Effective Home Remedies to Treat Constipation in Natural Way

Home remedies to treat constipation

Constipation often mistook as a minor and common problem can actually be a source of great trauma for the person suffering from it. Sometimes, constipation also acts as a sign of a serious problem but if your medical reports don’t say so, it’s time to go for home remedies to treat constipation and get rid of it altogether.


Home remedies to treat constipation
Home remedies to treat constipation

Filled with fiber, raisins are one of the best laxatives that nature has got to offer. Just soak some raisins in water in the night and in the morning consume them on an empty stomach. Also, apart from giving you relief from constipation, raisins are also a great source of energy.


Dry figsIf you are looking for a natural laxative that is as beneficial as tasty, then figs are the best option at your disposal as they are very effective both, dried and ripe. To get relieved from constipation, boil some figs in milk and have it in the night before going to bed. Just make sure that when you consume this mixture, it should be warm.

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This fruit has two kinds of fibers in it. Its seeds have insoluble fibers and have soluble fibers in its pulp. Guavas help in peristalsis as well as enhancing the production of mucus in the anus apart from strengthening your immunity.

Triphala Powder:

Triphala Laxative, For Occasional Constipation, 120 Tablets, Planetary Herbals

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This powder is a mixture of three herbs amla (Indian gooseberry), Haritaki (Harad or Indian Gall nut), and Vibhitaki (Baheda or Terminalia Billerica), known as Triphala. Acting as a great and effective laxative, it is a great agent for the regulation of bowel movement and digestion. You can either mix a spoon of this powder with honey and consume it or eat it directly with water. Just ensure to have it either early in the morning or right before you sleep during the night and soon you see some great results and find yourself relieved from constipation.


Bael fruit:


This fruit is one of the best laxatives and should be taken in raw form for the best results. The bael (Aegle Marmelos) has the ability to cure the oldest of constipation complaints if taken regularly for months. Consume 60-65 grams of the same before dinner and it will surely bring back your bowel system in place.



Spinach is one of the most effective vegetables to attain a smooth digestive system. Intake of this vegetable on a regular basis can relieve you from various digestive issues. To cure constipation mix water and spinach juice in equal quantities and drink 200 grams of this mixture daily and experience the difference yourself!

Juice of lemon:

Lemon juice is considered one of the oldest and simplest home remedies to treat constipation. If you take a glass of warm water with salt and lemon juice in it, first thing in the morning, you can stay assured of multiple health benefits. This would not only cleanse your intestine effectively but would also facilitate the smooth passage of stool. Your body will also be able to get rid of toxins from this mixture.

lemon juice
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Castor oil:

For centuries, castor oil has acted as a sure shot remedy for constipation, and also, this oil has the power to kill the harmful worms in your intestine. If you are not comfortable with drinking a spoon of this oil directly, you can mix it in a glass of warm milk, and then you can easily have it.



Oranges have always been known as a great and rich source of Vitamin C but they are also rich in fibers which means that they are a great thing to have so as to get relief from constipation. Since they are very tasty to eat, you would be glad to make them a part of your diet.

Consume abundant Water:

When your stomach stays well hydrated, there are fewer chances of staying constipated. Drink enough water especially when you are constipated for prompt relief. Water dilutes acidic contents and lubricates your stomach and intestines.

Drink Mint or Ginger Tea:


Mint and ginger are amazing home remedies for general disorders including constipation and digestive problems. Menthol present in peppermint contains antispasmodic properties to offer muscle relaxations of the digestive tract. Ginger herb generates heat that helps in activating inactive digestion and provides relief from constipation. Make a soothing hot beverage with mint, ginger, and lemon to enjoy a constipation-free life.

Dandelion Tea:

Naturally resourced Dandelion roots offer many positives for the digestive system. It is known to improve appetite, give relief from some digestive ailments, as it’s a gentle laxative and an effective detoxifier. Keep four cups of water and some clean dandelion roots in a saucepan. Boil well and let it cool. Make tea with it for quick relief.

Healthy Fats:

Olive oil, nuts, and avocados are good sources of healthy fats. These can help in lubricating your intestines to offer prompt relief from constipation. Try a salad with fibrous green veggies, olive oil, nuts, and avocados for a fiber-filled treat to enjoy a life without bothersome constipation.

A cup of coffee:


Coffee is a good stimulator of your digestive system and helps remove your constipation disorder. Coffee is also a diuretic besides offering you relief from tormenting constipation.

Fruits for Fiber:

The fiber in food is essential to keep your digestion free of constipation. The fruits are rich sources of fiber and should be part of your daily diet. A medium apple contains 4.4 grams of fiber. A pear has 5.5 grams of fiber and one Kiwi has 2.3g of fiber.

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