Cigarette smoking is the major single cause of cancer mortality. It is a fact that smoking causes severe complications on our health that may eventually lead to our own very premature deaths. In fact, adult male and female smokers lose many year’s worths of their lives. However, regular smoking does not lead to an instant death but it induces a very slow and painful death through illnesses such as emphysema, blood clot, tuberculosis, and more. Keeping in view of these facts it is a very wise decision to quit smoking and start living a very healthy and long life with your family.

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Home tips that may help in quitting smoking

There are following some of the suggested methods that may help you in curbing down your cigarette smoking desire until you finally quit this nasty habit.

1. Take a deep breath as and when you feel that urge to smoke a cigarette. Make sure to inhale a lung-full of air and then exhale the air through your lips slowly. This can be useful when you are placed in stressful situations that may urge you to light up a cigarette.

2. Drink a lot of water and other fluids to flush out the toxins, nicotine, etc. that may harm your body and digestive system.

3. Write down the advantages of being non-smoker that enlighten your frame of thinking which was primarily clouded with the addiction to smoking. Be sure to read aloud all the good things that you’ve written down. In this way, you get to condition yourself to avoid thinking of going back to your addiction.

4. Use some oral substitutes like cinnamon sticks or artificial cigarettes to fulfill the desire of smoking.

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Health Benefits of quitting smoking

1. It will reduce the risk of many diseases such as cancer, heart disease or lung disease

2. It will reduce the risk of gangrene or impotence caused by circulatory problems.

3. Reduce the risk of your children for asthma or glue ear.

4. Improve your general fitness.