The second trimester is usually the best period of pregnancy. Women tend to feel their best after a struggling period of the initial three months. The first few months are difficult with most women feeling nauseated, pukish, weak, and sleepy. The risk of miscarriage decreases significantly during the second trimester of pregnancy. Skin quality gets better and hair growth improves. People will start complimenting the pregnancy glow on your face.

Your body goes through several notable changes during this trimester. Here is what you need to know about the second trimester of pregnancy:

Your Baby Kicks!

By the fourth month of pregnancy, you may be able to feel the first movements of your baby. You must cherish these precious moments. Although these might feel like gas during the fourth month, the entry into the fifth month will make the movements clearer and more forceful.

Cravings and your Body Weight will Increase

Since the morning sickness goes away, the appetite will return. So you will get some bizarre and interesting pregnancy cravings as your baby grows. This will make you gain more weight during the next few weeks. So enjoy and indulge in your favorite yet healthy food. Eating smaller meals throughout the day is the best way to maintain healthy body weight. Continue walking and moving around.


The Baby Eats What You Eat!!

Your little munchkin gets affected by whatever you eat. Apart from getting the nutrients from whatever you eat, this baby will also swallow a part of amniotic fluid daily to stay hydrated, get nutrition, and practice swallowing. The little one’s tiny taste buds develop during the second trimester. Some babies also respond to hot food with hiccups! So if you wish to make your child eat healthy later, start munching on many veggies.


Feel Energized

The entry into the second trimester will make you feel more energetic. Thanks to the increase in hormone levels! Since your baby has successfully passed the crucial phase of early development, the natural strength of your body starts leveling out. You just need to enjoy this phase and make the most of it.

The Baby can hear you

A lot of surprising developments are taking place inside your body. The baby is growing. Tiny bones that form ears start growing and the little one can hear things, you and your partner keep murmuring to your belly. Hearing development will also make the baby listen to a constant soundtrack of your heartbeat. He/she will also hear the sounds of blood circulating within, the rumbling tummy, and much more. By week 27, the baby recognizes your voice too!

Skin Changes

You will observe significant changes in your skin during this phase of pregnancy. With the bump getting bigger and bigger, the skin is in a stretching mode, which leads to faint stretch marks showing up on your body. Make sure you keep the body hydrated by drinking plenty of liquids and moisturizing it well. You will also note that your face looks more beautiful and glowing.

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To Sum Up – The second trimester of pregnancy will be easier and more comfortable when you know what to expect. Several changes take place in your body and that of babies. Enjoy this period and I look forward to a happy delivery

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