In the past, women were blamed for infertility but it has been found out that men also may suffer infertility. It is good for a couple that fails to have children to see a doctor since some infertility problems can be treated easily.

Making a baby is a natural experience for many couples but for others, it can be a problem to be able to conceive. Infertility in a man can be diagnosed if both partners are tested and the reproductive problems are found with the man. The infertility is the problem which had been widespread. For most people, there are no signs of infertility problems with the man. Ejaculation, erections, and intercourse can take place without any difficulty. The appearance and the quantity of the ejaculation may appear to be normal for the naked eye.

Causes of infertility in a man

A problem in the production of sperm

Male infertility is caused by problems that can affect the production of sperm or sperm transportation. After doing the tests, the doctor may know where the problem is. The problem of infertility may be based on sperm production and this is a common cause of infertility in men. The sperm number may be low or it may not be functioning well.

A problem in the transportation of sperm

The cause of infertility can be the blockage in the transportation of the sperm also known as obstruction. This is when the tubes that have to lead the sperms from the testis into the penis are not able to do this and this means the semen that is ejaculated does not have the sperm.

Sperm antibodies

Sperm antibodies are when a substance in the semen or in the blood known as sperm antibodies may develop and can reduce the movements of the sperm or egg binding. Sexual problems like difficulties in ejaculation or erection, it may stop a couple from becoming pregnant. Hormonal problems also may cause problems with fertility by sending the wrong messages.

How infertility in men is treated

If a couple tried to get pregnant for a long period but they have failed, they need to see a local doctor or family planning personnel to do initial tests. Both partners have to be tested even if one may have already had a child before. The doctor will ask the man about his history. A physical examination can be done to see if there is an obvious problem that can affect fertility. A blood test should be done in order to check the levels of hormones that control sperm production. The doctor has also to check genetic problems and to do a testicular biopsy.

Products for Male Fertility

If the cause of infertility in the man can be treated easily, the couple can try to have children in the normal way. Men who have a low sperm may still be able to have children in the normal way. The cause of men’s infertility that can be treated is the blockage of sperm transport, hormone problems, sexual problems such as not being able to keep up with an erection, and anabolic steroids.

Natural treatment for infertility in a man

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In severe cases, the doctor may request the couple to go to look for assisted reproductive technology so that they can have a child. Such techniques may not cure the cause of male infertility but it helps the couple to have a child of their own. If a man is not able to make sperms, the condition cannot be treated. In this case, the couple may think about donor insemination, foster parenting, or adoption.

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