This article is about the various causes that are responsible for hair loss in children and the immediate action that should be taken by the parents.

You might see your kid losing hair for no reason at all. This problem can turn into something serious when your kid grows up. Therefore, it is prudent to find out the reasons behind this problem before your child starts losing a lot of hair. Hair helps in instilling confidence within a person. Losing hair can be either a non-medical cause or a medical cause. It does not matter what the cause is, what matters is getting quick treatment. Hair loss in children can result in decreasing confidence.

What Causes Hair Loss

The problems normally differ from one child to another. Hair loss in kids can require the attention of a doctor or they can get resolved without seeking expert advice. For instance, newborn babies start losing their hair at the early stage of their life. With time, this hair is replaced by the growth of permanent hair. However, if you feel that your child is going through any kind of problem, you should seek medical assistance immediately.

hair loss in children

Medical Causes of Hair Loss

There are different medical causes that can be responsible for hair loss in kids. This is most commonly seen in children who are aged above 26 months.

2. Tinea Capitis:

This condition is caused when the scalp of your child gets ringworms, which is a deadly fungal infection. Your child may lose patches of his hair in oval or round shapes. The hair shafts can break and the scalp starts resembling the black dots. Your pediatrician may advise an antifungal treatment by consuming oral medicine. Keep in mind that this condition is contagious and you should not share objects that are in contact with your kid’s head.

3. Alopecia Areata:

This is a non-contagious condition which may be caused due to the attack of the immune system on your child’s hair follicles. It leads to a loss of hair in patches. Unfortunately, this condition cannot be cured permanently, but it can be controlled with proper treatment.

4. Trichotillomania:

Hair loss can also be caused when the children keep plucking, pulling, rubbing, or twisting their hair constantly. Patches of hair are seen on their hands. This normally happens due to excessive anxiety and stress in and around the environment of the child. One of the best ways to fix this problem is counseling.

5. Telogen effluvium:

This condition is caused due to excessive stress which is responsible for interrupting the growing circle of the hair. This can happen due to high fever, general anesthesia during surgery, an injury, or certain medications that might not have suited your child. The follicles do not grow and enter a resting phase. With time, your child may start losing hair and can become completely or partially bald. Though there is no treatment, as soon as the stress period is over, the hair starts growing back.

As a responsible parent, it is your duty to act immediately when you spot Hair loss in children. A proper treatment will allow your child to get back the confidence that he has lost.