Home Remedies for Open Pores

Pores are sebum’s pathway to the skin surface and dirt-oils on surface enlarge them.  Though essential for skin to breathe and let sebum out, pores can also be detrimental for skin elasticity when enlarged. Bacterial infections, acne, and dead skin cells are just a few of the highlights that enlarged pores trigger. There are home remedies for open pores.

1. Yogurt

plain yogurt

For normal or combination skin, using a light layer of yogurt on the face for only 10-15 minutes will be sufficient. Those with oily skin can use yogurt (1 tsp) and 1 egg white together to remove excess oils as well.

2. Buttermilk

Buttermilk can be used like an astringent to clean off the dirt and tighten the pores. It can be applied with a well-soaked cotton ball on the affected area.

3. Milk

Dabbing double toned milk or milk with low fat/cream with some sea salt helps in shortening pore diameter.

warm milk

4. Tomato

You can either gently massage tomato slice on the pores or use half a tomato with 2-3 garlic pods in fine paste form to apply as a layer on the face. Wash off the paste within 20 minutes with lukewarm water. Since Garlic, as well as tomato, are anti-septic and antioxidant-rich in nature, they protect skin from pore-clogging and shorten their size.

Tomatoes act as wonderful facial bleach.

5. Gram Flour

Gram flour

Gram flour is alkaline in nature and Yogurt is acidic so their combination brings out the toxins, dirt from the pores and helps in unclogging and cleansing. A paste of 2 tsp yogurt and 1 tbsp gram flour for 20 minutes on the face is a perfect remedy for those with oily skin and large pores.

6. Gentle Fruit massage

 What’s better than getting a soothing massage on the face especially when there are dual benefits of pore shrinkage and glowing skin. Fruits like papaya, strawberries, pineapple, oranges watermelon, etc help in supplying rejuvenating antioxidants and cleansing nutrients that help in improving skin glow and shrinking pore size.

7. Baking Soda


Baking Soda is cleansing in nature and is a great exfoliator but should be used in moderation. 2 tsp Baking Soda with lukewarm water is a sufficient cleansing and exfoliating paste that will also work on removing pore dirt and lowering their size. Users need not apply it for more than 5 minutes. #Not to be confused with Baking powder, which is an ingredient.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

With Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, Apple cider vinegar is a perfect oily skin and large pores solution. Use it like an astringent and remove with water.

9. Egg white peel-off pore shrinking Mask


Whisk an Egg white and apply gently, equally over face and leave the eyes. Then place a paper (non-fragrant tissue paper) over the mask layer and peel it off when dried. Amino acids and enzymes help in initiating pore shrinkage.

10. Steam

Facial Steaming

Sauna or Steam spa is old school but still as effective as ever. Mild steam after cleansing face will help in pore cleansing and shortening.

It’s always best to take the natural way for beauty and skincare but users should avoid using these on inflamed pimples.

You may find above mentioned home remedies for open pores, useful.

Important Information About Blisters


Blisters are painful humans and are usually seen in the bubble from beneath the top layer of the skin. These are filled with fluid in them. The fluid in the blisters can be blood, serum or even pus and while most of them are circular in shape. Blisters can be caused due to an array of reasons, depending on that it can cause pain and even itches.

Types and causes 

Out of the blisters caused by humans, some of the common ones are discussed below.

1. Friction blisters:

These are caused by friction and can be by wearing a new shoe or a new glove. It usually takes appearance in the palm region, toes, thumb and in the heels.


2. Blisters caused by heat and cold:

These are the ones which are caused when you step out in extreme hot or cold weather conditions or touch anything which is too hot or too cold. This is caused to your skin are taken as second-degree burn and are also known as partial thickness too.


3. Contact Dermatitis:

These can also develop on your skin in case you touch anything poisonous like a plant or any substance that you are allergic too. These are often the symptom of contact dermatitis.


4. Blisters due to insect bites:

In the environment we get to experience a lot of insects and bugs which are harmful to us humans and in case our skin gets in contact with them, it may cause blisters.


5. Shingles and Chickenpox:

Blisters can also result onto your skin surface as a result of a viral attack like that of herpes virus which causes chickenpox whose main effect is causing blisters all over the skin. The other effect of chickenpox is shingles which are as much painful and itchy as the chickenpox blisters are.


6. Herpes Simplex blister:

Another virus which can wreak havoc with your lips is herpes simplex virus which causes blisters. These are usually seen on the genital region, mouth or lips and can come when you are experiencing fevers. This virus can get easily spread to others by activities such as kissing, sharing the same utensil while eating, etc.


