Sinuses are hollow spaces, cavity commonly found within the bones or other tissue between your eyes, in the forehead and behind the cheekbone. Sinuses produce mucus that helps to protect you against dust, pollutants, and allergens by keeping the nose moist from inside. In most cases, sinus infection starts with cold or fever, caused by a virus. In such cases, nasal tissues swell and membrane of the sinus cavity gets inflamed that blocks the passage that normally drains sinuses. People who have some kind of allergies are also prone to sinusitis.

People who have a history of chronic sinus infection should take preventive save them from cold and flu. Using a humidifier, cleaning nose every day properly can also help to save you sinus problems and reduce the chances of future occurrence of sinusitis. Using saline water to flush the mucous out will also be helpful.

You can also cure sinusitis with home remedies “see the details”.

Over the counter and prescription of nasal sprays can give relief in sinus problems. Home remedies and treatment to cure sinusitis with acupressure is quite effective and safe. Acu-points are given below to cure sinusitis. All these points are by-focal that means both sides of the body.



If you are suffering from any chronic disease, long-standing illness or a disorder involving tissue change or degeneration, you should not do acupoint stimulation. Pressure should also not be applied to acupoints before or after 1/2 hour of taking a hot water bath or taking your meal.

Information provided by acupressure specialist Mr.M.R.Monga. He is 85 years old and has a vast knowledge of acupressure and treated thousands of people free of charge.