. Pineapple, for those people suffering from hypertension, provides great relief. It has sodium and potassium in ample quantity to bring down the blood pressure around the normal point.

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Immunity booster 

You don’t need lab-made vitamins when you drink pineapple juice regularly. It contains most of the vitamins like A, C, E, and K that the body requires essentially. Besides, it carries minerals like potassium, calcium, electrolytes, and phytonutrients like carotene. This reservoir of nutrients keeps your body and all the vital parts in fine shape and improves immunity.

Fertility Promoter

Pineapple helps in eliminating infertility in a woman. Its consistent use and plenty of folic acids work beautifully to check this issue.  Hence, try consuming pineapple in any form whether raw, as juice, or tossed in a salad for good results.

Oral health 

Enhance the oral health through the benefits of pineapples.

Chew some pineapple pieces daily for strong teeth and healthy gum tissues. The astringent properties available in the fruit boost oral health and even prevent oral cancer.

Pineapple Recipes

Pina colada

A Puerto Rican mocktail, pina colada is made with fresh pineapple juice and coconut milk. Just add 2 cups of fresh pineapple pieces, 3/4th cup of thick coconut milk, and 5-6 ice-cubes in a blender, churn it and a healthy drink is ready. Garnish with few pineapple wedges.

Piesome Heavy Stainless Steel Fruit Pineapple Corer Slicer

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Fresh pineapple Juice
  • Take 2 cups of chopped fresh pineapple wedges
  • 1 cup or more water with few ice cubes.

Blend well along with some sugar and black salt as per your taste. For amazing taste, add half a spoon of roasted cumin powder. Blend them all and enjoy a refreshing drink to avail benefits of pineapples.

Peanut and Pineapple salad

Pineapple can make your salad amazingly healthy.

  • Cut one pineapple in 2cm sized,
  • 200g cherry tomatoes cut in halves
  • 4 Tbsp. of roasted peanuts
  • mint leaves
  • few chilies
  •  little sugar
  • 1tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 tsp. lime juice
  • salt to taste

Now, toss them well together in a large bowl, your healthy and filling salad is ready.


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Prevent Breast Cancer Risk Effectively

Breast cancer can be treated in the initial stage but at the advanced stage, it becomes complicated and fatal. Several women fall prey to this disease every year; some are cured while others lose their life especially if cancer is detected in the last stage. Hence, it is better to be aware and take some precautions to prevent breast cancer risk.

Lifestyle changes to prevent breast cancer risk

Maintain a healthy weight:

You do not need to be slim but you have to maintain a healthy weight in order to avoid certain types of cancer. Obesity or overweight can lead to breast cancer and several other types of cancer, especially post-menopause.

Avoid smoking and drinking:

Both smoking and drinking lower the quality of your health and give rise to several types of cancers including breast cancer. Hence, avoid or quit such habits at the earliest.

no smoking

Breastfeed your child for at least one or more years:

Modern, working moms find it very difficult to breastfeed their children for a longer time. However, breastfeeding for 1+year relaxes the nerves, improves blood circulation, avoids breast clots, etc., due to which it reduces the risk of breast cancer. Moreover, breastfeeding benefits your child’s health in numerous ways!

Breast feeding

Minimize the consumption of birth control pills:

Younger women can cope up with the side effects of birth control pills. However, women beyond the age of 35 years especially those who smoke and consume contraceptive pills regularly are at a higher risk of breast cancer as compared to other women who don’t. 

Preventative measures for breast cancer

1. The life-saving screening:

In order to detect breast cancer among women, a special screening of breast is done known as mammography. It certainly does not help to cure breast cancer but it is one of the best preventative measures to prevent breast cancer risk as it can detect cancer at an early stage. After the age of 40 years, regular mammography sessions should be done. Women between the age group of 40-44 yrs and over 55 yrs should do it every alternate year while women between 45-54 should do it at least once a year.

2. Breast cancer prevention medicines or surgery:

In case you have a family history that will lead you to breast cancer in the future, you can consume medications to reduce the risk of breast cancer. This should only be done on doctor’s advice only. You also have the option of prophylactic surgery, which is very effective in the prevention or lowering the risk of cancer in a particular organ or gland.

Natural foods that help in the prevention of breast cancer

In search of the most effective medicines, we often forget that food is the best medicine! Apart from lifestyle changes and preventative measures, you can consume these foods to prevent breast cancer risk.