7. Hand, foot and mouth disease:

These are usually seen in the foot, mouth and hand regions. While this issue is a common sight among kids whose age is less than ten years, it can easily get spread via saliva, feces, mucus, and blisters from someone who is already affected with the issue.



Usual treatment and cure

While blisters of any kind are not really serious an issue but irritating for the person, thus some of the ways to treat the condition are discussed below.

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1. Keep the area clean and dry:

While some of the blisters get fine with time where the fluid is absorbed by your skin and it collapses and flattens. However, you need to make sure that till that happens, you need to cover the region with tape to help it not to break open.

2. Do not break IT until needed:

It is better not to break it until it is too huge for you to bear. In any case, let your doctor do the needful and after it is broken, clean the region with soap and apply an antibiotic lotion and cover with a tape in the morning and keep it to dry at nighttime.

When to seek a doctor’s advice?

In case you feel that the blisters are associated with flu-like symptoms, you need to see a doctor. Other reasons include any pus coming off it, swelling, red streaks in the area and in cases when these are seen in the eye or around the genitals.

Reduce wrinkles and effect of aging

Reduce wrinkles and the effect of aging on the skin

Aging signs silently emerge on your skin. These can be age spots, wrinkles, fine lines, frown lines, and freckles that signify the end of youth on your face. Wake up now before it is too late!! You need to do this reality check to reverse the aging process and rejuvenate your skin.

Do you find a dull-looking, discolored and aging skin in the mirror every morning?

Do you experience zits and breakouts on your face frequently?

Is your partner losing interest in you?

Or do you feel people ignore you when you mean business?

Do you avoid getting photographed?

Do you avoid going out on a date?

Do you avoid social gatherings; get to-gathers and old school reunion?

Do you feel that your confidence is at an all-time low?

Does your school time friend fail to recognize you because of aging signs?

Do you purchase plenty of makeup products to hide your uneven and discolored skin tone?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then you need to take yourself seriously and think about the solutions to get back your confidence and esteem. Whether you are a businesswoman, homemaker, freelancer, mother, sales girl or journalist, everyday work leave you exhausted. It affects your skin too. If you really want to reverse the fast aging process then you must ascertain the factors that lead to aging skin. It is essential to know there are various internal as well as external factors that have an influence on the skin.

Reduce wrinkles and effect of aging

If you are serious about your skin and wish to maintain a glowing and fault-free complexion then read on:

  • Skin requires sensitive and specialized the care and regular regime to get rid of various harmful elements.
  • Skincare regime depends upon the individual skin type and specific skin issues.
  • Serious lack of knowledge to handle skin can cause skin infection/ problems and premature aging of the skin.
  • Attain knowledge of different factors that have a bearing on the skin and ways to reduce their adverse effects.
  • Aging brings along various skin issues that require proper treatment.
  • Various measures and exercises that can defy aging signs.
  • Choose natural beauty solutions over chemical-based treatments.
  • Skincare is a lifelong process to maintain healthy and youthful skin for the whole life.

To resolve all your concerns and problems related to your tender skin, you do not have to spend a fortune. Now all the crucial skin-friendly information has been compiled into an electronic book available at a throwaway price. The priceless beauty tips provided in the eBook can make a wonderful change in your skin and relieve you from various skin issues.

Reduce wrinkles

“Natural Remedies to Reduce Wrinkles and Effect of Aging” is the solution provider of each and every skin related query of yours. You need not look beyond as this ebook is going to change the face of your future. You will get a clear, clean and glowing complexion which would be difficult to ignore.

The book is available in electronic form and therefore, there is no need to rush to a nearby bookstore. Just place an order online and avail it within few minutes.

So, you can obtain the secret of owning an ageless beauty within minutes of purchasing this eBook. If you are worried about the price of this precious ebook then worry not. All this valuable information is available for just 9.95 dollars! This eBook is in PDF form for instant download.


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The “Natural Remedies to Reduce Wrinkles and Effect of Aging” emphasizes the use of natural ingredients available in your kitchen to restore the youth on your face. It does not recommend artificial ingredients or chemicals that spoil the texture of the skin in the long run. The natural solutions, therefore, do not have side effects and only have beautiful effects on the skin! So what are you waiting for? Grab your eBook “Natural Remedies to Reduce Wrinkles and Effect of Aging” now and reverse the signs of aging on your precious skin.

