Cure Your Primary Headaches with Acupressure

Factors associated with lifestyle happen to trigger the primary/ initial headaches. But doctors can offer a solution to your problem only by studying your symptoms. Headaches can be an outcome of routine stress or some serious illness. Let’s have a look at some of the causes of headaches.

Cure primary headaches with acupressure

Causes of Headaches

1. Stress/ tension

People who have a clogged mind suffer from severe stress and thus comes the headache. Try to de-stress yourself as many times a day as possible. It’s very important for you to keep diseases, especially headaches at bay!

2. Overconsumption of red wine

If you drink red wine and suffer from persistent headaches, then it’s time for you to stop its consumption right then and there. At least for a time being.

3. Abnormal brain activity

This can even lead to migraines. There are no exact reasons why there are abnormal activities in the brain, but many times it is also something that you inherit.

4. Sinus

Sinus headaches attack you when you are suffering from a severe cold. It happens when the bacteria infect the nasal sinuses.

5. Cluster headaches

These are not a very common form of headaches. Cluster headaches are generally experienced by men and are strongly associated with cigarette smoking. These headaches are also hereditary. As the name suggests, such headaches are experienced in clusters. You may live a headache-free period for a year at stretch or may go through it with a gap of every quarter. It depends solely on an individual.

Soothe your headaches naturally

6. Blood clotting in the brain

This can be a sign of something serious. It needs a doctor to know that your headaches are due to the clotting of blood in the brain. These primary headaches will be too severe and sometimes out of control.

7. Concussion

It’s a name for a mild traumatic brain injury. Concussion may also be a result of physical injury to the brain due to a jolt or a blow. The person suffering from this may have to deal with the temporary loss of brain function.

8. Excessive use of painkillers

Headaches due to the overuse of pain medications are known as rebound headaches. Anything more than two to three tablets a day will make you suffer from this type of headache.

9. Stroke

The improper blood supply to the brain causes a stroke. And before this happens a person might suffer from severe and persistent headaches. The person needs to be shown to the doctor immediately without any further delay. The doctor might ask the patient to get some tests done to rule out serious issues.

Stroke doesn’t happen randomly. There’s a build-up behind it. No symptoms- small or big should be ignored at any point.

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Treat your Primary Headaches with Acupressure

The science of acupressure will offer you a detailed cure for your headaches. Try using this method to get relief from your headaches. Here are acupoint points given in the image below to treat the headache problem.


You should apply pressure on the points and on the nearby area. The spot that is most pressure-sensitive is the required acupoints to treat the health issue. Acu-points are given in the figure. All these points are bi-focal which means both sides of the body. There are some precautions to treat any health issue with acupressure. In case of severe problems, you should see a doctor.

Information provided by acupressure specialist Mr.M.R.Monga. He is 85 years old and has a vast knowledge of acupressure and treated thousands of people free of charge