Every pregnant woman experiences some kind of discomfort during her pregnancy. Some are lucky and will only have to deal with mild morning sickness, blood pressure issues, water retention, etc. While there are those, who deal with severe backache issues and ignore them. However, backache during pregnancy deserves attention to sail through the pregnancy peacefully.

Here are, best tips to deal with backache during pregnancy:

1. The first key is practicing the right posture

As your baby would grow, your center of gravity would also shift forward. To avoid falling forward, you need to keep in mind that you need to lean back – which can strain the muscles in your lower back and contribute to severe back pain during pregnancy. To avoid this issue, you need to keep these principles of good posture in your mind:

backache during pregnancy

  • Stand up straight and tall
  • Keep your chest held high
  • Keep your shoulders back and always relaxed
  • Never lock your knees
  • If you need to stand for long intervals of time, always rest one foot on a low step stool and take time for frequent breaks to walk and relax.

2. The second key is using the right gear i.e. shoe support

This is one of the most important home remedies, as the right footgear is very much needed during pregnancy.  Always prefer wearing low-heeled – not flat – shoes that offer good arch support to your foot. One must definitely avoid high heels, which can further shift your balance and cause you to fall. One can also research about the good effects of a maternity support belt and wear it if felt necessary at home while walking or doing household chores. It offers additional support and allows you to walk comfortably.

3. The third key is lifting properly

Whenever you are lifting an object, make sure that you squat down and lift it with your hands rather than bending your waist or lifting with your back. Ask for help if you need it while lifting and make sure that you know your limits of bending down while you are pregnant.

4. The fourth key is sleeping on your side

Always sleep on your side and not your back. One should consider using pregnancy pillows between your bent knees, under your abdomen, and behind your back.

sleeping on side

5. The final key is stretching in your everyday routine

Simple stretching exercises can go a long way in providing you relief from the back pain problem. These are extremely simple to follow. Get started with standing on the floor and then swinging the arms behind the back. Follow this by simply joining the palms and then stretching the body upwards. This will help you relief from the back pain. Another simple stretching exercise needs you to take both your hands behind your back and follow a set of 50 reps every day to keep backache away.

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The most critical thing to do is remain cautious, as back pain can worsen if neglected. Follow the above home remedies in your daily routine to avoid backache during pregnancy. These would also help you remain active and maintain the proper posture throughout your pregnancy.

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