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Combat Negative Effect of Aging on Skin

The change is the law of nature and is inevitable. The health of human being starts deteriorating with age. When you grow old every part of your body is affected. With age, blood vessel walls tend to stiffen up; the process of cell division, replacement and various other systems of the body that continues throughout life slows down. Environmental pollution, harsh sunlight, global warming, thinning of the ozone layer and air conditioners speed up the aging process. One of the most noticeable differences as you age is the negative effect of aging on the skin. With the age, due to contraction of muscles, decrease in body’s retention ability of water, dryness, and wrinkles begins to develop. Developments of irritable of rest lines, wrinkles lose the full and youthful look of the face. Skin is also damaged due to exposures to excessive ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Negative Effect of Aging on Skin

Lifestyle and food habits changes to combat the negative effect of aging on the skin:

Proper skincare together with a change in lifestyle, food habits, avoiding outside factors and regular exercises will definitely slow down the negative effect of aging on the skin and will help to maintain youthful-looking skin. Understanding proper diets, hygiene, and hydration are essential in maintaining healthy skin. You can forestall the negative effect of aging on your skin by following the guidance given in “Natural Remedies to Reduce Wrinkles and Effect of Aging”.

Homemade recipes for skincare regimen, exercises, and Precautions:

During the last few years’ markets is flooded with anti-aging solutions in the form of topical creams, lotions and serums, facial masks, rubbing oils, high-intensity moisturizer and various other supplements. Do these products have a long-lasting effect and safe for your skin? Do these products are cost-effective, based on anti-oxidants and natural ingredients and do not contains harmful chemicals? If your answer is in affirmative then you do not need any other product. If your answer is no for any of these statements then you should go to Natural Remedies to Reduce Wrinkles and Effect of Aging.


Download your copy now just for $9.95 with 60 days Unconditional Money-back Guarantee-NO Catch

Proper Skincare After Pregnancy

As you are enjoying the motherhood with your newborn, your regime of skincare after pregnancy will take a back seat. We can assume that you are busy with feeding, diaper changing, and washing baby’s clothes. However, during the postpartum period apart from your massive hair fall, your skin is also going through several changes due to hormonal modifications. You may suffer various skin issues like acne, pigmentation, dark circles, and puffy eyes and need proper skincare after pregnancy.

Therefore, it is better to steal some precious minutes from your hectic schedule and take good care of your skin quickly. Here we are going to emphasize on tips for skin care after pregnancy to restore your lost glow and smoothness of the skin.



This is a major task you have to do daily. Use a mild cleanser twice a day. Clear skin will help you to avoid acne and pigmentation. Daily cleaning is also applicable for your entire body. Use a good quality scrubber and exfoliate your skin once in a week. Exfoliation is important to remove dirt from pores of skincare after pregnancy.


Start your moisturizing routine immediately after cleaning the skin. Use a good quality product. It is not only applicable for your face but for the entire body. Pamper yourself by taking oil massage and spa in the salon. This way you will get back the lost glow within a few weeks. If you are breastfeeding then use organic products which are free of parabens.


Apply Tea Bags

The tea bag is a great idea to treat the puffiness of your eyes. Place cool tea bags on your closed eyes when you are resting. This will definitely reduce the swelling.

Tea-bags-for skin care after pregnancy

Use Orange pulps

A very few people know about the goodness of orange pulp for glowing skin. Orange pulp can lighten the skin color, revive your skin glow and also protect the skin from postpartum skin issues. Simply, make pulp out of an orange, apply the same for 15 minutes on your skin, and then wash off.

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Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are the most common issue that almost every woman face after pregnancy. Generally, stretch marks fade after three to four months of the pregnancy. If your marks are still there after four months then you should visit a dermatologist. Stronger retinoids can remove these stretch marks. If that doesn’t help you can also go for the laser treatment. However, there are natural remedies to reduce stretch marks, which are completely safe.

stretck marks cream


It is another skin problem that appears in the postpartum period. If you are suffering from acne then clean your face twice daily with a mild cleanser. Exfoliate your skin once in a week. Then apply lightweight and oil-free moisturizer. Consult your gynecologist before consuming any over-the-counter medicine especially when you are still breastfeeding. At home, you can apply honey on the cleansed affected area for 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

Cure Acne Naturally


Several new moms face pigmentation issue on their skin. Hence, these spots will be vanishing after one year. Still follow the cleaning, exfoliating and moisturizing routine daily. Use lightweight sunscreen with a high SPF level to protect skin from harsh sun rays.

Dark Circles

Lack of sleep, fatigue, stress can affect the skin around your eyes. To avoid dark circles drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Take rest whenever you get time. A small nap will also work. You can also use a branded eye cream at night daily.

Facelift: Surgical v/s Non-Surgical Methods

To retain a youthful face women resort to different methods. Nobody wants creases, wrinkles, and folds of skin on the face despite aging. Therefore, women try all sorts of things to maintain their youth and look.  Some recommend going for surgery and getting excess fats removed. Some others choose non-surgical methods for surgery.

