Home Remedies for Osteoporosis


The kind of joint pain or brittle bones which your grandparents would have complained about at the age of 60 has become common among people half that age today. The problem of brittle bones, commonly known as osteoporosis, is a very common young people also today. The reason behind this has been found to be unhealthy dietary habits, a sedentary lifestyle, and increased stress levels among individuals. Here are some home remedies for osteoporosis which not only prevent it but also help you in countering it, if you are already suffering:


Exercise for osteoporosis:

Studies done over a long time have been indicative of the fact that doing regular exercises, primarily of weight-bearing nature can act as a preventive measure for osteoporosis. Some of the most common exercises of such nature are jogging, walking, weight lifting, and climbing stairs. You just need to do these exercises at least three times a week to keep this disease at bay.



It is a commonly known fact that calcium is very important for the maintenance of the health of the bone of a person. Therefore you need to ensure that you get ample calcium through your diet. Some of the most calcium-rich eatables are curd, milk, cheese, salmon, green vegetables, and also sardines. Nuts and greens should also be eaten as they are rich in magnesium which is equally important.

Vitamin C

Vitamin D:

The importance of calcium for bones is indispensable but equally indispensable is the importance of Vitamin D which helps in the assimilation of calcium in the body. While exposure to early morning sunlight is very effective for getting enough Vitamin D, you can also eat oily fishes for the same purpose.

Vitamin K for osteoporosis:

If you are countering osteoporosis, Vitamin K is very important. This vitamin helps you in activating a particular protein which is helpful in binding calcium very strongly with your bones. Brussels sprout is a very good source of Vitamin K.

In the particular case of women, the bone density is very crucially connected to the hormone estrogen. As they age and start to near menopause, there is a lot of fluctuation in the estrogen level and this can greatly damage their bones. In such a scenario, it is very important for you to consume estrogen rich food to balance the estrogen levels in your body. Some of the plants rich in estrogen are beans, lentils, and soybeans.

Quit alcohol and smoking:

Since it has been well established that consumption of alcohol can greatly hamper your body’s calcium absorbing capacity, you need to quit it to get rid of osteoporosis. Even smoking causes bones to lose important minerals and that is why an important part of home remedies for osteoporosis is and should be stopped.

no smoking


You need to beat stress at all cost if you don’t want your bones to grow weak. Regular stress causes excretion of cortisol in the body which is known for seeping minerals out of the bones. You need to remember that the biggest reason for osteoporosis becoming so common today is the lifestyle changes. So if you are facing osteoporosis or intend to save yourself from facing it, you need to make some positive changes in your lifestyle.

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