Do You Know The Appetizers that can ruin your Diet

Dieting is the testing time as you need to shun away from the temptations of the food you love. The appetizers are the gastronomic rituals to have before the meals. Though many appetizers are good to compliment your diet plan, yet a few can destroy your diet. You could end up having sufficient calories and fats by the time you begin the main course. You need to know what appetizers are strict NO-NO for your diet.

Appetizers that can ruin your diet plan

1. Chicken Nachos

A helping of chicken Nachos can add up to three meals worth of calories and saturated fat. Not to mention sour cream that carries 100 calories or more used in cooking.

Chicken Nachos


2. Finger Fish Fried

You may take it for just the harmless sticks of proteins but being fried these are not good for you. These contain more saturated fats and calories that promise to mock all your diet plans.

Finger Fish Fried

3. Cesar Salad

A salad is a healthy appetizer, but not when you have in it 9 teaspoons of fat and one-third of your total salt intake. So, don’t all the salads for granted as the guarantors of good health. Heavy dressings in salad can be totally avoided.

Cesar Salad

4. Mozzarella Sticks

These cheesy sticks are chosen appetizers for many people who include these in their diet plan.  These sticks furnish 75% of day’s salt intake; cater 930 calories and nearly 50grams of fats. So watch out before you taste this wonderful appetizer that can ruin your diet plan totally.

Mozzarella Sticks

5. Poutine

This is a popular healthy appetizer high on calories and fats. These carry 12 teaspoons of fat and 85% of total salt intake. Better, skip it from your appetizer list!


6. Fried Calamari

If you are trying to incorporate fried calamari as an appetizer, think twice. This is a huge source of fat and extra calories, which, comes to 900 calories, and 55 grams of fats. This can also cover 72% of the salt intake for the day. This appetizer is unhealthy for the diet plan, so better drop it off from the diet plan.

Fried Calamari

7. Smoothies

Most dieticians in all good intentions but unknowingly prescribe juices, veggies, and fruit smoothies as appetizers. But some ingredients can be very high in calories. Probably the best options would be the smoothies of leafy vegetables with a piece of pineapple thrown in.


8. Soup and salad match

Although these together can be formidable in healthy drinks and appetizers before the meals. But there is a big catch! Creamy soups can be high in calories and sodium, killing the very purpose of it being included in the diet plan. In addition, when croutons, cured meats in the salad are added it becomes high-calorie food. High fat and high salt are bad for the health; it ruins the diet plan fully.


9. Stuffed Potato skins

Regarded as the typical healthy choice, potato skins appetizers are worse contrary to your anticipation. The snacks are packed with high-calorie and high-fat ingredients like sour cream; bacon, and melty cheeses, one plate of these is 2,070 calories. It’s also got 135 g of fat, equal to a dozen chocolate donuts.

potato skins appetizers

Briefly put, all the fried, creamy, sizzled, cheesy, and buttery appetizers are strictly off-limit, as these are the appetizers that can ruin your diet totally.