Home Based Remedies for Chronic Fatigue

Some well-known home-based remedies for chronic fatigue

The day you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome is not really a good day. Chronic fatigue syndrome is more likely to cause some serious illnesses, such as mental stress, that can further lead to heart-related diseases and depression. The early symptoms of fatigue are that you start to feel exhausted for no reason and you feel frequent irritability and moodiness.

It is very important to realize that this illness can be easily acquired. However, it is even easier to treat, manage or even prevent the illness. This requires serious care such as to check the stress level and find proper remedies to increase your resting time that can reduce the chances of suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.  In fact, there are simple home remedies that can help you fight the illness without taking consideration from the doctors. Here are a few of them.

1. Improve sleep habits:

The first method is one of the most common ways to treat the chronic syndrome. It includes resting and getting enough sleep. This way you will be able to feel more perked up when you wake up, to make you enthusiastic the whole day without feeling too much stressed and fatigue. Try to make a schedule for sleep and wake up at the exact same time every day to maintain a healthy habit.

sound sleep

2. Proper diet:

You also have to take care that you should never skip meals, especially breakfast. It will not only give a jump start to your body’s metabolic rate but also burn more sugars and fat for energy. Eat healthy and nutritious food to provide balanced nutrients and vitamins for the body cells. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and tobacco products, especially before sleep.

3. Maintaining body temperature:

Too much heat, especially during the summers can suck more nutrients from your body. The proper environment should be maintained in order to keep you as cool as possible. Drinking plenty of water is another way to stop fatigue on its tracks. Drinking fruits and vegetable juice early morning can provide efficient energy to perform various tasks.

chronic fatigue syndrome solution

4. Living in a comfortable environment:

Your living and the working area should be set according to the best comfort of the body. It would not only make you healthy but also improve your working performance. Living a very routine lifestyle can also cause you to feel bored and fatigued. Include fun activities in your daily routine to avoid mental fatigue.

5. Exercising daily:

There is no second thought, that getting a light, gentle exercise daily can prevent chronic fatigue syndrome to a great extent. Always begin by stretching and relaxing the body muscles. It should be followed by aerobic activities like walking, swimming, jogging, or riding a bicycle. The environment chosen should be clean and peaceful. Over-exercising will harm your body and leave your tiring whole day.

stretching exercises

The key to eliminating chronic fatigue syndrome is the consistent home remedies listed above. There are many medications and other methods, but home remedies are safe and effective.

Best Home Remedies to Cure Throat Congestion

Throat Congestion – Best Home Remedies to Cure

Throat congestion is the reason for a viral or bacterial infection, a sinus infection, or a common cold; it is also accompanied sometimes with serious conditions like pneumonia and asthma. Throat congestion normally occurs when the lining of the throat becomes swollen and inflamed, which makes eating, breathing and drinking more challenging. A mere allergy or a respiratory infection further generates the increase of mucus in the chest, which comes up to the throat causing it to become sore.

Causes of Throat Congestion

There are several causes of throat congestion, which in result makes the throat sore. Some of these causes are,

Throat congestion is a common problem that can affect both adults and children

A congested throat usually occurs when you have flu or cold

Some severe symptoms are due to the infection in the back of the throat are sinusitis, tonsillitis, catarrh or strep throat

Throat congestion can be related to other viral infections like chicken pox, croup, whooping cough, and measles

Environmental factors such as breathing second-hand smoke, smoking, consuming a huge amount of alcohol, inhaling polluted air or chemical cause

Home Remedies to Cure Throat Congestion

Dealing with a common cold can be quite frustrating at times, especially when you are fighting a battle against a wide array of symptoms with it. A congested and sore throat makes it hard to breathe, talk and eat and may wake you up during the night. To get rid of the congestion in your throat, you need to take help of home remedies to cure it. They are as follow,

1. Turmeric


For this remedy, you need to mix a teaspoon of turmeric and honey and sip it down slowly. This will provide instant relief to your throat.

2. Ice cube

If your throat is so bad that it has become impossible to swallow something, then place an ice cube in your mouth and let it melt down completely. This process will numb down your throat and will keep you hydrated.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

For this, you need to mix a table spoon of vinegar and honey in one-third cup of water and sip it slowly.