Dark Green leafy vegetables:

Leafy vegetables, which are dark green in color, are rich in antioxidants, which can help prevent cancer. Hence, consuming vegetables like Kale, Spinach, Turnip, beet greens, collard, etc., will aid in preventing breast cancer.


Cruciferous rich vegetables:

Cruciferous vegetables are generally rich in fiber, vitamin C, K, and E and also anti-oxidants. But the best part is these vegetables contain cancer-fighting chemicals called glucosinolates. Therefore, consuming cabbage, arugula, broccoli, cauliflower, etc., can keep you away from breast cancer.


Peaches and plumps:

These fruits contain polyphenols, which prevent the growth of breast cancer cells in the body. Studies have also shown that polyphenols target all the cancer cells in the body and kill them.

The berry magic:

Black raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, are rich in antioxidants, polyphenols and have anti-cancer properties due to which it can help you prevent breast cancer.



It is an antioxidant that prevents the growth of breast cancer cells known as HER2. Celery, peppermint, licorice, spinach, etc., are some apigenin rich food. While carotenoids can be found in orange, red, yellow and dark green fruits and vegetables like kale, apricots, carrots, and tomatoes, etc. These foods are rich in lycopene, vitamin A, beta-carotene and lutein that aid in fighting free radicals, which further turn into cancer cells.


It belongs to the allium vegetable family and is far more useful than its flavor. A 2017 research has found that garlic has very positive and effective effects on estrogens dependent as well as estrogens non-dependent breast cancer.


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Easy ways for Anti-Pollution Skin Care

Girl, you need anti-pollution skin care regime to protect your skin.

Metro city life is exciting and fast-paced but it accompanies the issues of pollution. Pollution can be hazardous to your overall health, if not given enough care. Moreover, the skin is directly exposed to sun rays, dust and pollution, therefore, there is a need for anti-pollution skincare to stay fresh and lively. Here are the best skincare tips against pollution.

Cleansing the Skin Twice a Day

Staying outdoors for the entire day can take a toss on the skin. The makeup, grime, and dirt that sticks to the skin on the whole day can lead to damage to the skin. Cleansing the skin regularly in the morning and also night is a good practice to keep your skin free from any dirt. Hence, choose a good quality cleanser for this purpose.

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Soothing the Skin with Serum

Serums are made with antioxidants capable of protecting the skin against the damages. Regular usage of serum prevents the skin from undergoing premature aging, dark spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. Also, use a serum with more natural ingredients to keep your skin radiant and out of the damages of pollution. Usage of serum is one of the best anti-pollution skincare regimes to consider. Make the right choice of the serum.

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Use Moisturizer

After applying a serum, it is good to use the appropriate moisturizer. Pollution and exposure to harsh environments for the entire day can lead to a reduction in the moisture level of the skin and an increase in oil production. This can make the skin look oilier than it should be. Choose the right moisturizer as an antipollution skincare tool.

Choose a Day Cream with SPF

A key player in antipollution skincare is the sunscreen you use. It is a good idea to choose the day cream that has adequate SPF levels so that it can hydrate the skin and also protect it from unwanted sun rays. The cream you choose should have SPF 30 or more for effective results.

On the Go Masks

On the Go Masks are the perfect and easiest way to lift up the dull skin. Exposure to pollution can make your skin lose its charm. However, these types of masks can act as the best anti-pollution skincare products to stick on for a quick solution.

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Using an exfoliant is ideal for detoxifying the skin. There are so many high-quality scrubs in the market with natural ingredients. Interestingly, these not just remove the dead cells and toxins but also nourish the skin.

Lotus Herbals Nutramoist Skin Renewal Daily Moisturising Creme, SPF 25, 50gLotus Herbals Nutramoist Skin Renewal Daily Moisturising Creme, SPF 25, 50g

A Night Mask

After a tiring day for your skin, pampering it with an enriching night mask can do the trick. So, choose a hydrating face mask that can rejuvenate your skin and bring the glow back.




Amazing health benefits of Apple cider Vinegar

Avail the benefits of Apple cider Vinegar for diverse ailments.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has become the holy grail of healthy diet these days. It is a common ingredient for many dishes. Moreover, due to the health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, it is ideal as a natural remedy for curing as well as preventing many ailments.

