Benefit of Exercises During Pregnancy

exercises during pregnancy
Did you know that safe Exercises During Pregnancy can be of great help? Are you also aware that it can give you a good amount of energy, good health in general as well as improve your self-image? The answer is yes. It also improves your body posture and reduces some very usual discomforts such as leg swelling, backaches, and abnormal fatigue. If you maintain a regular routine during pregnancy, then you are also very likely to prevent chronic diseases like gestation diabetes that develops during pregnancy. It also releases stress, gives you more energy needed during labor and delivery, and acts as the best path for faster postnatal weight loss and recovery.
exercises during pregnancy

Kindly consult your doctor before you start any routine workout, just to be sure that the activity you are about to undertake is safe and sound for you. If you are given a go-ahead, try to exercise for 30 minutes or more doing only moderate exercises and yoga, for four days each week. Here are some safe exercises for pregnant women.

1. Walking


Walking is one of the exercises that are considered to be very safe to initiate during pregnancy. It can be done by both those that have been doing exercise regularly before they got pregnant and those that have never done any exercise in their life. It just involves a quick stroll around your home area or neighborhood. It helps you to work out your cardiovascular without straining your knees and ankles. This is an exercise that can be done throughout the whole nine months without any effect.

Always try to walk on smooth surfaces, be very careful, and avoid or watch out for potholes and manholes.

2. Swimming


This is another ideal exercise for pregnant mothers. The probability of anyone falling on the stomach and injuring the precious baby is almost zero. When exercising on water, one feels weightless while in the pool, and gives you the best range of motion without putting too much pressure on your joints. You can do swimming even in your ninth month.

Choose a stroke that you feel most comfortable in, the one that doesn’t hurt your shoulders, back, or neck muscles. Remember to always be very careful while getting into the pool.

3. Kegel exercises during pregnancy

This exercise helps strengthen the muscles which support the bladder, bowels, and uterus hence one gains the ability to relax and control these muscles even during labor and delivery. Kegel exercise can also be done during the postpartum period to enhance the healing of perineal tissues and help these muscles to return to their normal and healthy state.

To do kegel exercise, one only imagines that you are trying to stop the flow of urine. When you practice this, you always contract the muscles of the pelvic floor hence strengthening the muscles I have mentioned above. Kegel Exercises can be done anywhere and no one who will ever notice what you are doing.

Precautions during kegel exercise

a). You should focus only on those muscles you are exercising, do not tighten other muscles for example stomach or leg muscles.
b). During exercises do no hold your breath.
c). While you are actually going to the bathroom, do not do kegel by stopping and starting the flow of urine as it may increase the risk of urinary tract infections.

4. Yoga


Yoga is very crucial during pregnancy. It helps to calm your mind, improves your posture, and encourages breathing and flexibility. Specific yoga poses are also beneficial for pregnant mothers with complaints of swollen legs and ankles.

It is advisable to do yoga poses with the help of a certified yoga instructor, because she is able to determine which yoga is best for you and for your growing baby.

Avoid following exercises during pregnancy

Bouncing, Leaping, Exercises with lots of up and down movements (jarring), and Sudden change of direction.