For a healthier, peaceful and successful life, we have to change our eating habits, lifestyle and follow the certain principles of life of ancient India:


Make Lifestyle Changes to Manage Your Diabetes

Diabetes is really tough to manage but it can be managed properly, provided you make lifestyle changes to manage your diabetes…

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old people and dementia

10 Lifestyle Changes for Dementia Prevention

Lifestyle changes for Dementia Prevention involve several exercises, food that prevent dementia and precautions. Following these will ensure a healthy mind…

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Shining Diva Fashion Platinum Plated Austrian Crystal Bracelet for Women and Girls

On Valentine’s day the best gift you should give to your wife or girlfriend. Here are great Valentine’s Day gifts for her, check…

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12 Smart habits to stay happy every day of the year

How some people stay happy always while others complain? Check out 12 Smart Habits to Stay Happy every day of the year and open up to life wherever you are…

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Fiber-Rich Foods

Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Triglycerides

Too much triglyceride can put you at higher risks of incurring heart diseases. Here are a few lifestyle changes to reduce your triglycerides…

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Lifestyle Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Life PostMenopause

After postmenopause, there are certain bodily changes happen. Here are 5 lifestyle tips for maintaining a healthy life postmenopause…

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Green leafy vaggie

Aging Effect and Prevention

Aging effect and prevention provide information about precautions, guidance, diet management and exercises to slow down the effect of aging…

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Music Therapy

10-Ways you can decrease your anxiety

Anxiety has become a part of everyday life affecting the well-being and happiness quotient of a person. Here are 10 ways you can decrease your anxiety…

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Meditation and yoga exercises help a lot in dealing with panic attack.

Lifestyle Changes to Recover From Depression

It takes only a few lifestyle changes to recover from depression. Here is what lifestyle changes you can make to get rid of depression…

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Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle, good eating habits, and regular exercises are the most important factors of life for maintaining good health without medicines…

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DIY hot compress

Diy Hot Compress at Home and its Benefits

DIY hot compress helps relieve pain, increases blood flow, relaxes muscle spasms, supports quicker healing of wounds, treats numerous skin and eye problems…

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.elder people exercises

The health of Aging People

Change is the law of nature and is inevitable. Since health plays a major role as such to maintain good health, aging people must follow four things…

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Food that helps in concentration and focusing of the mind

Food is instrumental in regulating the energy of your body. Find some of the foods that help in concentration and focusing of mind…

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Meditation and Well-being of Mind and Body

Regular meditation teaches you, how to remain quiet. For a simple reason, that quieter you are, better you can hear about the best things in life…

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Ways to tackle everyday stress and tension

The hectic schedule and fast-paced life have resulted in stress. There are ways to eradicate everyday stress…

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Spirituality is the need of the hour

Why Spirituality is The Need of The Hour?

Spirituality is the need of the hour as it helps to find the clarity, true meaning, purpose of life and help to achieve it even in your hardship you face…

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Prayer with gratitude

Why Is It Important To Pray With Gratitude

When we start respecting laws of nature and fill our prayer with gratitude for almighty, we could achieve more healing powers through praying…

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Life-Changing Tips for Better and Happier Living

Here are some life-changing tips which will not only change the way one looks at life but helps for better and happier Living…

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