Foods that Heal Digestion and Improve Bowel Movements

White beans

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Are you experiencing difficult bowel evacuation with hard, small, and dry stool? If the answer to the above question is yes, then you are suffering from constipation which can be a sign of indigestion. Constipation refers to difficult and infrequent bowel evacuation. In most cases, people suffering from this condition have fewer than 3 bowel evacuations per week. They experience difficulty in passing out their stool because it is very hard, small, and dry. Sometimes, this can be very painful causing your anus to bleed. Bad dieting habit is one of the major causes of constipation. The types of food you eat can worsen the problem or enhance it. Here are some of the foods that you should include in your dietary plan if you have indigestion and difficult bowel movements.

Prunes to Improve Bowel Movements:

Prunes contain vitamins A, fiber, and potassium in high amounts. Besides, they have great taste. If you are having constipation and digestion problems, you should consider including them in your diet. Their fiber content will do you some good. Besides, prunes work as a laxative. They can induce your stomach muscles to eject waste through the large intestine.

Reduce your consumption of fatty foods

Fatty foods lower the rate of digestion. Given this, you should reduce or avoid the consumption of fatty and deep-fried foods. You can replace them with fruits and colored vegetables which are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, and other antioxidants.

Beans to Improve Bowel Movements: 

White beans

Besides their high protein contents, beans are rich sources of soluble fiber. Consuming beans will improve the function of your digestive system and help you to avoid constipation.


Coffee and other hot liquids

Coffee and hot liquids are good for people with constipation. First, they improve your bowel movement. Drinking coffee can also cause the contraction of your intestine muscles. However, you should be very careful while taking coffee. It can only be used as a short-term home remedy because it is a diuretic. So, you should take plenty of water, if you drink coffee.



You will obtain full benefits from the fiber you consume if you drink plenty of water. You’re your body becomes dehydrated, it will absorb water contained in the waste product. Should this happens, the problem will become worse. If you don’t like taking natural water, you can add sliced season fruits (such as citrus fruits, watermelon, peaches, and strawberries) to it in order to make it more enticing.

Pineapple and carrot

Consuming pineapple and carrot will improve your bowel movement. They contain a high amount of dietary fiber. However, if you are consuming them especially carrot in order to improve digestion, you should consume them raw. Eating cooked carrots can even lead to difficult bowel evacuation.

Other foods that you can consume in order to improve your bowel movement include:

  • Whole grains
  • Figs
  • Flaxseeds and psyllium
  • European-styled salad
  • Broccoli<
  • Pears

Indeed, there are a lot of foods that can improve constipation. However, there is more to know about constipation and how to control them. It is not enough to know only foods that enhance digestion. You should know when to consume these foods in order to obtain full benefits from them. To be well informed about ways to improve digestion and bowel movement, you need to get a copy of Constipation Relief for Women. The eBook is fully loaded with tips on the best ways to deal with constipation. You can rely on the information in the book because it is borne out of serious research. Visit “Constipation Relief for Women” to know more about Remedies for Constipation and what you will gain from it.

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