ADHD is one of the mental health disorders which can lead to abnormal hyperactivity and highly impulsive behaviors. It is a disorder that can affect both kids and adults. Among adults, the symptoms of ADHD are much more subtle to be identified. Many adults affected by this condition may not even realize that they are going through it. Here are the symptoms of adult ADHD.


Trouble in Organizing Things

Adulthood accompanies many responsibilities like jobs, children, and bills. People suffering from ADHD finds it really hard to keep things organized. It can make it really hard for them to keep things in order.

Reckless Driving

ADHD in adults makes it hard for them to focus on any task. It makes it really difficult for one to drive. The adults who are suffering by this condition may be rash drivers and can meet with road accidents frequently.

Reckless Driving

Marital Issues

ADHD is not the only reason for marital issues and so it is not always because of this condition. There are few issues that are commonly found among the adults affected by ADHD. The people who have this condition, cannot listen attentively to their partners and they may not be able to stick to any commitments. This can make them look like a partner who is irresponsible and does not care. However, the person who is suffering from this condition may not even realize the reason for their partner’s anger. The person affected by this health issue may feel that he is being blamed or nagged for no reason.

Issues in Prioritizing

ADHD in adults makes them incapable of prioritizing thus not taking care of big obligations similar to a deadline at the office or a personal commitment. They may spend a lot of time doing things that are insignificant, ignoring important commitments.

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Anger Issues

ADHD in adults makes them lose complete control over emotions. The people who have this condition may have outbursts of anger for very small or minor problems. Their anger also fades much faster than its triggering.

Appearing Late

It is very common to find that the people affected by ADHD usually comes late for most of the occasions. They get easily distracted on the way to work or any event, they may wash the car or fill the gas or do something that may make them late to the location. ADHD in adults can also make them lose the ability to estimate the time required for finishing a task irrespective of a major task at work or a very simple home repair.


In kids with ADHD, they usually jump around or stay hyperactive and this symptom can appear in adults in a different way. ADHD in adults can make them restless and unable to relax. Adult ADHD can make them look tensed and edgy.


Difficulty in Starting a Task

Adults affected by ADHD may drag it as much as possible to start a task that demands focus. This can add to the problems they face like problems with friends, workplace issues and marital troubles.

Bad Listening Skills

Adults who have this condition will not be able to focus on anything and cannot listen to anyone. This incapability can make them miss appointments and also to enter into many misunderstandings.