4. Heat Bag

Place a heated wheat bag or hot water bottle over your throat and neck to ease discomfort and to increase circulation to the area.

5. Garlic


Garlic is known as one of the best anti-microbial home remedies to cure a sore throat. Try to eat at least a clove of garlic a day – preferably by adding it to your soups, teas, and dressings, etc.

6. Hot Lemon Tea

Make yourself a good cup of hot lemon tea. For this, you need to add the juice of a lemon to a cup of hot water. You can also grate some ginger and garlic to soothe your throat.

7. Vitamin C

A popular home remedy for throat congestion is Vitamin C. Most people have an ample supply of Vitamin C tucked away somewhere in their home. Take at least 3-5 grams a day of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C to strengthen your immunity.

8. Ginger tea

Boil couple of pieces of ginger in one cup of water and strain. Now add a spoon of honey to the drink and sip it gradually for soothing relief.

9. Gargle with salt water

Mix one small spoon of table salt to warm water and mix. Now gulp some water in your mouth and gargle and then spit out the same. Repeat till the water is finished. It will soothe your throat and slacken the congestion.

10. Chamomile tea

Take chamomile tea with honey at least 3-4 times a day to get relief from the bad throat.

Benefits of Drinking Sufficient Quantity of Water

Benefits of Drinking Sufficient Quantity of Water

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Water is the main component of the human body and about 70% of body’s mass is made of water. The number of doctors suggests drink eight glasses of water but its requirement of an individual depends upon the body size and build of the body. Drinking of a sufficient quantity of water is necessary to maintain good health.  But as per the health point of view, it is more important, how you drink it. When you are thirsty or feel an urge of drinking water then Drink slowly (drop by drop) as it will give extra benefit to your health.

Health Benefits 

1. It is the most important component required for the effective working of your body and maintaining good health as almost every cell present in your body needs water for proper functioning.
2. Various tissues of your body are composed of water as such adequate consumption of it makes you more energetic.
3. Adequate quantity of drinking may help to increase your metabolic rate and also improve the digestive system.

4. It not only flushes out the toxin and most of the waste products out of your body contributing to a healthy quality of life but also improves the texture of your skin and hair.
5. A large amount of fluid is lost in day to day functioning of your body through evaporation, breathing, sweating, urine and stool, drinking of water replenish these losses daily to keep your body hydrated and maintain proper functioning of all the organs of your body.
Regulates body weight with water
6. It saves your body from many health issues as in case of lack of water, your heart has to make extra efforts to pump freshly oxygenated blood to your organs or may not be able to supply adequate quantity of oxygenated blood that may disrupt the proper functioning of the organs and may cause many serious health issues.
7. It does not contain fat, calories, carbohydrate or sugar and if you replace hydrating foods and beverages like juice, coffee, cold drinks, alcohol, and milk, etc, it will control calories and helps to lose weight. Water also helps to flush out the byproducts of fat that also keeps your weight in check.
8. Intake of adequate quantity of it prevents constipation and helps to maintain normal bowel function as it keeps the things flowing along your gastrointestinal tract.
9. In case of less consumption of water, your major body organs become exhausted due to an insufficient supply of oxygenated blood and you feel tired or exhausted. Drinking sufficient quantity will relieve you from fatigue.
10. Fluid losses occur in warmer climates, during strenuous exercises, in high attitude and due to any other reason, if not replenished with water, you can become dehydrated resulting in many health and skin-related conditions. To avoid such conditions intake of an adequate quantity of it is very important.
11. Drinking of enough quantity can help in combating many skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, dry skin and wrinkles. It helps to maintain the elasticity and suppleness of the skin and prevent dryness by detoxifying the skin that will make you look younger.
12. Research suggests that drinking a substantial amount of water dilutes the concentration of cancer-causing agents in the urine and reduces the risk of colon and bladder cancer. 

Amazing Health Benefits of Water

Amazing Health Benefits of Water

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Everybody wants to look younger, everybody wants to be healthy and look healthy. Adults want their skin without wrinkles and their kids with high immunity and a healthy body. Some little things can do miracles as nobody wants to go to the doctor for little problems. But do you know how?

Just one answer to the question is the Intake of water.

