Pregnancy is one of the most crucial times in a woman’s life. One requires a good amount of care during this period to ensure safe delivery. In addition, the health and habits of a mother played a vital role in determining the well-being of the fetus.

You need to avoid 9 bad habits during pregnancy and ensure healthy delivery:

bad habits during pregnancy

1. Eating Junk Food

Stay away from junk food. The cravings during pregnancy may make this seem impossible but you must learn to resist. These are high in sugar and bad fats. This also one of the bad habits you must avoid during pregnancy. Stick to healthy foods such as fruits, milk, nuts, and food cooked in healthy fats.

2. Smoking

If you are pregnant or a nursing mom, then quit smoking. Smoking is harmful to the fetus. It also cuts down the milk supply. In addition, the little one can get a fair dose of nicotine through breast milk. This will lead to problems like colic, nausea, diarrhea, etc.

no smoking

3. Drinking Alcohol

Give up on drinks if you are a regular alcohol taker. Although consuming one glass of wine or less a day while pregnant does not harm the baby, it might take longer for the alcohol to pass completely through the body. Moreover, alcohol staying inside the body for so long is definitely harmful when expecting a baby.


4. Being Awake Late

Sleep is very important during pregnancy. Women tend to feel extra sleepy all the time. They feel the need to take a nap more often while pregnant. Listen to your body’s signals and do not restrict yourself. Do as it says. Resting more often and taking occasional naps will leave you feeling happier, refreshed, and more energized.

5. Having Too Much Caffeine

Make sure you are having just one cup of coffee a day. Having many caffeinated drinks can lead to a cranky child.


6. Excessive Weight Control

Are you restricting from gaining weight? Well, this is definitely not the time to deter yourself from gaining weight. If you gaining too little weight while expecting a baby, you are increasing the risk of having an obese or overweight child.

7. Skipping Meals

Do you skip breakfast, lunch, or dinner? This is not a good habit to follow during pregnancy. Pregnant women require additional 300-500 calories per day. Avoiding this can affect the growth of the fetus and even interfere with milk supply.

8. Not Taking Care of your Body Weight

Gaining excess weight during pregnancy may be a problem. This may affect long-term energy balance mechanisms such as appetite control (in their progenies). A study published in PLoS Medicine supported this claim. It is found that 39.4% of children born to women who gained more than 40 pounds were obese.

9. Avoiding Sunshine

Do you fear harmful rays of the sun causing damage to your skin? Avoiding the sun completely is not a solution. Applying SPF is! According to NIH’s study for women experiencing pregnancy loss and trying to conceive, those having ample levels of vitamin D are more likely to conceive and have a live birth than those who got insufficient levels of the vitamin.

EndNote – Having a healthy lifestyle is important for pregnant women. This will ensure smooth progress towards a healthy, problem-free delivery. Avoid these 9 bad habits during pregnancy and have a healthy baby.

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