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Nutritional Values of ACV

ACV is one of the popularly used fruit-based vinegar and is made by fermenting apples and water. It has 5 percentage acidity, like any other kind of vinegar. The nutrient values in apple and the fermentation process are the secrets behind the magical powers of this fruit-based vinegar. Apples contain very high amounts of Vitamin K, A-C, magnesium, folate, potassium, calcium and also sugar in the natural form. The presence of the fiber pectin makes apples great for the digestive system’s health. Fermentation contributes malic, citric, acetic and lactic acids in ACV, along with good bacteria. That is why it is considered magical for healing many diseases and protecting the skin.

Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been used as a home remedy for many of the illnesses from time immemorial. Here are some of the major pros of using ACV.

1. Weight Loss 

One of the key reasons for all the buzz about Apple Cider Vinegar is its ability to boost weight loss. ACV works by making the individual feel full and thus avoid overeating. Moreover, one tablespoon of ACV has just 3 calories.

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2. Diabetes

Apple Cider Vinegar has the ability to prevent diabetes especially when you are fasting. It works by reducing the blood sugar level but ACV is not an alternative to the medicines.

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3. Apple Cider Vinegar on Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

One of the major health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar is its ability to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. ACV controls renin, a hormone responsible to constrict and dilate blood vessels. This ability of ACV helps in keeping the blood vessels relaxed and thus a check on blood pressure. The consumption of ACV before a meal helps in reducing LDL and increasing HDL as it has natural antioxidants thus keeping a check on cholesterol.

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4. Digestion                           
ACV can treat stomach issues like pain and bloating.

Apple Cider Vinegar makes digestion better. It helps to stay away from heartburn and bloating, Regular consumption of it can improve the body’s ability to digest food.

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5. Destroys Bacteria

Apple Cider Vinegar helps in disinfecting wounds and treating fungus. It is best for treating and preventing infection as it can easily kill bacteria. This also helps in inhibiting Bacteria like E-coli which can spoil food. It is widely used as a food preservative.

How to Consume Apple Cider Vinegar Safely?

    • The health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar can be tapped only if it is consumed safely.
    • One of the easiest ways to include ACV in the diet is by using it for food preparation. Distilled ACV is ideal for marinades, salads, pickling, and cabbing. The raw one is the most suitable for marinades, salads, and cooking.
    • Raw ACV can also add a kick to your drinks if you mix it with them.
    • Sprinkling ACV on popcorn gives it a tangy twist. It can also be a pleasant flavor to add with fruit syrups, kale chips, barbecued beef, and coleslaw.
    • Consuming it as a supplement is also a very common trend. Try to consume only 1 to 2 teaspoons while using it directly as a supplement.

  • You can add ACV to water or tea when you consume it as a supplement. You should always use it as part of a recipe than consuming directly.
  • While consuming ACV, always remember to dilute it with water so that too much of acid does not hit the esophagus or stomach. The ratio of water and apple cider vinegar changes based on the reason for consuming it.
  • Too much consumption of the vinegar can have a negative impact on tooth enamel due to the high acidity levels in it.
  • If you are considering to consume ACV regularly, the important steps include
  • appropriate dilution,
  • usage of straw for drinking it
  • proper rinsing of the mouth

Consumption of ACV in large amounts like about 8 ounces for the long term can lead to osteoporosis and lower potassium levels. When ACV is added in dishes, the acidity is made subtle by the nutrients in the other ingredients.


How to Safely Consume Apple Cider Vinegar for its Healthy Benefits!

Best home remedies to fight air pollution


The fast modern lifestyle has harmed the environment in various ways including the rise in air pollution. No matter how much healthy food you eat or maintain a healthy lifestyle if you breathe in polluted air every day it will badly affect your health. The damage polluted air can cause you depends upon your exposure to polluted air, the level of air pollution and your immunity level to fight air pollution. However, long-term exposure to polluted air can damage your respiratory organs, shorten life span and lead to other hazardous diseases.

Precautions to protect from air pollution

Prevention is always better than cure! Hence, here are some easy ways to protect yourself from air pollution.

1. Make it a habit to check the air pollution level daily in your community through local newspapers, radio, television, weather reports, etc. Do not step out of the house unless it is urgent if the pollution level is too high.

2. Do not exercise/jog near the areas with high traffic. The vehicles emit many harmful chemicals in the air and you may inhale it while exercising.

3. Go cycling, walking or use public transports whenever possible because the more vehicles the more is air pollution.


4. Do not burn your trash; the smoke will harm you, the environment and the people around you.

5. Stay away from smoking zones in your surroundings. Also, do not smoke in public.

6. Use a good face mask when you step outdoors.

7. In order to reduce the pollution in the indoor air, use air-purifying plants like Spider plants, Aloe Vera, snake plants and Ivy.