Drinking adequate amount of water has health benefits for all. You can calculate your daily requirement of water by clicking the link given below and filling the details of your weight:

Here is the calculation for your minimum water need per day

The top health benefits of water  may include:

The most important thing for women is Skin and the waistline

You can look younger just by keeping your skin hydrated. Ladies use artificial masks, creams etc. to look younger, to reduce wrinkles and for a glowing face but do you know that water plumps your skin naturally. Having a small waist is considered to be an attractive feature of women and for that women are very conscious and ready to do anything. So one and the natural way of losing a few inches are to have more water.

1. One of the health benefits of water is Improvement in digestion

Improves digestion

Intake of water aids in digestion and prevents constipation. Inadequate intake of water may result in constipation as the colon pulls water from the stools to maintain hydration, thereby making them harder, against your wish. Thus, depending upon your body type, determine what would be an adequate intake of water keeping in view your activity, temperature, weather and another fluid intake. Warm water works even better for digestion.

2. Removes toxins and boosts the immune system

Removes toxins

Water is a detoxifier as it helps to get rid of toxins mainly by way of urine and sweat. It also aids in kidney function by diluting the salts and minerals in the urine that cause kidney stones. It also aids in carrying oxygen to every cell of the body, thus improving their function and the overall immune system.

 3. Reduces fatigue


If you feel fatigued most of the time, it is likely that it could be due to inadequate intake of water. Fatigue is an indicator of dehydration. Therefore, if you feel fatigued most of the times observe your water intake and correct it if required. When the water content in the body is low, it leads to a drop in the blood volume, which causes the heart to work harder.

4. Regulates body weight

Regulates body weight with water

Having water prior to meals can reduce the tendency to eat more and thus aid as a weight reduction technique. Thus, it is recommended to drink the amount of water your body requires. As the amount of water required by the body tends to differ from one person to another, it is usually suggested to drink to your thirst, and also include other fluids and foods with high water content in your diet.

5. Reduces Stress is also one of the health benefits of water


If you are dehydrated you won’t be able to work due to stress in your body and mind, so to keep stress levels down, keep a bottle of water with you during work hours and sip regularly.

6. Prevent muscles cramping

Prevent muscles cramping

Dehydration can be a reason of muscles cramp and can be prevented by proper intake of water. A dehydrated state can increase the risk of heat stroke, heat cramps, and heat illness. If you are hydrated then you can do proper exercise without tiredness in your body. Weigh yourself before and immediately after exercise, if there is any change then it means there is a change in fluid balance.

During the change of weather like in summers we become more active and these extra activities mean more sweating which also indicates a fluid loss in our body. So to recover that body fluid that you are losing, you should take proper water according to the body requirement.

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The Best Way to make muscles naturally

Best Way to make muscles naturally

Having a fit body with proper muscles is a wish of every man today. They may go from exercise to chemical pills and supplements to build muscle without thinking of the after effects and the negative side. The choice of the product that can help an individual the maximum is also difficult because the market is full of such products.

 make Muscles

So if you are out there thinking of buying one such product, what should be your criteria? Well, the answer is that your criteria while buying any such product should be to buy something which is natural and has no side effect. The product that completely satisfies this criterion is the hyperGH 14x.

Don`ts of muscle building

The negative impact of using the wrong and harmful practices and products are multiple. Some of the products and practices that you should strongly keep away from are:

  • Use of chemical steroids
  • Making an attempt to lift very heavy weights
  • Use of stimulants
  • Working out empty stomach
  • Too much intake of protein
  • Neglecting proper warm up exercise

All these practices and products might seem lucrative and a faster way to lose weight to you, but, there health impacts are very harmful. Some of the major negative impacts they can cause to your health are:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Osteoporosis
  • Muscle tear
  • Ligament injuries
  • Liver damage
  • High blood pressure
  • Kidney damage and much more.

HyperGH 14x induces natural muscle growth without any requirement of injections or prescriptions. It is one of the most sophisticated systems for bodybuilders available today, which releases growth hormone. It stimulates the body, with the help of its natural ingredients, to carry out the production of its own hormone of growth.