Surgical method

This method involves surgery of the aging skin. The sagging skin and wrinkles on the face and neck are tightened. The excess fats under the skin are removed. However, all this process requires both prior and post-surgery precautions. The candidate has to lose weight and quit smoking.

There can be many more guidelines by the doctors depending on the individual case. The duration of a favorable result in the case of the surgical method of face-lift may vary from person to person. Post-operation there can be cases of numbness, pain, and nausea that may require time to go. On top of it, the results may or may not be as per expectations even after shelling out a huge amount.

surgical face lift

Non-surgical Methods:

There are mainly four non-surgical face-lift methods which can be further defined in two categories as per techniques applied. In one category non-surgical facelift techniques include the laser facelift, the microcurrent facelift, and Therm-age.  The other non-surgical way advocates use of natural methods and therapy like exercises, massage, and acupressure to get a face-lift.


Comparison between different methods of non-surgical face-lift

1. Modern technological based on skin tightening methods
2. A natural method based on facial exercises, massage, and acupressure

Modern Technological Methods:

Laser Face-lift:

Using laser technology, doctors resurface and tighten the outer layers of the skin. While the procedure cannot remove excess skin, patients experience tightening of loose skin immediately, with fewer wrinkles in the treated area and a firmer, healthier-looking complexion. However, The non-surgical laser facelift does cause some minor discoloration, temporary reddening of the skin, a slight chance of scarring. There as also the possibility of brief lightening or darkening of the skin in treated areas.

Micro-current face-lift 

Also known as the Bio-Ultimate facelift is a non-surgical face-lift procedure. During a micro-current facelift, gentle electric currents are applied to the face, stimulating a natural cellular reaction. The effects of this stimulation are varied and have not been tested. Thin skin like eyelids, underarm respond better than the thick skin of the cheeks. It has not been considered a better option for face-lift.


It is also non-evasive facial rejuvenation technique in which plastic surgeon and dermatologist employ the use of heat to stimulate collagen growth in problem areas. Therm-age may leave swelling, blister, and redness in the treated area which may disappear after some time.

Natural Methods:

The natural method involves regular facial exercises and massage. Acupressure, which is a natural method, also helps in obtaining a facelift. Under this method, the fingertips move in a circular motion on certain pressure points that help in maintaining the freshness of the face. The regular use of these methods helps in evading sagging of skin, double chin, wrinkles, and baggy eyes. Facial exercises/yoga exercises are not only for mature people to achieve smooth, youthful, younger-looking skin. This Program is also for young people to maintain their youthful look.

Facial Exercises:

Facial exercises if done in a proper way will check the cause of the aging process by tightening the muscles and sagging skin. It will result in the lifting of dropped contours and firming the flabby skin by rebuilding atrophying muscles tissues without invasive surgery. However in non-surgical facelift, thrice a week program of facial exercises and/or acupressure will provide long-lasting results and that too at an economical cost.

This non-surgical face-lift program is the best and cheapest method in comparison with surgical as well as other non –surgical methods.

Face-lift without Surgery:

Wendy Wilken, Author of Face-lift without Surgery, is one of the foremost experts in age regression methodology and teaches how to use yoga facial exercises to avoid facelift surgery. The author also reveals little known secrets to anti-aging skincare in her facial exercises eBook “Facelift without Surgery”. In this book combination of facial exercises, acupressure and massage techniques have been explained to combat the effect of aging.

Wendy Wilken has compiled step by step instructions in his eBook “ Face-lift without surgery” form to apply pressure in a certain direction on 20 acupressure points. These points are located in face, neck, hands, and arms, to reverse the process of aging and cell degeneration.

Face exercises, massaging and applying pressure will improve the overall circulation of blood in the body and functioning of all the major organs. It will also tone the muscles and gives you radiant, glowing, wrinkle-free skin. With the use of acupressure, you will be able to perform your own non-surgical facelift that will take you only 20 minutes a day (one minute on each point). After the first 30 days, you can maintain it 2 to 3 times a week or as per the requirement to maintain the face-lift.

You will feel the difference within a few days and will make you look younger in one month. Each of the 20 anti-aging acupressure point locations is clearly demonstrated in the black and white photos in the face-lift without surgery. Each point has a narration which describes its location, motion required, benefit, oriental name, and another effect. You will achieve many benefits (some of them given below) by following the step by step guidance given in this eBook.