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Home remedies to fight air pollution and stay healthy

Jaggery is the powerhouse of nutrients.
Increase the intake of jaggery:

Jaggery has natural properties, which help to detoxify all the harmful chemicals from your body. Consume jaggery daily or replace it with your sugar intake.

Use steam magic:

Eucalyptus oil has natural properties, which remove blockages from your air passage and relax them. Taking eucalyptus oil-infused steam daily will help you fight air pollution

Tulsi Ginger tea:

This tea contains natural medicinal elements, which minimize the effects of air pollution in your body. Also, it helps to throw all the toxins out of your body. Consume this herbal tea at least once a week for better results.


Cook food in olive oil:

Olive oil is a proven immunity booster, hence consuming olive oil cooked food guards your body against the external microorganisms.

Olive Oil

Have vitamin C and omega-rich diet:

One of the best ways to fight air pollution naturally is to strengthen your immunity by eating omega fatty acids, vitamin C and iron-rich food. Include citrus fruits, pomegranates, carrots, spinach, etc., in your regular diet. Some foods are natural anti-allergic such as herbal teas (with cloves, ginger, and black pepper), salmon fish, flaxseeds, walnuts, almonds, chia seeds, figs and dry grapes (munakka).

Use saline solution:

Polluted air contains lots of dust and other minute particles, which are harmful to your eyes. Pour a few drops of the saline solution so that these particles are quickly and easily thrown out of your eyes in the form of tears.

Apple cider vinegar:

High exposure to polluted air causes inflammation in the throat and other respiratory organs. Drinking a glass of water mixed with 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar reduces such inflammation and mucus in the throat.


Turmeric milk:

Boil a glass of milk with some turmeric paste or powder for 4-5 minutes. You may also add some ginger and basil leaves to enhance the medicinal value. Let it cool a bit and drink the same daily for good health.

Onion and garlic:

Interestingly, onions and garlic can also help to fight air pollution as these contain a good amount of antioxidants.

Onion and garlic are superfoods that protect you from several health issues and also fight air pollution.

Make a paste of these and add them to meals. Else, you can even have a pod of garlic and slices of raw onions to gain their health benefits. Therefore, include these in your foods to maintain immunity and protect yourself from pollution.

Warm water:

Drink warm water throughout the day. Gargle with warm water to remove congestion or use black tea for gargle.


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Vital information about Colon cancer stages and treatment

The reason for colon cancer is the growth of tumors in the large intestine; however, just like other cancers colon cancer stages have different severity levels. The colon is your large intestine, which separates water and salt from solid waste in your body. There are more chances of colon cancer after the age of 50 years, however, it can also affect a young age due to which is the third most common type of cancer in the US alone.

Causes of colon cancer

Doctors are not completely sure as to what are the main reasons leading to colon cancer, however, they say the following factors can increase the risk of colon cancer.

Having high fat and low fiber diet:

Some studies have found that eating too much unhealthy western diet can increase the risk of colon cancer. These meals contain a high amount of processed red meat, low fiber, and many unhealthy fats, which lead to colon cancer.

high fat and low fiber diet
Say no to high fat and low fiber diet

No exercise:

If you are living an unhealthy lifestyle and do not exercise at all then you may invite colon cancer.


Due to the high-fat content in the body, obese people are at a high risk of developing and dying due to colon cancer rather than people with normal weight.

Obesity Causes Skin Problems


If any of your blood family member who has suffered or died due to colon cancer then there are high chances of you getting the same diseases.

Cancer history:

If you have a history of polyps or colorectal cancer than you may acquire colon cancer in the future. In addition, if you have taken radiation treatments that affect your abdomen in the past to heal from a certain type of cancer, it may cause colon cancer.

Apart from these, other factors such as smoking, drinking, diabetes, old age, etc., can lead to colon cancer.

Signs that you may have colon cancer

Just like the rest of the cancers, initially, colon cancer has no symptoms. However, it may or may not show noticeable signs during the cancer development phase.