Enjoy your powderful look

Main Ingredients

Some of the key ingredients of this product are:

  • L-Arginine (520 mg): this can increase the muscle building activity of your body to as much as three times and since body does not produce this naturally, you need to acquire this from your diet. It increases immunity, fat burning, healing, male fertility and much more.
  • L-Glutamine (460 mg): this is actually an amino acid which is chiefly used by our body during a period of stress. This ingredient helps in metabolism, cell division, and muscle maintenance and in the increase of mental alertness and energy.
  • L-Glycine(460 mg): it is a very effective agent of stimulation and its work is to stimulate the pituitary gland to lead to an increased secretion of growth hormone.
  • Some of the other key ingredients of this product are L-Lysine, L-Tyrosine, Tribulus Terrestris extract and much more.

Guarantee as mentioned at product website

There is a long list of users that can provide testimony about the effectiveness of this product; still the product carries with itself a money back guarantee. If you don’t feel it working after using it for sixty days, you can get your money back.


The steps in which this product works are:

  • Stack on lean muscles pound by pound
  • Get rid of soft body fat
  • Get better result from same workouts
  • Get faster recovery time and good sleep

Obesity Affect Teenagers Bone Growth

Can Obesity Affect Bone Growth in Teenagers

teenager In the health sector today, teenage obesity has become one of the foremost concerns for people. Over the years the extent and reach of this condition has increased a lot and this has led to researchers from all over the world to look in to as to how can obesity affect the health of a teenager but the discussion over it should start right from the beginning. In the course of research, the effects of teenage obesity have been found to be very alarming. Teenagers who are obese are likely to fall prey to medical conditions like cancer, stroke, heart diseases and much more eventually with the chances of these things happening being more than the teenagers who are not obese.

Now, firstly you need to understand that the body of a teenager has a limit of taking or carrying a load. These are the years of growth where the body is making the final transition towards adulthood. In such a scenario, the body of the teenager is not at all in the position to bear extra weight in the case of the teenager being obese. Therefore, in the case of an obese teenager, the condition induces many complications that are related to bones and the shadows of which can even be seen in adulthood. One of these shadows is the effect of obesity on the bone growth in teenagers.

Obesity in teenagers can lead to bone related problems such as limiting of motion, overgrowth in the leg bone and it can also lead to sharp and persistent pain in the hip and back of the teenager. Several other bone related diseases can also affect the teenager such as the Blount’s disease. In this, what happens is that the growing bones of the teenager get prone to deformities. Arthritis is another possibility because of obesity during the teenage. The ankle and knee joints have to suffer here due to the extra weight that you are carrying and the only solution is weight loss.

Thus, one thing becomes very clear that obesity can affect the bone growth in teenagers so you should be well aware of the ways that can help a teenager to get rid of obesity. Some of the crucial tips that you should keep in mind are like:

  • Encourage the teenager to have healthy eating habits in which you can increase the amount of vegetables or fruits they are eating while the intake of junk food should be cut down.
  • Losing weight is all about calories so balancing calories is very important. Strict dieting may cause a case of nutrition deficiency in the teenager so you need to balance the calories in such a way that the teenager gets all the nutrition without taking extra calories.
  • Obese or not, regular exercise is very important for all teenagers and in the case of obese teenagers they should not let even a single day go without exercising. If children are encouraged in their growing years to exercise regularly, they might not have to face the condition of teenage obesity at all.

Are Obesity and Depression Related

Are Obesity and Depression Related

A lot has been discussed and researched to find out whether there are any relation between obesity and depression but the discussion should first start with the basic knowledge about these conditions. Starting with depression, the person suffering will have a persistent sense of loss of interest, sadness, inadequacy and hopelessness in this medical condition. The worst part about depression is that most of the people suffering from it are not even aware of it. In addition, some people avoid treatment even after knowing their condition just because they feel it to be awkward or embarrassing.


In the world of research, the relationship between obesity and depression is a two-way road because while some people argue that depressed people are at a higher risk of becoming obese. The reason behind is said to be that the chemical imbalances in the brain that are induced by depression lead to obesity. Here the primary hormones involved are serotonin and cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that enhances the appetite, stores fats and produces glucose in the body. It is secreted when the person is stressed. This means if someone is stressed out, he will have a constant secretion of cortisol in his blood leading to a strong urge to eat that would further lead to fat storage and eventually obesity.

