Dengue fever is a serious disease and any definite cure has not been found for this, in the event of the disease moving to a very advanced stage. The main thing that you need to focus on is prevention. You need to ensure that there is no stagnant water or any other particular environment around your home, which can act as a breeding ground for dengue mosquito. However, the good news is that nature has an answer for dengue and therefore you can resort to:

Home remedies for dengue such as



Neem is very effective in the treatment of dengue as it is not only very strong but also a very effective purifying agent.

Then you need to focus on your body`s fluid level and so drink a lot of water. This way not only the level of water in your body would stay maintained but would also lower the fever.

Till the time you have a fever, you should eat less solid-fluid and focus more on fluids such as water and juices.

A tonic made by using coriander leaves can be very effective for the fever caused by dengue.

Kakamachi for fighting dengu

There is a syrup sort of product with the name of Kakamachi and has been found very effective in treating and fighting the dengue symptoms. A cup of this syrup if consumed two times a day can eliminate the toxins from your digestive system caused due to dengue. This way you get a soothing effect and the digestive system also gets purified.

Vitamin C is very important for people suffering from dengue as they need more iron, absorption of which is facilitated by Vitamin C., therefore, you should take a good amount of fruits that are rich in Vitamin C such as amla.

You can also take a few leaves of basil and boil it in a hot drink such as tea and consume because it can lower the chances of the breakout of this disease and also can strengthen the body against any attack of fever. Take about 15 leaves and boil it to drink for building up your immunity.

Papaya juice for treating dengu

Papaya juice is considered to be one sure-shot way of curing dengue. The juice has properties that can treat and rectify the platelet deficiency that is caused by dengue and which makes this disease fatal. The steps involved are like:

(i) Take two leaves of raw papaya and you can pound them and then eventually strain them with a cloth to get the juice.

(ii) You would get almost two spoons of juice which is ample dosage for one day.

(iii) Just ensure to take the juice raw without any further addition or treatment.

All these are very effective home remedies for dengue; however, you just need to keep one simple fact in your mind that prevention is better than cure.

(It is for information purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Dengue patients should take the advice of qualified medical practitioner for treatment)