Apricot – a health food package


Apricot a golden and reddish fruit with beta-carotene, vitamin C and fiber, is not only good in taste but also a health package that is hard to ignore.  It’s available all year-round, either fresh in the market or in tinned packages. Full of antioxidants, apricots are a better option to refurbish the deficiency than other fruits.  

Nutrients of Apricots

Apricots are the big source of vitamins A and C and variants of Vitamin B. Antioxidants are present in aplenty namely Quercetin, Gallic acid, Caffeic acid, Catechins, Hydroxycinnamic, etc. These antioxidants are functional in a body to encounter many problems.

Functions and benefits

By consuming apricots regularly you can take care of Some of the diseases and conditions like cancer, fever, stomach problems, constipation, etc. The apricot oil extracted from its kernels is used in cosmetics, applied for skin improvement and used as a muscle relaxant.


Beneficial for eyes

presence of carotenoids in abundance in apricots helps to slow down the aging process of eyes, like Retina of the eye, and apricot’s regular consumption helps to curb the loss of vision also.


Catechin antioxidant present in apricot does control inflammation of blood arteries and other parts of the body. In a way these help in controlling hypertension.

Aids Digestive system

Apricot’s fibrous texture is very helpful for the digestive system specifically for Apricot has the laxative effect owing to enzymes and its fibers, which instigates the movement of the bowel to be swift. Stimulate the garlic oil to help chronic constipation patients. Its regular intake will make the muscles of the whole digestive system better regulated.


 Fights Cancer

Apricot seed contains oil that has vitamin B 17 which terminates cancerous cells.

Treats Anemia

Apricot contains iron and copper which reacts in the hemoglobin formation. Deficiency of hemoglobin is called Anemia, which weakens the whole system of the body, body fatigue; digestive problems and many other problems are related to it. When the body makes more RBC these problems go away. So apricot is your call for breakfast and snacks each day. Iron in apricot helps to form red cells and boost metabolism for the normal function of the body.


Healthy Bones

Apricot has most of the important minerals in them which help in bone formation and to take care of them with its intake, like calcium magnesium phosphorous iron, etc. Its regular use will strengthen the bones and keep away osteoporosis.

Healthy bones

Cold and flu

Apricots help your immune system stronger, so it’s the shield against fever and cold.

Cold and flu

Maintains the balance of electrolytes

Potassium and sodium minerals present in apricots maintain fluid liquidity and its flow which is very important in ensuring constant flow to each part of the body, by keeping up the electrolytic system going smoothly. The proper system ensures the reduction in cramps, boosting the energy level of the body.

Cures skin problems

Skin ailments such as dryness of skin and eczema. Apricot oil which contains high vitamin A and E take care of aging-related problems, eczema, and dryness of the skin. These problems are controllable with the regular use of Apricot Oil.

Nurtures Hair

Use apricot oil after mixing with other oils and apply on the skull to give the hair sheen.

Acts as moisturizer

Apricot oil is a good moisturizer if applied to hands, arms and other parts of the body.

How to consume

You can eat apricots raw after washing and with salad too.

Slices of apricots dipped in cereals is a good food

With green tea a very rich option

Mixed with grainy pancakes

You can cook with chicken and other vegetables

Add to smoothies for more advantage

For asthmatic patients, sulfur and its compounds are not best suited to their health. When preserved in bulk apricots are mixed with sulfur and sulfites which can be harmful to asthmatic patients. So fresh fruits of apricot always a bliss, and should be high on one’s list of priority as its high on nutrients needed for the wellness of the body