Apart from this, if a person is depressed, he would be very less inclined towards maintaining a good health or physique, in other words, he will not be much keen to look after his body and this is the reason he might take a step towards obesity. They tend to come up with negative thoughts about themselves and they overeat just to derive a sense of satisfaction. This has been found to be a major case in terms of women and people belonging to higher status in society.

The other side of the road is the claim by many researchers that if a person is obese he has a strong chance of getting depressed. The reason behind this has been found that an obese person is subjected to stereotypes, bullying and criticism, which lead them to poor self-esteem and courage. This type of social behavior that obese people are subjected to, leads them to isolate themselves socially eventually leading to depression. Here it will not be wrong to consider both these points as correct because one condition of the two easily prepares the way for the second one. Thus, the person the person suffering is at the risk of facing situations such as:

  • Poor exercise and diet.
  • Having problems in dealing with emotions, stress or boredom
  • Health issues such as diabetes, cancer, heart diseases and sleep related issues

Researchers have also found some biological links between obesity and depression. It has been found that the extra weight of an obese person causes additional load on the joints and bones of the person leading to more pain or injuries. This constant feeling of pain and lethargy can also lead the individual to feel depressed.

How to Prevent Childhood Obesity

How to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Being a parent, the biggest concern on your mind would be to give your child a nutritious diet. This is because without proper nutrition the resistive capacity against diseases, of your child’s body is bound to suffer making him prone to multitude of diseases. Improper choice of diet and an inclination towards junk food are major reasons behind childhood obesity. For proper growth and health, it is very important for you to look after your child’s diet and this is what the revolutionary guide shows you step by step on healthy eating for children.

Here are some important tips that can help you to prevent childhood obesity:

Good example

Being a parent your child is definitely going to follow in your footsteps and that is why it is your duty to set a good example. You can set a good example by choosing for healthy lifestyle practices so that even the child can learn from you.

Get rid of calorie rich food

Give your child things to eat that are low on calorie count. This does not mean that you cannot give those treats, it’s just that in general circumstances give them low calorie food such as a medium sized apple or banana, grapes, blueberries and much more.

Talk to them

Talk to your child about the benefits of eating proper food and being healthy. Also teach them the advantages of physical activities. You can talk about advantages such as strong bones, less stress, increased self esteem and much more.

Help them

According to researches, a child or teen should be involved in at least 60 minutes of mild physical activity daily. You should help them in making these activities as a habit. Some of the main physical activities you can involve your child in are like jumping rope, walking, dancing, swimming, playing outdoor games such as football and many more.

Reduction of inactive time

When it comes to inactive time when they are indulged in internet, watching television or playing video games, you definitely need to reduce that time. Doctors even don’t recommend TV for kids younger than 12 years of age. The best way to do this is to encourage your child to either get involved in activities with family members or find other ways of spending time rather than sitting idle before the screen.

Your child’s health is something which the things taught in this book, the revolutionary guide shows you step by step healthy eating for children, ensure for you. It covers all the vital points related to health and nutrition and provides you with tips for preparing healthy food. In the presence of multitude of guides which provide you with misleading information, it counters them all and gives you the best way to keep your child healthy.

This eBook comes with following three bonus eBooks and 60 days money back guarantee.

1. Guide to help teenagers lose weight

2. Detoxify the body

3. Mediterranean diet meltdown


Health Benefits of Weight Loss

Health Benefits of Weight Loss

Weight loss is considered greatly beneficial as well as crucial for people of every age. Being obese or overweight can make you vulnerable to a multitude of problems. In such a scenario, if you are able to stick to a weight loss program such as “Wight Loss Hypnosis Pro System in the proper way it can help you to keep yourself away from many health concerns. Here are some of the health benefits of weight loss such as:

Avoid diabetes

Normally when blood sugar level in body get higher and body fails to produce insulin in the required amount, the risk of type 2 diabetes increases a lot. Overweight or obesity increases this risk manifold. This is because excess weight stops cells from responding to insulin in the best way possible. This leads to higher sugar level in the circulating blood. The step towards diabetes from pre-diabetes can be prevented by the maintenance of proper weight and weight loss if you are overweight.

