Throat also termed in science as the pharynx, is on a tube-like structure that carries food to the esophagus and air to the larynx. Due to its direct contact and exposure to the outer environment, the infective agents enter into the system through the nose and the mouth. These infections may be viral or bacterial in nature.

So basically, that conditions like body aches, headaches, etc.

Throat infection

Also, there might be several serious symptoms like choking, problems in breathing, pale or blue lips, increase in heart rate, anxiety, high temperatures, sudden swelling in the throat structures and further conditions like passing out, change in mental state or sudden change in behavior like hallucinating, delusions, delirium, lethargy, etc.

There are several throat infection conditions that can be cured using antibiotics if the infection is due to bacteria, whereas the infection due to viruses clears up on their own. One of the effective measures to cure throat infection is acupressure.

The points that are effective in treating the throat infection problem are given in the image. Details on how to apply pressure on the point are given at “How to apply pressure on acupoints?”.

Throat Treatment

The points which are present on either side of the body should be massaged in the same manner. Along with the acupressure techniques, one should drink warm water with one quarter of chopped ginger and tea with ginger in it.

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For severe problems, you should see a doctor. There are some precautions while treating health issues with acupressure. You may find precautions.

Information provided by acupressure specialist Mr.M.R.Monga. He is now 93 years old and has a vast knowledge of acupressure and treated thousands of people free of charge.