1. You will look younger; have fewer face lines and firmer skin tone.
2. Diminish those unsightly eye bags!
3. Lift and tighten cheeks
4. Lift flab under the chin
5. Smoother under eye creases
6. Eliminate crow’s feet
7. Smoother lines on the forehead
8. You will feel and appear less stressed.
9. You can maintain your facelift for the rest of your life after regaining your looks!
10. You may have some relief to headaches, migraines, and tension headaches.
11. Certain internal organs may function better e.g. Kidneys, lungs, heart, intestines, liver.

Now you are aware of the advantages of exercises and acupressure over other surgical and non-surgical methods. Grab this opportunity facelift without surgery” for younger-looking skin which comes with 60days money-back guarantee and bonuses worth $400. To retain youthful face women and for non-surgical facelift BUY NOW

Get Rid of Double Chin Without Surgery

Your neck is clean and wrinkle-free but that extra crease under your chin demands attention. That extra layer of skin under your chin is called double chin. It happens because of excessive deposits of fats under the skin or some genetic reasons. You may try to hide it but how can you hide that from a mirror.

Double chin

A person with double chin looks unappealing. He or she often feels low because of the sagging skin under the chin. The person tries to cover it up with high neck wears or under hair. But these often are insufficient or wrong solutions. The right way is to get proactive and immediately resort to some meaningful solutions for those involuntary muscles under the jaw. Follow the crucial tips which will definitely help in the elimination of double chin with a grin.

Tips for the elimination of double chin:

1. You are what you eat. The better way out to get rid of double chin is to keep a check on what you eat. Eat healthy food like fresh fruits and salads. And give fatty foods a miss. Do not overeat. Also, drink lots of water to flush out the unwanted toxins.

2. Keep moving. Reduce the excess weights by burning those calories. Join the gym or try jogging, brisk walking or switch over to yoga. The more you burn your calories, the sooner your whole body will become slender and light. Your chin and neck area will get trimmed too.

3. Target your jawline to streamline them. Keep moving your chin and jaw muscles so that fat deposits get reduced. A tasty idea is to keep a chewing gum pack handy. Chewing the gum will make the muscles move and help in reducing the double chin!! Or you can just pretend to chew for 3-4 minutes as if there is something in your mouth.

4. Also do some neck exercises, head, and facial exercises. The regular routine will strengthen and rectify the muscles of the face and neck.

5. The above methods are pocket-friendly and painless. All you will lose is extra weight and baggy muscles.

Besides above methods there are medical treatments for double chin which may create a hole in your wallet. The surgeries require quite an amount and are painful. What’s more, inappropriate lifestyle may place you back in that problem again. That’s why it is recommended to switch over to healthy habits for long-lasting results.

Double chin is an embarrassing and ugly skin problem. If the above tips are followed then one can step out with confidence and smile on the face.

Non Surgical Facelift With Facial Exercises

Nowadays facelift has gained wide popularity. In the normal course, term facelift is used to a surgical procedure but in an actual facelift is the technique to reverse the signs of the aging process on the face and neck of a person. Since other techniques like acupressure and exercises (face and neck) are not very popular so people think facelift means surgical procedure. The surgical procedure is quite costly and cannot be performed with every person and also has many side effects.

Men and women in forties and fifties have witnessed the good effects of a non-surgical facelift with acupressure and exercises. People in the age group in the seventies can also get the benefit of these techniques without any side effect and at a fraction of cost to surgical procedure.


If age has started showing wrinkles, excess fats around the cheeks and double chin on your face, it may be due to stressful lifestyle, sun,  poor food habits, smoking, pollution, and hereditary factors. These may leave harmful effects on the skin and can lose the elasticity of your skin. Just go for a non-surgical facelift with either acupressure or facial exercises and get your lovely face back. Some of the facial exercises are given here for beginners.

Facial exercises to avoid double chin:

Facial exercises if performed 3 times a week can serve as a huge benefit to tone sagging neck, jowls. It will also avoid double chin and you will find positive results within a month.

Exercise 1:

Sit or stand straight and bend your head backward to look at the ceiling while keeping your lips together (do not close tightly). Start a chewing movement and repeat it 20 times. This is a good exercise to help to get rid off from double chin.

Exercise 2:

Sit or stand straight and bend your head backward to look at the ceiling while keeping your lips together but relaxed. Place your lower lip over your top lip as far as possible and keep for a count of five. Return head to normal position and repeat exercise 10 times

Exercise 3:

Sit or stand straight and slowly turn your head to the left side, maintaining your chin at the same level without dropping or lifting it. Turn your head until you feel a stretching sensation. Hold your head in this position for 5 counts and then gently move your head to the right-hand side and keep for a count of 5. Repeat 3 times.

