Soon after the news of your being pregnant is confirmed by your doctor, it is time to move ahead and plan for the welcome of a new member of the family. However, this is when realize things are not always as you wished them to be.

Are you feeling nauseous or pukish in the early weeks of pregnancy? Listed below are some of the top tips to help you cope with vomiting during pregnancy:

vomiting during pregnancy

1. Snack On

Eating snacks frequently will keep you away from nausea. This will prevent you from having food on an empty stomach that can make sickness worse. Focus on eating little and often. This will keep your sugar levels balanced. Also, keep healthy snacks handy for nibbling on.

2. Go, Protein Rich

Protein during pregnancy

Indulge in protein-rich foods such as crispy (not too much salty) nuts. Strictly avoid fatty, spicy, acidic, fried foods. These may trigger nausea or make it worse. You can have boiled eggs too.

3. Have Salad



Having a small plate of salad comprising of cucumber, tomatoes, and greens with lime juice will help. Make sure you wash the veggies well and do not keep them in a refrigerator for long.

4. Colder Meals Help

These are definitely better than hotter meals. The smell of cooking might introduce a feeling of nausea and vomiting.

5. Stay Hydrated


Drinking water frequently between meals (not with meals) is important. Keep sipping water all through the day. Staying hydrated is very important during pregnancy.

6. Get Rest

Excess stress and fatigue can make pregnancy sickness worse. Hence, it is crucial to get plenty of rest and relaxation as and when possible.

7. Fennel


Fennel seeds have a special aroma that helps in reducing the vomiting sensation and the feeling of being full. You can prepare fennel tea by adding the seeds to a cup of hot water. Simply steep the mixture for around 10 minutes and strain. Try to have it the first thing in the morning.

8. Yogurt

plain yogurt

Rich in vitamin B12, yogurt helps reduce the nauseous feeling most pregnant women face. The probiotics help regulate the digestive system. Take ample fresh fruits (strawberries, grapes, apples, banana, etc.) added with yogurt. This helps ease nausea.

9. Cloves


These are rich in aroma and flavor. Cloves have a soothing effect on the stomach and can help you feel relieved. When mixed with honey tea, clove can reduce vomiting sensation. Simply add a teaspoon of cloves and boil it in one cup of water. Allow simmering for 10 minutes. Add honey to the tea and have lukewarm.

You may even try chewing on a few cloves with a little honey throughout the day.

10. Use peppermint

Peppermint prevents vomiting during pregnancy. Sprinkle few drops of peppermint oil on the hanky and inhale the vapors. Else, chew some peppermint leaves to avoid vomiting symptoms.

11. Lemon

lemon juice

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The smell of lemon is refreshing and can help in recovering from nausea. Simply add some lemon juice in a glass of water along with a spoon of honey, stir and drink every morning to avoid vomiting. Alternatively, sniff the fresh lemon feel to deal with vomiting symptoms.

Now you know how to deal with vomiting during pregnancy. Follow the above tips and reduce discomfort.