  • Sudden weight loss
  • Constipation
  • Visible or hardly visible blood in stools
  • Abdominal pain
  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Changes in the uniformity of stools
  • Anemia
  • Continuous urge to pass stools
  • Narrow stools

Cramping and bloating

Know about different Colon Cancer stages

The symptoms may be different at different colon cancer stages. These stages can be divided into four stages that are:

Stage 0:

During this stage, the cancer is hardly grown in the inner layer of the colon. This stage is also known as situ. Colon cancer can be easily treated at this stage.

Stage 1:

In this stage, cancer grows and spreads in the next level of tissue but does not affect any other surrounding organs such as lymph nodes.

Stage 2:

Cancer grows on the outer layer of the colon but does not spread beyond it.

Stage 3:

In the third stage, cancer spreads in surrounding 1-3 lymph nodes but does not spread too far.

Stage 4:

this is highly difficult to treat the stage of colon cancer among the rest of the colon cancer stages because cancer reaches various surrounding and distinct parts of the body.

Colon cancer treatment

Before treating a patient with colon cancer, the doctors take certain factors such as age, immunity, medical history into consideration. Depending upon that, the most common treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy are performed. No treatment guarantees that cancer will not return in the future. However, these therapies are performed in order to reduce uncomfortable symptoms, remove cancer and prevent cancer cells from spreading in the whole body.


Usually, a surgery known as colectomy is performed where the surgeon removes only that part of the colon, which is affected by cancer. If the cancer is spread in surrounding areas then it is also removed and only the healthy part of the colon is reattached. In case the whole colon damage, the surgeon creates a stoma, which is nothing but a surgical opening in the abdominal walls, which does the functions of the colon. The surgeon may also perform other surgeries like endoscopy, laparoscopic surgery and palliative surgery depending upon colon cancer stages and condition of the patient.


This type of treatment is done to target the cancer cells and kill them by disturbing the DNA. Chemotherapy is usually combined with other types of cancer treatments like radiation therapy. It is ideal to do chemotherapy when the cancer cells are spread all over the body. There are various sessions of chemotherapy and the body takes time to cope up with the side effects of chemotherapy.

Radiation therapy:

This therapy is usually done in the advanced stage of colon cancer. The doctors may either perform an internal radioactive therapy by placing radioactive materials near the tumor. They may also perform external radioactive therapy wherein the tumor is contracted and cancer cells are killed with the help of gamma rays.

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Natural ways to treat ADHD disorder

ADHD has become a very common condition. There is a huge increase in the production of medication to treat ADHD. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has shown the statistics that there is a 41 percent increase in the ADHD diagnosis from 2003 to 2011. About 11 percentage of children the ages from 4 to 17 years are diagnosed with ADHD as per the statistics in 2011.


Side Effects From Medication

ADHD drugs help in improving the symptoms through enhancement and balancing the neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are the chemicals that carry signals between the neurons in the brain and the body. There are many types of medication to treat ADHD which include stimulants like Adderall or amphetamine and nonstimulants like atomoxetine or bupropion. These drugs improve concentration but can lead to major side effects which include mood swings, loss of appetite, heart problems, sleep issues, and suicidal thoughts or attempts. The long-term consumption of drugs can lead to so many serious troubles. In a study, the Medicated group has a very high value of diastolic blood pressure and has much lower self-esteem compared to the nonmedicated group.

Precautions for Handling ADHD Symptoms

ADHD symptoms can be kept under control if you are taking some precautions. Avoiding food with the preservatives and colors like sodium benzoate, D&C and FD&C would help in keeping hyperactivity in control. Diets which does not include allergens that can trigger any symptoms of ADHD should be avoided. Milk, eggs, chocolate, chemical additives, chocolates and food that contain salicylates are some of the food items to ignore from the diet of a person who is affected by ADHD.

Along with taking precautions, there are few natural methods to treat ADHD.

EEG BioFeedback

Electroencephalographic biofeedback is the kind of Neurotherapy which measures brain wave. EEG training is one of the best treatments for ADHD. During the session, the person affected will be asked to play video games. The game is aimed to make him/her focus on some activities like flying a plane. The games can teach new techniques for focusing. This can make the person identify and also to handle the symptoms.

Tai Chi or Yoga

Yoga is one of the beneficial activities for people who are suffering from ADHD. Regularly practicing yoga can show significant improvements in anxiety, social problems, and hyperactivity among people affected with ADHD. Tai Chi is also observed to handles ADHD symptoms. Tai Chi has helped in improving hyperactivity and anxiety among ADHD affected people.

Yoga helps to treat ADHD naturally.
Yoga helps to treat ADHD naturally.

Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy helps in resolving specific kinds of problematic behaviors. It offers solutions to the problematic behavior in such a way that it helps in preventing them. It even includes setting rules and goals for the ones who are affected by ADHD. A proper blend of medication and behavioral therapy can do wonders for the ones who are affected by these conditions.

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Parental Therapy

Kids who undergo ADHD get a lot of help if the parents know the exact strategies and techniques to treat ADHD. Parental therapy equips the parents with the skills to handle the symptoms of their affected kids.

treat adhd

Using Supplements

One treatment for ADHD is using supplements like L –carnitine, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6, etc. It can really bring significant improvements in the symptoms of ADHD. Get the right kind of supplements and keep hyperactivity under control.

Keep the Blood Sugar Level Stable

Controlling blood sugar is one of the harder tasks for people who are suffering from ADHD as they forget having food as one of the issues they face. Sticking to regular meals by setting alarms, including protein in the diet, carrying healthy snacks are some of the things that can help them to keep sugar levels in control.



Serious Effects of Outdoor Air Pollution on Pregnancy

Discover how air pollution affects your pregnancy

Pregnancy brings joy and happiness to a woman’s life. She and her family rejoice this moment in a special way. However, this is also a stage where parents-to-be worry about the health of the fetus. Apart from taking care of the diet, medical requisites, and practicing healthy habits, it is important to stay away from pollution (mainly air pollution).

Although it is easy to avoid alcohol, junk food, tobacco, and certain drugs, what about the air you breathe? There have been many studies showing the way air pollution affects pregnancy.

Here is all you need to know about the serious effects of outdoor air pollution on pregnancy:

Understanding Air Pollution

Air pollution is of many types. Polluted air comprises dust, ozone, vehicle exhaust, particulate matter, second-hand smoke, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, building emissions, and chemicals. Some of the common symptoms of exposure to prolonged air pollution include:

– Irritation of sinus and eye

– Coughing

Chronic fatigue

– Wheezing

– Eye and sinus irritation

– Advanced respiratory conditions such as emphysema, asthma, bronchitis, etc.

– Decreased lung capacity

– Shortness of breath

Air pollution can have a severe impact on pregnant women and unborn babies.

Effects of air pollution on pregnancy are worse than you can think of.

Potential Dangers of Air Pollution on Pregnancy

Here are some of the serious effects of air pollution on pregnancy you must know about you may need to watch out for:

Premature Birth

Studies have revealed a shocking truth! It has been proven that exposure to air pollution during the first and second trimesters of pregnancy can increase the overall risk of premature birth. It is also responsible for low birth weight.

Premature Birth
Safeguard your newborn from harmful effects of air pollution

As per a new study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, it has been revealed that exposure to (PM2.5) fine pollution particles had resulted in an 11.4% decrease in birth weight for the mice left in the polluted air category (for study).

Still Births

Another research in the past has revealed that women residing in areas with high traffic pollution are at higher risk of stillbirth and other serious delivery-related complications.

Low Birth Weight

Babies must ideally weigh around 6-9 pounds at delivery. Anything under this number is considered “low birth weight.” Exposure to air pollution during pregnancy is known to result in this complication.


According to an alarming result of the study conducted by Harvard, it is revealed that women exposed to high particulate matter pollution during their third trimesters are more vulnerable to giving birth to the child with autism.

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Air pollution worsens asthma, which can be dangerous in pregnant women as the condition can cause preeclampsia (elevated blood pressure and decreased function of the liver and kidneys). Moreover, aggravated asthma can cut off the oxygen supply to the baby resulting in poor growth, premature birth, and low birth weight.

asthma and bronchitis

Solutions to prevent the influence of air pollution on pregnancy

A number of things you can do to reduce the effects of pollution. Some of the best ones recommended by experts include

-installing air purifier at home,

-staying inside as far as possible,

-getting air-purifying indoor plants,

-using electric chimneys in the kitchen while cooking,

-using air pollution mask while traveling outside,

-avoid smoking and passive smoking as well,

-and checking your vehicle for pollution.

