Keeping Health intact with the Antioxidants of Olive leaves

Some of the health benefits of olive leaves are given here:

olive leavesOlive Oil is well-known for its culinary, healthy, and beauty benefits across the world. Olive leaves are equally healthy and as new research has stated, they are useful for relieving auto-immune disorders, infection, etc as well. Let’s take a look at the numerous advantages here:

Natural Polyphenolic antioxidants keep away the microbial infections and help in managing flu, inflammation, cold, or blockages in the respiratory tract. Take 1 tsp of powdered leaf twice before meals to get relief from the aforementioned issues.

Inflammation is one of the biggest factors resulting in chronic and degenerative diseases. Olive leaves are anti-inflammatory and contain an abundant quantity of Oleuroperin which is a strong antioxidant in nature and possesses properties of being anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial, and Anti-viral.  Studies have also suggested that Olive leaves’ antioxidant activity is much higher than that of Green tea. In fact, it is also useful in weight loss as it has a thermogenic impact on the body which happens due to thermogenic production. thermogenic production occurs when the body heats up on its own and warming of the body takes calories so this results in the burning of calories and eventual weight loss.

Olive leaves have oleuropein (strong antioxidant impact) has anti-cancer properties. It helps in preventing DNA damage that occurs in the reactive oxygen species (early states of cancer cells). Oleuropein prevents inflammation blocking tumor growth through anti-inflammatory properties, Apigenin, Luteolin, etc.

Olive leaves further stabilize blood pressure, prevent coronary diseases.

The leaves also have neuroprotective properties as they keep inflammation at bay which keeps oxidative stress within the limit. This is especially useful in degenerative medical conditions (like Alzheimer’s etc), stroke, etc.

Oleuropein also helps in managing and soothing arthritic condition, providing relief in osteoarthritis, Gout, Rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Anti-inflammatory properties of the leaves keep the joint inflammation lowered (joint inflammation is what causes arthritis) and providers aid in bone-joint deterioration that happens due to the hinted diseases.

As a matter of fact, it leads to the suppression of oxidation of lipids within the bloodstream and this reduces any cardiovascular issues.

There has been immense hype around Olive oil and its benefits but olive leaves are equally beneficial. Olive Oil possesses similar LDL Cholesterol-lowering properties which is why it is considered a healthy choice for culinary purposes. In addition to Olive Oil, using Olive leaves in daily use will also benefit your lifestyle and health.

These leaves are indeed the key to a healthy heart, healthy body, and prevention from cancer and as if that wasn’t sufficient, it also contains cinchonine which is anti-malarial in nature.

Using Olive Leaves

Olive Oil has had a longstanding relationship with Mediterranean cuisine for ages now. Purest of the oil called extra virgin Olive oil should be used as dressing on salad or for cooking with oil (frying, roasting, oil-soaked grilling, etc). In addition to the oil, these highly therapeutic and medicinal leaves (check for authenticity and dosage) can also be used to cook or through naturopathy medicines.