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Breathing steam

Clean out the Sinus Infection with natural remedies

Cure Sinusitis With Acupressure

Sinus infections are the commonly occurring condition that can be chronic as well as acute. But popping antibiotic pills for treating it only enables its resistance. Through effective natural remedies, you can prevent resistance and also treat your infection easily. Here the methods that you should definitely try to get rid of a bad sinus infection:

1. Use a humidifier if the climate is too drying or cold and make sure that it is cleaned regularly because if it is not, then you may be breathing sprayed mold.

2. The good old method of breathing steam still holds strong for relieving sinus infection. You can take a warm shower and relax in the bathroom while hot water is running by breathing deeply. Taking a hot shower also relieves the pain in the sinus and opens up the passages. Relying on the warm heat method still renders similar effective results. You can breathe steam from warm water in a dish with the towel on your head to open your nasal congestion.

Breathing steam

3. Nasal saline solutions are great for opening nasal congestion so keep them handy (but don’t use the potent zinc ones without the prescription).

You can cure sinusitis with acupressure see the acupoints to cure

4. A sinus infection may affect your immunity and cause weakness so take your time and tuck yourself in a warm bed to relax.

5. Using the Dead Sea salt irrigation neti pot or other sinus flushing device helps to prevent dryness within the sinus.

Dead Sea salt

6. You can also drink a warm glass of water with three tsp of unprocessed Apple cider vinegar, some lemon juice, and a tsp. of honey to relieve the congestion and pain.

7.  Bromelain is a protein whose source is pineapple stems and it reduces swelling. Taking it enables prevention and relief in acute sinusitis. However, ensure that you speak with your physician about using Bromelain to avoid any counter-reaction since it only comes in supplement form.

8. To open your nasal passages, eating spices like mustard, wasabi, hot peppers, horseradish, etc helps too. Drinking fluids at regular intervals will also help in opening the passages that may get blocked due to thick mucus.

9. Amplify your immunity to combat the allergens and microbes through the dietary intake of Vitamin A, C, E, B, etc rich veggies.

10. Drinking Oregano oil drops in a cup of tea or juice or a simple glass of water also fights viral and fungal infections.

Oregano oil drops

11. Resorting to grandma’s Ginger ale method is also good for the infection as Ginger (add honey to improve potency) is antibiotic, Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial in nature.

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12. Refraining from Alcohol, greasy-trans fat food consumption will help clean your sinuses, and avoiding smoking will boost your immunity.

13. If you have had sinus problems persistently, take professional help as through a CT scan, the physician would be able to check any underlying issues.

Certain problems like deviated septum etc also causing sinus problems but they can be relieved via surgical means. Additionally, following the above means will easily cure acute sinus.
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