The aging brings about multiple changes in the human body, one of which is the sleeping disorder. The sound sleep of the hay days becomes sporadic and disturbed. Waking up a few times in the night and getting up early with tired looks are a few of the aging issues. Undeniably, the sleep is important for all for keeping general good health. Here are a few tips the aging people can use it to improve their sleeping and enjoy good health.

Benefits of Good night’s sleep for the aging-ones

The sleep is among nature’s ways of caring and giving relief to the body from many ailments and damaged body cells’ recuperation. A good night’s sleep strengthens the body’s immune system to fight infections and diseases.  This also enhances mental alertness, memory, and concentration.

Disturbed sleep health disorders

Aging people with disturbed sleep are likely to suffer from depression, amnesia, short-term memory loss. Excessive sleeping in lieu in the daytime is not the substitute for healthy sleeping. If the sleep disturbance continues, the senior persons may suffer graver issues such as cardiovascular, diabetes, weight loss or gain, and breast cancer in women also.

Disturbed sleep

How to improve poor sleeping habits

Begin by taking a few factors into account, limit the caffeine and other chemicals that affect the brain before going to bed at night. Taking medications every day to sleep leads to dependency which is not advisable. One suggestion is never going to bed with electronic gadgets as the radiation and blue light would keep the brain alive, whereas it should be inactive. The backlit devices such as an iPad or laptop to read are sleep busters, an e-reader is fine as it needs external lights.

sleeping habits

Home remedies for sleeping disorders

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Meditation is recognized as a potent mental therapy. Try meditation twice a day in the morning and before bedtime. The meditation combined with deep breathing exercises helps to de-stress the mind and resultantly relaxes the mind to help decent sleep. There are different techniques of meditation, one of which is the 10-step meditation that works well for good sleep.


Muscle relaxation exercise

Progressive Muscle relaxation technique is applied to the muscle groups of the entire body by systematically making tense and then relax them. Once the body muscles are relaxed, there is a certain peace in the mind that induces better sleep. This also lowers the blood pressure and fatigue for easing the mind for sleep.

Muscle relaxation exercise

Doing yoga and meditation combined

Doing yoga and meditation combined before bedtime concocts a powerful remedy to ward off a sleeping disorder. The idea behind it is to relax the mind and body if relaxed the sleep can’t elude you. Regular yoga helps to fend off many physical and mental health disorders.

Doing yoga and meditation combined


A whiff of Lavender oil before bedtime sedates and relaxes the tense mind and makes the sleep possible.


Herbal Tea

Herbal tea, especially Chamomile tea, has been found to be relaxing to the mind if taken after dinner. This helps relax the mind and induces a good relaxed sleep. Generally, herbal tea should be taken twice a day for good overall health.

Herbal Tea

Have magnesium and calcium-rich food

With the right food having natural sources of magnesium and calcium-rich foods, dark leafy green vegetables, and seafood, whole grains, almonds, wheat bran, cashew nuts can help you get rid of muscular cramps, brain anxiety and irritability to make peaceful sleep possible.

magnesium rich food


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