Maintain a healthy heart

Two things that are considered the most harmful for your heart are high cholesterol and blood pressure. Research conducted by Wight Loss Hypnosis Pro System has shown the result that if excess body fat is allowed to accumulate in the body, it leads to the generation and release of certain chemicals in the blood which end up increasing the blood pressure. Also, the liver of overweight people is known to produce a lot of bad cholesterol. When you lose weight, the blood pressure gradually comes down and the production of cholesterol is also reduced. Thus, keeping your heart healthy.

Lowers cholesterol level

Reducing of weight  lowers the production of LDL by lever  and resulting in less accumulation of plaque in the arteries  and narrowing them. This reduces the risk of heart attack. If you do the exercises  and healthy  diet to reduce the weight then it will help in increase of  good cholesterol (HDL). HDL will stops LDL  from depositing of arteries walls.

Improve your sleep

Overweight people have to face a multitude of sleep related problems due to varied reasons. They generally have more amounts of soft tissues in their neck due to which they have to face snoring problem. Snoring may leads to sleep apnea that may stop breathing of a person and who has  to wake up many times in night. The kind of sleep and deprivation of oxygen you have to face here further leads to problems such as a weak immunity, high blood pressure, heart diseases, memory problems and problems in your sex life. Getting rid of these issues are also the health benefits of weight loss.

Keep your joints pain free

Being overweight can cause the load on your joints increase manifolds. It can lead to problems such as osteoarthritis in which the bones and cartilage in your joints get worn away. Wight Loss Hypnosis Pro System tells you that even if you lose 5% of weight it can profoundly reduce load on your joints and also the pain caused.

Improve sex life

Obese and over weight person suffers from erectile dysfunction. Sex drive is also affected by high blood pressure and diabetes and obesity is main reason of these problems. By reducing  weight you can improve your sex drive.

Improve fertility

Relationship between obesity and infertility is unclear but it has been suggested that obesity can cause disturbance in sex hormone metabolism. Due to obesity during pregnancy chances of miscarriage  and medical complication increases. Lowering of weight can make improvement in ovulation  and pregnancy rate.

Vitality and energy

Wight Loss Hypnosis Pro System advocates that weight loss has not only physical benefits but also psychological one. Weight loss can improve the way you live your life and give you high self-esteem.

Thus, to lead a healthy and vigorous life you just need to follow Wight Loss Hypnosis Pro System to get health benefits of weight loss.

Burn the Fat Lose Weight

Burn the fat and feed the muscles

Overweight is also called as pre-obese. A person is said to be over weight when his or her  body fat is more than an optimally healthy person  should have & when `BMI is above 25kg/m². Obesity is a medical condition that occurs when excess amount of body fat is accumulatedto the extent that BMI is higher than 30 & it may have an adverse effect on health.Body mass index (BMI), defined as the weight in kilograms divided by the square of the height in meters (kg/m²). If the BMI of a person is between 25.0 to <30, he/she  is overweight, and a BMI of over 30 kg/m2 as obese. Obesity can afflict any human being irrespective of age, gender or stage of life. Obesity may cause many diseases like heart problem, type-II diabetes, breathing problem, insomnia and osteoarthritis.  You can get rid of obesity problem in following ways:-

1. Natural way- by changing lifestyle, eating habits and regular yoga/asanas and simple exercises.

2. A combination of balanced nutrition from food with cardio, strength and mental training.

3.The Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle program” is the combination of balanced nutrition from food with cardio, strength and mental training. Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle is the #1 best selling diet and fitness e-book in the history of the Internet. It’s because thousands of women and men of every age are burning off BODY FAT – not muscle or water weight – and they’re doing it naturally, without supplements, pills or “magic potions,” simply by using the proven, scientifically-accurate and common-sense advice found inside this amazing diet and fitness guidebook. This program is not a weight loss program in which muscles, water & lean tissues are lost but it is fat burning program where only excess fat is reduced   By following the guidance given in this e-book you will be able to easily determine your own ideal protein, carbs and fats ratio. You will be able to analyze your body type & will determine your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate, or the amount of “maintenance” calories your body requires every day), and you will find out whether you are carb tolerant or carb intolerant.


