Brain gym exercises are known to improve brain activities and functions and making the brain sharper and smarter than before. While the series of exercises here is pretty simple, let us check out some of the common ones.

In case you want to tune your mind through brain gym exercises, here we have some simple options for you!

Brain gym exercises

Brain Button:

This form of exercise stimulates the brain’s reception capabilities by increasing the oxygen supply to the organ. To practice this one, you would need to keep one hand onto your naval region and with the hand and the fingers of the other hand, feel the two hollow regions just under the collarbone. You just need to rub these areas with vigor for about a minute while looking from left to the right and repeating.

Cross Crawl:

This one improves memoryreading, listening, and writing skills as it coordinates the activity of the brain better than ever before. To practice this you would need to “march” in the same place while alternatively touching hands to the opposite knees. Do until you have eight complete relaxed breaths.

The Thinking Cap:

This one helps to activate the brain in increased abstract thinking skills, short term memory, listening capabilities, and et al and can be easily practiced by trying to unroll the curved parts in each ear and continuing the same till the end of the ears. Repeating for a few times help.

The Rocker:

This one helps in improved circulation of cerebrospinal fluids in the brain and thus helps in the ability to comprehend, focus, and concentrate. You can practice this by sitting on a mat with bent knees and the feet put together at your front. The next step is to lean back on your hips and hands and rock in a circular and back and forth motion. Simple.

Neck Rolls:

This one is effective in improving thinking and verbal capabilities along with being great to improve relaxation of the mind and breathing too! To practice this you would need to breathe while relaxing the shoulders and dropping your head at the front. The next step is to slowly close your eyes and start rotating your head from one side to another. At least more than three reps help to get a relaxed and active brain.

The Energy Yawn:

This brain exercise helps to relax the jaws and also relaxes the eyes other than improving expression and creativity in humans. To practice this you need to lightly press the fingertips against any tight spot that you find on your cheeks and make a relaxed yawning sound. Repeating for four times help.