Acupressure for a non-surgical facelift:

Another very effective non-surgical facelift method is acupressure which may change your looks10-15 years younger within a month. This facelift (Anti-aging skincare program) is very effective for men and women. This program is based on Chinese technique in which you apply pressure on certain point at your face with your fingertips. In this facelift program, neither any cream/gel nor any other anti-aging skin product is used.

How to perform your own non-surgical facelift:

This non-surgical facelift acupressure based program has been compiled in an e-book and will demonstrate how to perform your own non-surgical facelift by using your fingertips for shedding years, firming sagging skin, reducing face lines, wrinkles and odd eye bags. Regular massaging of nodal energy points with fingertips and facial exercises will lift the skin on your face and a new color of cheeks will come out.

Stimulation of each energy points and energy channel with pressure through fingertips will correlate with another part of the body. First nodal points (energy points) of the head are stimulated then move down to stimulate the energy lines of other parts of the body.

Wendy Wilken has compiled step by step instructions in his eBook “Facelift without surgery” form to apply pressure in a certain direction on 20 acupressure points located in face, neck, hands, and arms, to reverse the process of aging and cell degeneration. Massaging and applying pressure will improve the overall circulation of blood in the body and functioning of all the major organs. With the use of acupressure, you will be able to perform your own non-surgical facelift that will take you only 20 minutes a day (one minute on each point) for the first 30 days and thereafter you can maintain it 2 to 3 times a week or as per the requirement to maintain the facelift.

You will feel the difference within a few days and will make you look younger in one month.

Each of the 20 anti-aging acupressure point locations is clearly demonstrated in the black and white photos in the facelift without surgery. Each point has a narration which describes its location, motion required, benefit, oriental name, and other effects. At the website, Wendy Wilken has described the location of one of the acupressure point ‘Yang Bai’ between hairline and top of the eyebrow which supports the layer of skin and has a tendency to develop wrinkles and works on the skin and forehead muscles.

Applying pressure with fingertips and massaging the points will stimulate and build up the underline muscles tissue as explained in the with figures.


Wendy Wilken creator of this book claims that–
    • You WILL look younger; have fewer face lines, firmer skin tone, more facial color.
    • Diminish those unsightly eye bags!
    • You WILL feel and appear less stressed.

This eBook comes with 60 days money-back guarantee and bonus e-books amounting to $400 worth. You may find more details at the website Facelift without surgery

Slow Down the Aging effect on Skin

Skin problems due to aging and environmental effects:

The change is the law of nature and is inevitable. The health of human being starts deteriorating with age. When you grow old every part of your body is affected. With age, blood vessel walls tend to stiffen up; the process of cell division, replacement and various other systems of the body that continues throughout life slows down. Environmental pollution, harsh sunlight, global warming, thinning of the ozone layer and air conditioners speed up the aging process. One of the most noticeable differences as you age is the changes in your skin. With the age, due to contraction of muscles, decrease in body’s retention ability of water, dryness, and wrinkles begins to develop. Developments of irritable of rest lines, wrinkles lose the full and youthful look of the face. Skin is also damaged due to exposures to excessive ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Aging effect on Skin

Precautions and lifestyle changes:

Proper skincare together with the change in lifestyle, food habits, avoiding outside factors and regular exercises will definitely slow down the aging effect and will help to maintain youthful-looking skin. To slow down the effect of aging exercises needs to be done in moderation. Well, practically almost everything needs to be done in moderation. Understanding proper diets, hygiene, and hydration are essential in maintaining healthy skin. You should minimize alcohol; avoid smoking, spicy & those foods which are rich in acid and sugar. Eating fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, drinking lots of water and taking sufficient sleep is the key to delay the aging process.

Changes in lifestyle and food habits will rejuvenate your body. You can reduce the negative effects of aging and keep yourself fit by enhancing the body antioxidants through a balanced diet. Take the following steps to keep your mind and body fit and youthful-looking facial skin: –

Steps to get youthful-looking facial skin:

Guidance and homemade recipes to slow down the effect of aging on the skin:
1. Drink a lot of water in the morning.
2. Do regular exercises like asana, Pranayam and brisk walking for at least 30 minutes for six days a week?
3. Do meditation to keep a positive mindset.
4. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. Take whole-grains meals, legumes, and low-fat milk products in daily diet.
5. Avoid nasty arguments.
6. Manage the stress and avoid unnecessary physical and mental strain.
7. Take enough sleep to say 6-7 hours.
8. Keep your weight within limits.
9. Take lemon and honey in the daily diet for softening of blood vessel walls.
10. Keep busy by doing some constructive work, helping others and playing with kids.