Cervical cancer- causes, symptoms and treatment

When a woman’s cervix grows abnormally and forcefully enters other organs and tissues it becomes invasive and turns into cervical cancer, which can further reach to other vital organs like lungs, liver, vagina, bladder etc. Cervical cancer takes years to develop and is equally fatal as any other type of cancer. It ranks fourth in the most common type of cancer women suffer worldwide. Hence, it is important to know its causes, symptoms and treatment.

cervical cancer and treatment
cervical cancer and different treatments

Causes of Cervical cancer

HPV infection:

The reason for Human papillomavirus infection (HPV) is the abnormal growth of cervical tissues. It can also lead to genital warts that can eventually turn into cancer. This is because a genetic material found in high-risk subtypes HPV are generally found in cervical tissues affected with cancer or pre-cancer stage. HPV can also be one of the sources of tongue, vulva, vaginal or anal cancer.


The hazardous chemicals in cigarettes react with the cervix cells and can develop into cancer over time. This is the reason why women who smoke are 2-5 times at a higher risk of cervical cancer as compared to women who do not.

Early sex or multiple partners:

Girls who lose their virginity before their first period or within a year from their first period (usually between the age of 14-16yrs) are at high risk of cervical cancer as their reproductive organs go through vital changes during this time and sex can increase risk of infection during this phase. Similarly, having multiple sex partners can also increase the risk of HPV infection, which can lead to this cancer.

High consumption of contraceptive pills:

Research states women who consume birth control pills regularly for five or more years are at a high risk of developing cervical cancer. The harmful chemicals in contraceptive pills deposited on the cervix tissues make it weak and invasive. Moreover, it reduces the use of condoms, which increases the risk of HPV infection.


Just like other types of cancer, cervical cancer can have no or very few symptoms until it reaches the last stage of cancer. However, some of the most common symptoms may include the following:

For early-stage:
  • Unusual vaginal discharge
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Bleeding after sexual intercourse
  • Pelvic pain
  • Bleeding between periods
  • Post-menopause bleeding
For advanced stage:
  • Urine leakage from the vagina
  • Fatigue
  • Weight loss
  • Leg pain or swollen legs
  • Back pain
  • Abnormal weight loss
  • Bone fractures
  • Kidney failure

In the above-mentioned symptoms, vaginal bleeding or any other abnormal bleeding always does not point to cervical cancer. The symptoms may be due to several other reasons like your fertility issues, hormonal problems, medical history, etc. However, if the symptoms are repetitive and worsen with time, do visit your doctor.

Treatment for cervical cancer

Cancer removal surgery:

Depending upon the size of tumour and areas of cancer doctors perform certain surgeries usually in the early stage of cancer. Hysterectomy surgery is performed where the uterus is removed. However, in younger women with small tumours, other surgeries such as trachelectomy are followed which preserve their fertility. In case of advanced cervical cancer, pelvic exenteration is done, in which the uterus is removed along with various other affected organs.

Targeted therapy:

This therapy is generally used at an advanced stage of this type of cancer wherein certain drugs are given to the patient, which prevent the growth of cancer cells. These drugs target the tumour and prevent them from making new blood vessels, which hampers the growth of tumours thus preventing and controlling the growth of cancer.

Radiation therapy:

There are two types of radiation therapy; the first is external beam radiation while the second is brachytherapy. In external beam therapy, external sources of radiation are used whereas in brachytherapy radioactive sources are placed beside the tumour for a particular period. These two therapies are always done together and if they are performed in the last stage of cancer it is mostly combined with chemotherapy.


It is often suggested with radiation therapy, depending upon various stages of cervical cancer. Cisplatin and 5-fluorouracil are commonly used drugs in chemotherapy. Chemotherapy has many side effects such as hair loss, fatigue, mouth sores, nausea, vomiting, etc.

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Symptoms of ADHD in adults you must know

ADHD is one of the mental health disorders which can lead to abnormal hyperactivity and highly impulsive behaviors. It is a disorder that can affect both kids and adults. Among adults, the symptoms of ADHD are much more subtle to be identified. Many adults affected by this condition may not even realize that they are going through it. Here are the symptoms of adult ADHD.


Trouble in Organizing Things

Adulthood accompanies many responsibilities like jobs, children, and bills. People suffering from ADHD finds it really hard to keep things organized. It can make it really hard for them to keep things in order.

Reckless Driving

ADHD in adults makes it hard for them to focus on any task. It makes it really difficult for one to drive. The adults who are suffering by this condition may be rash drivers and can meet with road accidents frequently.

Reckless Driving

Marital Issues

ADHD is not the only reason for marital issues and so it is not always because of this condition. There are few issues that are commonly found among the adults affected by ADHD. The people who have this condition, cannot listen attentively to their partners and they may not be able to stick to any commitments. This can make them look like a partner who is irresponsible and does not care. However, the person who is suffering from this condition may not even realize the reason for their partner’s anger. The person affected by this health issue may feel that he is being blamed or nagged for no reason.

