Our skin acts as a protective shield for our organs, joints, bones, muscles, and other body parts. It protects us from varying temperatures, seasons, pollution, dirt, sun rays, infections, and other external factors. It is the most crucial part of the body as it also helps to absorb and retain nutrients, fats, glucose, and water so that our body does not get dehydrated and weak. Besides, the skin also facilitates the excretion of wastes from the body in the form of perspiration. Therefore, besides adding beauty to our body the skin is primarily a safety cover for our body.

skin diseases

The digestive system may aggravate skin conditions:

The condition of our skin is a manifestation of the condition of our inner body. Whatever our body consumes and the whole process of absorption and excretion is reflected on the skin. If there is any functional problem in any of the systems of the body, it is likely that it will be reflected on the skin which is referred to as skin diseases. To explain the above-said point, we take an example. If the digestive system of a body is not able in the excretion of the wastes efficiently, then such toxins will make their way out on the skin. The result will be a skin disease. In the same way, any disturbance or problem in the lymphatic system, endocrine system, kidneys, or any other system will have a reflection on the skin. Any problem in the digestive system may lead to or aggravate skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Thyroid dysfunction may cause skin dryness and scaling of the skin. Consequently, it is quite important that various systems in our bodies are functioning in a balanced manner.

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Absence of wholesome diet will reflect on the surface of the skin:

Likewise, whatever we consume have a great impact on the inner and outer health of our body. Some food items may cause allergies or infections. While in other cases, the absence of a wholesome diet may cause deficiency and that will also be reflected on the surface of the skin. A noteworthy point is that some types of foods may also elevate the already existing skin diseases. Like, consumption of hot and spicy foods and oily foods will aggravate acne. Also, heavy intake of alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine may worsen the skin conditions of persons suffering from rosacea and psoriasis. Sometimes it is found milk can be a cause of skin irritation and eczema. Therefore it is better to avoid such food items. It will be helpful for a person to observe the reaction of a food item on the skin. If the skin diseases persist because of a food item it is better to give it a miss.

Natural remedies may prevent most of the skin diseases:

Intake of a wholesome diet and proper water intake cannot be overemphasized. A person should include foods rich in vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, and fiber so that the requirement of the body is met. Consumption of seasonal fruits and green vegetables provide immunity and strength to the body. On the other hand, water keeps the skin and body hydrated. Also, include natural remedies and herbs in your diet before going for medication from the doctor. It will naturally take care of your inner body health. Natural care of the human body can be achieved with a healthy lifestyle which prevents and cure most of the diseases.

Proper nourishment of the body shows up on the skin. Supervise your diet and make changes wherever required. You will soon feel a healthy change in and outside the body. Your skin will speak volumes about your health. Have a happy skin today and always.