Although not very common, many women face nosebleeds during pregnancy. Blood starts oozing out of the nose unexpectedly. However, these are normal and harmless. You do not need to worry much about it.

Pregnancy results in an increase in blood volume in the body. These forces tender mucous membranes of the nasal region to make veins swell, increasing the chances of nosebleed. Another cause is cold. Hence, there is no need to get shocked if you get one while feeling under the weather. Hypertension also causes nosebleeds.

Although nosebleeds are normal and harmless during pregnancy, you must visit a doctor if you get them frequently. Additionally, you must consult a doctor if it does not stop even after applying ice and pressure.

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Dealing with Nosebleeds during Pregnancy

Here are some safe ways you can deal with nosebleeds during pregnancy:

1. Be in an Elevated Position

Do not panic. Just sit down and lean forward. Lying down or tilting your head can make you swallow blood. Make sure your head is at a level higher than the heart.

2. Apply Pressure

Applying pressure to the nose will help stop nosebleeds. Using your thumb and index finger, firmly pinch the nose. Target the softer, lower portion of your nose (right above your nostrils). You need to pinch the nose for at least 5 to 10 minutes. This is the time when blood clots naturally.

3. Breathe Well

Start breathing through your mouth. This will give you instant relief. Now squeeze your nostrils for around 10-15 minutes. This will allow the blood to drain down your nose instead of the throat.

breath well during pregnancy

4. Prevent Further Bleeding

Sit down on a chair or stand upright. This will lower the blood pressure in the nasal cavities, which prevents further bleeding.

5. Apply Ice Pack

Apply an ice pack over the bridge of the nose. You may also place a pack of frozen peas over the region to get relief.

You can prevent the recurrence of a nosebleed within the next 24 hours by following the tips mentioned below:

– Avoid lying down flat

– Do not pick your nose

– Avoid blowing your nose

– Strictly refrain from lifting anything heavy. You must follow this rule throughout your pregnancy even if you do not suffer from nosebleeds.

– Avoid strenuous exercise. Only walks and light yoga asanas are allowed under the guidance of an instructor.

– Do not consume hot beverages.

– Alcohol is dangerous under such situations (and during your entire pregnancy). It causes the dilation of tender blood vessels inside the nose.

– Drink plenty of water, juices, and other fluids. This helps keep your mucous membranes hydrated.

– Sneeze with open mouth. This helps the distribution of pressure of sneeze evenly instead of directing all of it into your nose.

– Install a humidifier in your house. This is very helpful during the winter season.

– Using a lubricant is also recommended as it prevents dryness inside the nose. You can use petroleum jelly. Water-based lubricants are also available for the same at pharmacies.

EndNote – Although nosebleed is a harmless condition, there are certain instances, which may warrant immediate medical assistance. Use the above-mentioned ways to deal with nosebleeds during pregnancy and feel the relief instantly!

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