3-steps to prevent your skin from aging

Step I: Reduce the sugar intake to less than 10% of your total calories intake in a day. Eat fruits and vegetables for natural sugar instead of other sweet things in your diet.

Step II: Limit the exposure to the sun especially during 11 AM to 3 PM. Exposure of skin to UV rays of the sun forms age proteins. Use sunscreen with SPF 30 and also wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect your facial skin

Step III: To slow down the effect of aging you should take sufficient anti-oxidants in your daily diet. You can get these antioxidants by eating lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and green tea. You can also apply an anti-aging cream that contains a good level of anti-oxidants. You can also prepare anti-aging facial masks.


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Aging effect and prevention

You can forestall the negative effect of aging on your skin by following the guidance given in Natural Remedies to Reduce Wrinkles and Effect of Aging on Skin. This eBook has step by step guidance about lifestyle changes, types of fruits, vegetables/herbs, skincare recipes and exercises to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and get back the glow of skin and look young again.

If you like you can get “Natural Remedies to Reduce Wrinkles and Effect of Aging”  Ebook Here

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Counteract the Effect of Aging

What is the effect of aging on the skin

The effects of aging like wrinkles, spots, and fine lines are often caused by irritation for women. They wish to stay forever young and be the center of attraction. But with the appearance of aging signs, their skin loses the natural shine and suppleness. The effect of time and external factors are bound to show up on the skin. In addition, the negative effects are higher in case of lazy and inactive women who ignore to care for their skin on time.

Action required to counteract the effect of aging

If you are one of those who desire youthful and radiant skin even in old age and ready to devote regular time then you can achieve beautiful facial skin faster in comparison to other women of similar age. Your initiative to protect and rejuvenate the aging skin can help you to shine among the crowd. Your skin needs constant care and remedial treatments to push back the aging signs and preserve youthfulness. For this purpose, you need a reliable and extensive resource of skincare information to counteract the effect of aging, especially anti-aging tips.

counteract the effect of aging

Selecting a skincare regimen and products

The use of precise information in the proper procedure has far-reaching effects on the skin. Different skin types need different remedies and skin treatments. Maybe, you are already using some treatment but it may not be working in your favor. Therefore, it is essential to understand the demands and requirements of the skin and develop a skincare regime accordingly.

Hundreds of creams, lotions, and treatments claim to combat the aging process. The point to be considered is that they use chemicals and less natural ingredients. The chemical-based products can cause more harm than providing any goodness to the skin. On the other hand, nature-based treatments are extremely effective and safe for the skin. Moreover, these treatments cost only a fraction of the expenditure on chemical treatments.

The process of anti-aging includes a number of steps and measures. First of all, you need to know in detail about the aging itself including the external and internal factors that influence your skin and accelerate the aging process. Then you must know the habits that speed up the process of aging skin. The knowledge about precautionary measures will help you to give up negative habits and adopt healthier ways to reduce the aging effect on your skin as well as body.

In addition to the above, you must be aware of the steps and methods that provide specialized care and protection to your skin. In order to reduce aging signs, homemade recipes play a vital role. Therefore, you must acquire the right kind of information regarding the treatments that purify, nourish and brighten up your skin.

Homemade recipes as per the type of skin

The products you used to apply in the younger age may not be suitable for you as you age. Your products must be sufficient enough to supply adequate nutrients that assure continued beauty, glow and suppleness on your face. There is no need to rely on products available in the market. You can formulate them at home with natural ingredients available in your kitchen. Simply follow the procedure and store the bottles of cleansers, toners, scrubs, and moisturizers for long usage.

Homemade face masks and facial exercises to counteract the effect of aging

Face masks are another crucial skin treatment. Application of suitable natural face mask can further enhance your glow. Prepare and apply such face mask regularly for maximum benefits.

Besides skin care measures, several facial exercises also help to reduce the formation of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. These exercises if performed daily help to retain the elasticity and beauty of the face. The facial exercises are equally important as natural facial treatments are. All the above age-defying steps, measures, treatments and exercises when performed together on a regular basis can reverse your aging process. Your dream of preserving your beautiful skin needs your initiative and timely action. Do not leave it for tomorrow. Start your anti-aging skincare procedure today and see the difference.

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5 Factors That Cause Skin Aging Faster

Women around the world try hard to reverse the aging process and persevere to look younger for a longer time. However, little do they know that there are certain crucial factors that cause the skin to age faster or slower. If you are one of those who believe in using anti-aging products and treatments to slow down the aging process then read on these five factors that influence your aging process.  Some of these may be controlled while some others cannot be tampered with to regulate the aging process. The following factors that cause skin aging essentially determine the speed of your aging process and its outcomes on your skin.