On the BURN THE FAT program, you can expect to lose about 2 pounds per week of PURE FAT. (That’s body FAT, not water weight or your own muscle tissue). How will you know it’s PURE FAT? Simple – you’ll be testing your body composition on a regular basis as you go through the program.

If you have a lot of weight to lose, for example if you weigh 250 to 300 lbs, then loss of 1% of your total body weight per week (2.5 to 3.0 lbs) is safe and realistic because fat loss often tends to be relative to total body weight. This is steady, long term fat loss and doesn’t count any water weight loss you may experience on top of this during the first week or two (which is very common, but remember, the initial water weight loss is not the same as body fat loss!)

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle is The Best Selling E-Book in Internet History, With Thousands of Satisfied (And Now Fat-Free) Users in 141 Countries from Algeria to Zimbabwe?


Burn the fat lose weight


Tom Venuto (writer of this e-book), a respected fat loss expert, natural bodybuilder, and personal trainer, has not just pumped out yet another “diet program” into an already over-saturated market. Tom’s Burn the Fat can be more accurately described as a “Fat Loss Bible.” It is quite simply one of the most complete, detailed, and precise guides to fat loss you will ever read. What makes it so much different than other weight loss publications on the market?

Well first of all, it’s not a “weight loss” program; it’s a “fat” loss program. This may seem like semantics or wordplay at first, but once you’ve read just the first three chapters, there will be no doubt in your mind that pursuing “weight loss” is not only the wrong goal, it may be the reason that you’ve failed to reach and maintain your ideal body weight. Burn The Fat shows you exactly why it’s fat you must lose, not “weight” (which includes muscle, water and other lean tissue) and then goes on to show you exactly how to do it.

Secondly, what makes Burn the Fat different is the amount of attention that is paid to each and every element of successful, healthy, permanent fat loss. Burn The Fat not only thoroughly dispels the lies, myths and fallacies surrounding a very confusing subject, it is simply the most detailed book about fat loss ever written. By reading Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, (or better yet, “studying it”), you will learn more about fat loss than you could from an entire semester of nutrition classes or from an entire shelf of mainstream diet publications at your local bookstore.

The main focus of the e-book is nutrition, because nutrition is arguably the most important key to getting lean. You could have the best training program in the world, but if you eat more calories than you burn, you’ll gain fat regardless of your well-designed training plan.

In the chapters on nutrition, you’ll learn how to set up a meal plan you can enjoy by using Tom’s menu “template” system: You just choose the foods you like (pick from the recommended food lists), plug them into the meal plan template, and your menus virtually create themselves. Sample menus are also provided for ideas.

 In Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, you learn everything you need to know about calories, protein, carbs and fat to get low levels of body fat. You’ll learn the facts about low carb and high protein diets. You’ll get the inside scoop on fat burning foods – including lists of what to eat and when to eat them.

Drawback: –

Main drawback to the Burn The Fat e-book is that it contains so much information, that some readers may find it a bit overwhelming. Those who are looking for a quick start type of fat loss program, might be a bit intimated at first. The good part however, is that even these types of readers can feel confident and assured that it will be worth the effort because this will literally be the last book they ever have to buy on the subject.

2 Anyone looking for a quick fix solution to fat loss, anyone looking to be told fairy-tales, and anyone looking for a “magic bullet” offered by the likes of body wraps, fat burning pills, diet shakes, or “fat-burning” creams and gels might be disappointed as they  will not find “30 lbs. in 30 days” miracles at work here. If you want a quick fix weight loss solution, if you’re looking for what pill to take or if you’re not willing to exercise, then Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle is probably not for you.

Weight Loss is no Longer a Burden

Start losing weight with weight lose system

Today there is mayhem of weight loss related products, with most being more chemically made and less effective. The ProShape RX system is a weight loss product which aims to help you in losing weight in a fast and safe manner. It is a product that is endorsed by the doctors themselves.

