Once a dreaded disease, children’s Pneumonia can become a handful if ignored for long, who need proper treatment. However, you can ward off children’s pneumonia symptoms to an extent with home remedies too.

What is Pneumonia

Children’s Pneumonia is an aggravated lung inflammation, where the fluid or pus fills air sacs. This condition initiates a cough, builds phlegm, gets a high fever, gives shivers with chills, and makes breathing problematic. Its main culprits are bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Young children and people over 65 are easy targets.

Children's Pneumonia

Pneumonia Symptoms

Pneumonia can be mild to severe, identified by its prominent symptoms.  Its diagnosis depends on the type of microorganism infecting it, keeping in view the patient’s age.

Symptoms of Pneumonia

  • Pain in the chest, especially when you breathe or a cough
  • Phlegm builds up in a cough
  • High fever, sweating, and shivers with chill attacks
  • Fatigue, weakness, and respiratory issues like short-breathlessness
  • Nausea and vomiting

When to seek a Doctor

If the symptoms like higher temperatures and coughing continue for more than a couple of days, one must take the patient to the doctor. More so, when the patient starts coughing-out pus-filled phlegm or mucus.

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Ways to control Pneumonia in children

Prevention is the best cure

  • Your child should stay off from the patients suffering from Pneumonia, especially classmates or siblings who may suffer from a similar problem of running nose, cold & cough.
  • Ensure your kids get regular yearly flu-shots.
  • Good hygiene helps children as they could stay away from many other kinds of infections. Make washing hands a part of their routine and nature.
  • A nutritious vitamin-filled healthy diet fortifies the immune system, covering half the health issues of your child. Try to keep them off from junk food.
  • Outdoor exercises help your children to build stronger immunity.

Home remedies

  • Heat compress: Warm water heat compress on the chest eases out the strain in the lungs, as coughing causes chest pain too. Soak a cloth compress in warm water, squeeze out extra water then place the cloth on the child’s chest. Keep on repeating. If the child has a fever, a body rub with the cloth brings down the temperature also.
  • Warm air: Use a humidifier by filling it with warm water. Warmth and moist air work wonder to open closed air passage of the nose.
  • Breastfeed: Breastfeed the infants who have pneumonia, remember the mother’s milk is an excellent remedy for young ones.
  • Rest for suffering child: The child who suffers from Pneumonia should rest as much as possible. Proper rest makes recovery faster.
  • Hydration: The body of the child should remain hydrated. The fluid makes the mucus thinner, making the nose clearer and easy for breathing. The juices and yogurt help children hydrate and recover from Pneumonia quicker. Provide lukewarm water at regular intervals to kids above 1 year.
  • Moreover, throwing mucus and phlegm out of the body system is a better way to recover from pneumonia.

Remember, Pneumonia is still a killer disease in the world affecting young children more. Due care and treatment is the only way you can ward off children’s pneumonia.

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