Generally, the lifestyle of people today is very unhealthy, as most spend late nights working or entertaining. Then waking up in the morning to rush back to their workplaces. In their hectic routine, they eat anything for breakfast whether their empty stomachs accept that or not. They should not just grab anything indiscreetly, to spoil their day later.  To know more about the foods to avoid on an empty stomach here are some tips.

Foods with chilies and spices avoid on an empty stomach

Dieticians suggest not to start the day with the spicier & chillier food on an empty stomach. This kind of food closely tests your digestive system. As in the mornings after the long sleeping hours, the stomach linings are not ready for action, thus develop the acidic disorder. It’s always proposed to have breakfast after two hours of getting awake.

Citrus and few other fruits

Fruits are always healthy at any given time. However citrus foods like oranges could be bad and to avoid on an empty stomach, as these instigate acid formation. Guavas have harder fiber contents therefore, dieticians don’t suggest having them on empty stomach. Fruits with high fructose content also put pressure on the digestive system. ‘High on fructose’ fruits are those that have more than 4g of fructose per serving. Commonly among these ‘high fructose’ category is grapes, pears, blackberries, kiwi, and all dried fruits. However, one can safely eat low fructose fruits like avocados, apricots, and cranberries on empty stomach.


Fizzy drinks and beverages avoid on an empty stomach

A glass of citrus fruit juice may not be as healthy on an empty stomach as you would take it to be. It may add up to your acidic problems. Fizzy aerated drinks are a big no for good health, more so when consumed on empty stomach. The empty stomach secretes acids that become troublesome when mixed with any heterogeneous external acidic food supply.

Raw veggies

The diet plan normally includes raw veggies low in calories & fat. However, raw veggies are not good on an empty stomach.  Veggies contain tougher fibers that put an additional load on an empty stomach. Its effects on an empty stomach result in flatulence and belly pains.


Black coffee avoid on an empty stomach

The habit of drinking coffee in the morning is prevalent in the high percentage of people across the world. The coffee gets blended with the acidic morning gastronomical juices to produce acidic symptoms and effects. A tip for those who cannot do without their morning coffee, add some milk or cream to your cup of coffee.

Anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) avoid on an empty stomach

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), aspirin and paracetamol, etc. are bad and avoid an empty stomach. In lieu of effective treatment, these cause severe health issues like gastric bleeding. However, if you must eat for some reason, take them along with the milk. Milk with its anti-acidic properties helps the medicine to absorb easily.

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