Issues in Prioritizing

ADHD in adults makes them incapable of prioritizing thus not taking care of big obligations similar to a deadline at the office or a personal commitment. They may spend a lot of time doing things that are insignificant, ignoring important commitments.

ADHD in Adults – $85.87
from: RedShelf

Anger Issues

ADHD in adults makes them lose complete control over emotions. The people who have this condition may have outbursts of anger for very small or minor problems. Their anger also fades much faster than its triggering.

Appearing Late

It is very common to find that the people affected by ADHD usually comes late for most of the occasions. They get easily distracted on the way to work or any event, they may wash the car or fill the gas or do something that may make them late to the location. ADHD in adults can also make them lose the ability to estimate the time required for finishing a task irrespective of a major task at work or a very simple home repair.


In kids with ADHD, they usually jump around or stay hyperactive and this symptom can appear in adults in a different way. ADHD in adults can make them restless and unable to relax. Adult ADHD can make them look tensed and edgy.


Difficulty in Starting a Task

Adults affected by ADHD may drag it as much as possible to start a task that demands focus. This can add to the problems they face like problems with friends, workplace issues and marital troubles.

Bad Listening Skills

Adults who have this condition will not be able to focus on anything and cannot listen to anyone. This incapability can make them miss appointments and also to enter into many misunderstandings.



Best Health Tips to Implement in Changing Seasons

Gear up for season changes with best health tips

When the season changes, people find it really hard to stay healthy. The transition of the seasons is the time when diseases start emerging. A body can blend in with the new season only if there is the right amount of change in the routine which includes diet, workout, and other activities. Here are some of the best health tips to implement in changing seasons:

Choose the Right Beverages

The right kind of beverages helps to hydrate the body and skin.

It is always important to stay hydrated during any season, as it marks the major point to stay healthy. Including the right beverages like fresh juices which have vitamin C, adding honey to tea or juice can help in enhancing the immunity and also soothe minor issues like a sore throat. It is one of the best health tips to stick on to during seasonal transition.

Choosing the Right Wardrobe

The seasonal transition is the time most of the people are prone to fall sick. The major reason is that the outside weather conditions can change fast, which the regulation mechanism of the body may be unaware of. This can, in turn, bring changes in the body temperature and puts the immune system at stake. To handle such changes, dress according to the changing weather.

Get Enough Sleep

sleeping habits
Good sleeping habits to stay fit and immune.

Getting an adequate amount of sleep is a major factor that decides the health of an individual. Sleeping for 7 to 8 hours every night gives adequate rest to the body so that it can repair and also strengthen its immunity. It is one of the best health tips that can do wonders to stay immune and healthy.

Get a good night''s rest naturally

Clear the Air Inside Home

The seasonal transition can increase the allergy symptoms as the molds and pollens start floating through the air. The air inside a house is much polluted than the air outside, it makes it important to keep the HVAC system clean. The filter should be changed on time as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. It is also good to use the air filtration system inside the home for keeping the indoor air quality appealing.

Exercise Outdoors

Exercise outdoors for fresh air

Keeping oneself active and getting fresh air are really the best things to keep oneself healthy and improve immunity. It is best to spend at least 30 minutes every day for a workout. Essentially, this one is one of the best health tips to stay immune but with a lot of effort, which is really worth.

Be Aware of the Dirt Around

Every day, you go through different environments like public transport, public toilet, gym, pantry, etc. It is important to use sanitizer or wash hands properly after being in any such environment.

 Eat Healthily

Vitamin C foods help to gain immunity against seasonal health issues.

Be careful to create a diet that is healthy and light. Eating the right food items can help in improving immunity and keeping oneself healthy. Therefore, include vitamin c rich food items like guava, orange, lemon, cauliflower, papaya and strawberries in your diet.

Avoid Eating Out

It is good to avoid eat-outs during the seasonal transitions as a slight issue with the food can also put you at high risk of getting prone to illnesses.

Gear Up for the Common Illnesses of the Season

Every season is accompanied by some common diseases. It is good to stay informed and take precautions to prevent those diseases. The common seasonal diseases are measles, chickenpox, rotavirus, cholera, malaria, dengue, chikungunya, etc. Get information about them and methods to prevent them.