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When a thick, deep layer (dermis) of skin is damaged, the body attempts to fix the damage by forming new collagen tissues that have normally different texture and color then the existing tissues and scars are formed.  Scarring takes place when wounds are completely healed. A scar can result from accidents, surgeries, acne, burns, chickenpox or any other disease and severe weight gain.

skin scar

Types of scar

There are many types of the scar but most common scars are:

  1. Keloid Scars
  2. Contracture scars
  3. Hypertrophic scars
  4. Stretched skin scars
  5. Acne Scars

1. Keloid Scars

Keloid scars are formed when the skin produces too much collagen and leaves a raised area above the skin to repair damaged skin. Keloid scars are non-contagious but sometimes one may feel severe itchiness, pain, and change in texture. It can also affect the movement and cause problems beyond the original injury. These scars often grow worse over time. These scars can be prevented by using pressure treatment or gel pads at times of injury.

2. Contracture Scars

When skin is burned, surrounding skin begins to pull together resulting in a contracture scar. These scars are serious and often go deeper into the skin affecting nerves and muscles. These scars need to be treated as soon as possible because the scar results in restriction of movement around the burned area.

3. Hypertrophic Scars

These scars are similar to keloids. These scars stay within the original site of injury and raised and red in color. In due course of time, these scars decrease in size and intensity

4. Stretched Skin Scars

These scars occur after a drastic change in weight. These scars also occur after pregnancy due to the stretching of the skin. Scars formed due to stretching of skin fade over the time of a few years.

5. Acne Scars

Acne is the skin condition that affects most of the people in teens due to hormonal change. While acne is removed many people without any effect but some people are with disfiguring of the skin due to acne in the shape of pits, waves or spots. While acne spots fade but pits and waves cause permanent scarring. The severity of scarring depends upon the severity of acne. Treatment of these scarring depends upon the type of scarring.

Various types of Scar Treatment:

Scars of any type have caused lots of disappointment to many of us. Acne scars, stretch marks, chickenpox marks, post-surgery marks, burn scars, scars left by accident, and many more types of scars have been the cause of worry. Companies promote different kinds of creams and lotions claiming the disappearance of such scars. But these claims have often been false and create a hole in the pockets moreover. Various skin treatments demand surgery and multiple settings have been an expensive affair. These do not guarantee the removal of scars further. In addition, these medical treatments can have their own side effects on the skin. With so many recommendations and advice all around, which is the right guide that can actually cure these scars…answer to these problems is “The Scar Solution™ “.

Natural Treatment for scars:

An effective scar treatment program consists of all the latest and most effective natural products, techniques and remedies. Many of the products you need to eliminate your scars are available at grocery shops at very cheap rates. “Sean Lowry” creator of this eBook “The Scar Solution™” claims that this eBook contains only doctors approved, natural scar treatment methods that are guaranteed to work and everything is given in this guide is tested and proven to be effective.

Scar Solution

The information given in the book is solution-oriented. One can feel visible improvement in the affected portion. The regular use of the method can make the scar disappear and return the original beauty of the skin. These natural methods are absolutely safe and verified.

The book is easy to understand and provides simple solutions which are available in the

This system contains step by step remedies for each of the following issues:

1. Acne Scars
2. Facial Scars
3. Cut Scars
4. Burn Scars
5. Scrape Scars
6. Scrape Scars
7. Stretch Marks

The Scar Solution™ comes with 60 days money-back guarantee and with another free eBook —–Acne Causes, Cures, and Myths

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