Treatment and Pain Control Ways to Resolve Hemorrhoids crisis


Piles (hemorrhoids) usually disappear within a few days of occurring but the itching and burning within the anal area due to swelling and aggravating of the vein walls cause too much discomfort. However, you don’t need to put up with the pain and wait for a natural disappearance of the problem with these simple solutions and professional treatments:

Incorporate suitable dietary changes into your routine to prevent certain foods whose processing and nutritional value may result in aggravation of the condition and avoid straining on the toilet.

Specific Creams, suppositories, etc are manufactured to enable better relief in swelling and inflammation of piles so you can consult with your GP and seek suitable topical and other treatment to lower inflammation.

As a traditional therapy solution, Warm (make sure that it is not hot) sitz baths are recommended. You can try taking one for 15 minutes while the water is up to 8 cm numerous times a day, especially when you have had a bowel movement.

sitz baths

Painkillers like paracetamol, etc can be used to control the pain that irritation of the vein walls causes. Local anesthetic products or prescribed medicine can be used to limit the extent of pain.

To deal with constipation led piles or constipation during piles, try using a laxative as per your GP’s recommendation.

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Nevertheless, it is pivotal for everyone to understand that these solutions won’t help in ridding your body of the problem so you will need to either wait it out while lowering the pain or seek professional treatment to improve healing. For pregnant women, it is very important to keep an eye out for any such issues so maintain a healthy diet and speak with your GP for any treatment, traditional or not, before you choose to follow it. Here are some of the professionally sought treatments:

Injection or sclerotherapy: Used for internal hemorrhoids, this process includes injecting the hemorrhoids with a specific solution that results in a scar creation and leads to the closing of hemorrhoids. The injection doesn’t hurt much and the process helps in easy control of the problem.

sclerotherapy for internal haemorrhoids

Banding: This process is frequently used for prolapsed hemorrhoids and includes litigation through rubber-band. Special equipment is used to secure a small rubber band about hemorrhoids to restrict its blood supply immediately. With a cut off blood supply, hemorrhoid only survives less than a week and then falls off after shriveling.

Banding for prolapsed haemorrhoids

Coagulation or cauterization: By making use of an electric probe or infrared light or a similar source of the laser, professionals make a little burn at the end of hemorrhoid to seal the end thus closing leads to shrinking and gradually help in controlling the problem.


Surgical options: Large internal hemorrhoids are frequently removed through haemorrhoidectomy, a process that is traditionally used and has an almost 95% success rate.


What patients must understand is that blood clot forming on the inside on external hemorrhoids often causes sudden, severe pain and there may as well be lumps around the anus so it is bound to ache a little if not a lot. However, using remedies to control pain may help you the most if you are not sure whether or not to use the above-listed measures for treatment.