Following are 5 Factors That Cause Skin Aging Faster:

1. Free radicals


Free radicals are molecules that initiate the deterioration of the skin’s structural support and decrease the elasticity, flexibility, and suppleness of the skin. Free radicals oxidize are one of the factors that cause skin aging and damage the cellular components of the human body. Such oxidative damage speeds up the aging process. To counter the effects of free radicals there is a need to infuse anti-oxidants in optimum quantity in the body thereby lowering the negative effects of aging.

2. Excessive fats deposits


Excessive fats also one of the factors that cause skin aging faster. Especially the trans- fats and some kinds of saturated fats are bad for the health of the body and for the aging process. Build up of trans fats in your cell membranes can make them stiff and inflexible. Inflexible cell membranes make it difficult for nutrients to get into your cells and that may cause lots of health and skin problems. The inflexibility of the cell affects blood circulation which contributes to dry and flaky skin and may also cause greasy pores and acne problem. For more details see obesity cause skin problems.

3. DNA is also one of the factors that cause skin aging faster

DNA is bound to affect our aging. The DNA we inherit from our parents has a predetermined effect on our aging.

4. Metabolism process


The metabolism process is yet another factor that influences slow or fast aging. While faster metabolism signals quick aging, slow metabolism ensures a longer lifespan and the slow aging process.

5. lifestyle


Our nutrition, sleeping pattern and workout schedules among other factors constitute our lifestyle. The type of lifestyle has a greater impact on the aging of our body and skin. Processed food and fast food accelerate the process of aging whereas a balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, and fiber-rich food improve your health and slow down the process of aging. Your sleeping pattern can also affect the aging process of your body and skin. It may cause wrinkles and under-eye circles. Smoking and excessive intake of alcohol are other factors of early aging and dullness of skin.

A sedentary lifestyle also contributes to skin aging. Exercise and yoga help to tone up muscles and improve the blood circulation resulting in good health and younger-looking skin. A healthy lifestyle helps to slow down the process of aging.

You may slow down the effect of aging by following the above tips to counter the  factors that cause skin aging faster

Maintain Healthy Skin With Proper Skin Care Regimen

The skin is the upper and visible layer of our body. Nature has endowed each being with a protection cover. The skin (including hair) of human beings is that protection cover which saves the human body from changing the environment. Rain, cold, heat, sunrays, dust, virus and other factors can cause harm to the body. The skin acts as a shield of the body and takes all the negativity on itself.


Skin Care Regimen

With so many things that our delicate skin has to go through, it is our job to protect, care and heal our beautiful skin. We should take good care of our skin and try to protect it from harsh elements present in the atmosphere. Skincare requires a proper and regular effort to keep the skin clear and clean.  A skin regularly cleaned and nourished help in getting rid of various skin problems. With proper care, the natural texture and complexion of the skin can be retained.

The skincare is the method of maintaining the skin and giving importance to the basics of skin requirement. With essential tips and guidance, one can not only easily keep the skin in its original form but also augment the beauty of the skin. The way to beautiful you begins with proper skincare. Like our body, our skin requires vital nutrients and protection as well to stay healthy and glowing. Since skin continuously works towards our protection, it also needs continuous and regular protection.

Methods of skincare:

There are two simple ways of skincare. These two ways are the internal and external method.

The internal method:

In the internal method of skincare, one has to pay attention to lifestyle, eating habits and regular exercises/yoga. Here at this website, we have discussed general skincare precautions, tips and step by step procedure to maintain healthy and younger-looking skin.

The external method:

In the second method of skin care is applying of certain creams, masks or paste to the external layer of skin. Applying of skincare products depends upon the type of skin. The market is filled with various skincare products that make tall claims in advertising but most of the products do not fulfill what they claim. Most of the products are very costly and are chemicals based that may have many side effects on your skin and body. On the other hand, the homemade recipes are safe, cheap and very effective in maintaining healthy skin and curing many skin-related issues without any medicines.

Above skincare tips are a very important and basic requirement for maintaining healthy and achieving smooth and silky skin. The secret of skincare lies in a regular and correct skincare regimen. Skincare also depends upon the types of skin as one skin care regimen does not suit all types of skin. First of all identify type of skin and select skin care regimen as per the type of skin. Skincare recipes are also prepared as per the type of skin as need of dry, normal, oily, sensitive and combination skin are different.

Skincare program also changes as per the change of season and age. In different seasons certain extra precautions and care are to be taken to maintain healthy skin. In summer, rainy and winter season one has to adjust the skincare regimen differently. Likewise in teenage, there are hormonal changes in the body as such for teenager skincare regimen is different from adults.

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