Don’ts of Weight Loss

The best part about this product is that it works in a manner which is safe for your body and has no side effects, as is the case with most of the other products and ways of losing weight. Firstly, you should be aware of some of the ways of losing weight that you should not indulge in to:

  • Fasting, starvation or diet with very low calorie count
  • Diet pills or supplements
  • Detox or cleansing plans
  • Avoid purging in any form
  • Extreme exercising
  • Use of illegal or legal drugs
  • Use of tobacco

Adverse effects on health of being overweight

The worst scenario in this case are those individuals who actually do not understand the negative impact of being overweight and carry forward their careless attitude. What you need to understand here is that being overweight can be very dubious because of the multiple and serious health problems caused by it such as:

Weight Loss is no Longer a Burden with ProShape RX

Thus, you can clearly understand how important it is to lose weight and that too in the healthiest manner. In this scenario what can help you most effectively is ProShape RX system. The best part about this product is that it is completely herbal and is made of only natural ingredients. Also, there are no filters or additives in it. Every ingredient that is used in making this product has been reviewed and examined by medical herbalists. This means that the product is not only fully natural but its use is also risk free and safe.

Ingredients and their Working

The main ingredients of this product are:

Hoodia Gordonii: everyone would know that when you eat, the level of sugar in your blood increases. Once the sugar reaches a particular level, the synapses in your brain send a signal that you are full. With hoodia gordonii, which is a plant of the cactus family in Africa, it acts faster than glucose. It reaches mid brain and provides a signal of you being full even before you eat.

Chitosan: derived from shell fish, the work of this ingredient is to carry out the binding of cholesterol and fat, which is present in your food, before body absorbs them. Since the body cannot absorb chitosan, it rejects it and also the fat which is bound to it.
White kidney beans: a component by the name of phaseolus vulgaris is derived from this. The work of this component is that, it reduces the amount of calories that body can absorb from any starch source.

Guarantee and Acclamation Mentioned at Product Website

The product, ProShape RX is not only very effective but also comes with a guarantee to work. It carries money back guarantee along with endorsements from doctors and herbalists from all over the globe.
Users from all over have acclaimed that it has helped them in:

  • Weight reduction
  • More energy
  • More muscles
  • Better confidence

Cure obesity-Loose weight Naturally

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Obesity can afflict any human being irrespective of whether men, women, adults, teenagers or children. The increasing obesity rate is a growing problem in the modern world. The problem of overweight and obesity has increased in the last 2 decades particularly in metropolitan cities due to faulty lifestyle.

lose weight

Main causes of overweight/obesity

Unorganized, haphazard or sedentary lifestyle

Unbalanced diet (Intake of junk food, high-fat diets like chocolates, sweets, wafers and high carbohydrate food like potatoes, rice, and pasta) and Overeating.

Lack of exercises/ Physical inactivity.

The improper functioning of the digestive system (improper digestion, improper assimilation of food and elimination of waste from the body).

Medical conditions like thyroid and the neurological problem may also cause obesity.

Psychological reasons such as Depression, anxiety, trauma, and stress may cause an eating disorder & may lead to overweight/obesity.

Recovering from surgery or prolonged immobility.

Bad effects of obesity and overweight

Obesity and overweight pose a major risk for chronic diseases such as anxiety, hypertension, sleeping disorder, joints problem particularly knee joints, type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke, and certain forms of cancer.

Cure obesity/overweight

You can lose weight at home in a natural way without taking any dietary supplement, only by making some changes in lifestyle, eating habits and doing certain exercises and yoga-asanas:

1. Change in lifestyle and eating habits

2. Exercises/ yoga

Change in lifestyle and eating habits:

Get up early in the morning and drink lukewarm water with 1tsp lime juice mixed with 2tsp honey. Control anger and anxiety by avoiding the situation, keeping calm or taking a deep breath. Do not watch TV while taking food. Take balanced diet i.e. food from all food groups such as Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, and low-fat milk products and chew eatables properly.  Avoid taking junk and spicy food, deep-fry food, processes food, ice cream, high-fat diets chocolates, sweets, wafers and high carbohydrate food like potatoes, rice and pasta as these items lose nutrition balance and causes deposition of excess fat on the body. Sleep after two hours of dinner.

Exercises/ yoga:

Exercises and yoga stimulate the body and create necessary hormones for the proper and smooth functioning of the digestive system, heart, brain, kidney and all other organs of our body and play a very important role in the treatment of Obesity. Brisk walking in the morning for twenty minutes or jogging, along with doing stretching exercises, asana and yoga’s (PRANAYAM) is the best way to prevent & control obesity. Following Yoga techniques can be practiced effectively to cure obesity.

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