Drinking warm water offers multiple benefits to your body. It is considered as a holistic therapy and keeps your body at its healthiest state. It is noteworthy that the right temperature for drinking is between 120°F and 140°F.

Glass of warm water for good health

A glass of warm water for good health

Here are 9 Reasons You Should be Drinking Warm Water Daily to attain health benefits for the long term:

1. Keeps the Body Hydrated

This is no brainer! Hot water keeps your body adequately hydrated. Most people are unable to keep up with the daily target of drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. However, sipping on hot water is easier than gulping water at room temperature. Additionally, hot water offers loads of health benefits.

2. Boosts Circulation


Warm Water to keep heart problems away

Keep your blood pressure in check and heart happy with warm water.

Drinking warm water is very beneficial for circulatory organs including arteries and veins. It helps expand these organs to carry blood more effectively throughout your body. Hence, the healthy flow of blood keeps blood pressure in check and helps in preventing cardiovascular disease.

3. Helps with Weight Loss

Regular intake of warm water arouses the temperature control system of the body. The body lowers its internal temperature down to compensate for the warm temperature of the water and triggers your metabolism. So, hot water facilitates the contraction of intestines to clear out waste products responsible for causing your body to bloat.

4. Boosts Digestion

Intake of hot water will boost the functioning of your digestive tract. It dissolves hard to digest particles in your system. The heat expands blood vessels and pushes blood flow towards the intestine to facilitate the process of digestion. Therefore, drinking hot water after a meal will dissolve fats, making them more digestible. Additionally, hot water also helps in relieving constipation.

5. Eases Nasal Congestion

Try drinking warm water frequently to avoid nasal congestion.

Try drinking warm water frequently to avoid nasal congestion.

Drinking hot water is very beneficial for those suffering from nasal congestion. Hot water will help loosen clogged sinuses. It will also clear out nasal passageways and congestion. Hence, it can also benefit those suffering from sinus headaches. Moreover, hot water supplies warmth to mucous membranes around the neck and upper torso.

6. Relieves Stress

Regular intake of hot water will enhance the functioning of the central nervous system to ease stress. Studies have also revealed that adding a little amount of warm milk to hot water can promote the stress-busting properties.

7. Flushes out Harmful Toxins

Drinking hot water raises the body’s internal temperature for some time. It activates the endocrine system making your body sweat. Hence, the process is very helpful in eliminating harmful toxins and irritants from the body.

8. An Effective Remedy for Achalasia


Achalasia is a health condition that restricts the ability of the esophagus to move food down into the stomach. It also leads to trouble in swallowing. So, patients may feel that their food is “stuck” in their esophagus instead of smoothly moving to the stomach. However, studies have revealed that warm water can relieve this condition by facilitating easier digestion.

9. Natural Pain Killer

Hot water is very helpful in boosting circulation and enhancing blood flow. Intake of hot water may ease the internal pain. However, you must not overdo this as it may cause any internal swelling to aggravate.

Final Thoughts on drinking warm water

Drinking hot water offers a large number of health benefits. However, it isn’t recommended to count it as a miracle cure for any condition. Expert advice is always important. Make sure you don’t drink very hot water. It can damage tissues in your esophagus and burn your tongue. Avoid drinking hot water in summer or while working out.